#CASE 02: Misawa Nagisa's Problem
Hehehe, Nanami-chaaaan, hehehehe♡
Wh- O- Onee-sama, why are you so close...?
Because we finally have some alone time. I don't want to tear myself away from you.
Hnnnh... We can't, someone's going to be here any minute.
It's all right, we still have some time. Hehehe♡
It's not all right. Everyone at St. Michael's worships you as an idol. What if they saw you like this?
And suppose they did? *staaaare*
You're turning red, Nanami. Hehehe, hehehe♡
P- Please don't tempt me... We're about to have a younger student coming in to the Trouble Counseling Center.
Oh yes, I do recall that.
Haah... I'm not sure if I can do this.
Nothing is impossible for you, Nanami. You are the chairman of the Campus Improvement Committee, after all.
But... Giving people advice...
Oh, you're just overthinking things. Relax, relax!
Waah, Onee-sama, warn me before you hug me like that!
Hehehe♪ Your body is so tense, Nanami.
Huh...? Wait a minute, have you been messing with me this whole time just to get me to relax?
I, that is to say... Yes, I have.
That's a sneaky trick...
Oh, Nanami... Little girls who say things like that get *extra* love. Hehehe♡
O- Onee-sama~ Waah, stop it~
Pardon me...
Oh, good day to you. Please, have a seat over here.
(Nnnh, that Onee-sama... Her composure can change in a split second.)
Nanami-san, you too. Come join us over here.
R- Right...
Now then, why don't we begin by introducing ourselves? I am Matsubara Yuuna from the senior class.
A- And I'm Oda Nanami from the junior class.
I'm Misawa Nagisa from the annex.
Nagisa-san, you said? That's kind of a cool name... You wouldn't be in one of the athletics clubs, would you?
Yeah, I'm in the track and field club.
You wouldn't happen to know who Shinozaki Rikka-san is, would you?
I- I'm a huge fan of hers! Do you know her?!
Yeah, I do. As a matter of fact...
Nanami-san, I believe that's enough chit-chat for now. Why don't we let Nagisa-chan tell us what's troubling her?
R- Right... Sorry. Forgive me, Nagisa-san.
No, please don't worry about it.
Now then, what seems to be the matter?
Right, well, my problem has to do with my childhood friend...
I see... Does she also attend school here?
Yeah. She's in the same class, and she's always hanging out next to me...
You two must be quite close.
Too close, maybe... When the two of us are together, we really draw a lot of attention.
You do? You're pretty cool already, so this friend of yours must be pretty impressive.
Well, she... Her name is Takahata Rina, by the way. She is really cute. But it's more than that...
What else?
Well, um... She has no problem being affectionate with me in front of other people.
She has no problem like... kissing me and stuff... It really bothers me.
You aren't alone with this problem... I know exactly how you feel!
Y- You do?
Yes. It's so embarrassing being kissed in front of other people.
Oh, what's so embarrassing about it? I happen to think it's quite lovely... Hehehe♡
O- Onee-- I mean, Yuuna-sama!!
Your friend is just so proud, she wants everyone to know how much she loves you.
U- Um...
In fact, I think you should kiss even more♪
Um, that seems a little extreme...
Not at all. Now Nagisa-chan, do you dislike it when Rina-chan kisses you?
Not... especially.
Well there you go♪
I just wish she didn't make such a scene...
Kissing the person you love is something worthy of a scene. Don't you agree, Nanami?
W- Well, I...
Don't tell me you disagree... *quiver*
Why are you looking at me like you're about to cry?! Fine... Yes, I agree.
(Ah, Nagisa-san's not talking anymore. We got totally sidetracked...)
...I understand. Thank you for letting me talk to you, I really appreciate it!
So... you're fine, then?
Nagisa-chan is going to take my advice.
I- Is that what happened?
Yeah. Now that I know I'm not the only one who has to deal with this problem, I feel a lot better.
Huh? So you mean...
Well, I'll be going now. I'm hanging in there with you, Oda-senpai.
Nagisa-chan seems like an honest, straightforward girl.
Hnnh... I have mixed feelings about all that...
Do you now? Well, why not convert those feelings into frisky energy until our next consulation arrives? Hehehe♡
Bu- But she'll be here any minute.
But kissing is worth making a scene over. Didn't you just say so yourself?
Hehehe, hehehe♡
Sheesh... There's no point in arguing with you. But only until the next person gets here.
Yes ma'am. Hehe, *smooch*♡