#CASE 03: Onohara Hazuki's Problem
Looks like it's our turn in the Trouble Counseling Center, Miya.
Why do you sound so depressed?
Because... When you enticed me into this deserted place...
Enticed, nothing! That's disgraceful, Miya.
And so I had prepared myself... I even stopped at the athletics club's shower room to cleanse my body...
Miya... Just what were you expecting to happen here? Honestly.
But listening to other people's problems... I wish I had just gone home early.
Which is exactly why I didn't tell you.
You can be quite shrewd yourself. You've only learned the bad things... You naughty girl♡
Wh-Wh- Why are your lips so close?!
Instinct... I suppose. To reward my lover for finally coming into her own.
You can reward me like that after we get home!!
Yes ma'am♡ I'll reward you handsomely after this♡
I- Idiot... I know I shouldn't have forced you into this...
...But look, with genius brains like yours, we should be able to resolve this person's problem in no time, right?
Huh? (Normally this would be where she says "Obviously" or something...)
It's so obvious what you're attempting to do, Risa. Forgive me, but it will take more than that to bring out my enthusiasm.
Then how...
That should go without saying... Hehehe♡
M- Miya, I told you, after we get home...
Oh, look, she's here!!
Tsch, what dreadful timing.
Don't say stuff like that. Yes, please come in.
Pardon me.
Good day. You're from the annex, right? Please, have a seat.
...Good day.
(Miya's not hiding her displeasure at all... This is bad.)
It's a pleasure to meet you both. I'm Onohara Hazuki. I'm putting myself in your care today.
Whoa, so disciplined. I'm Azumi Risa from the junior class.
...Ayase. Miya.
Come on, Miya, don't be so rude... Um, Hazuki-san, what seems to be your problem?
The person I like... is in the same class as me.
So it's a romantic issue, huh? Mm-hmm, please continue.
This person, she... Well, her family runs a major corporation.
Ahh, there are a lot of girls like that at St. Michael's.
And me on the other hand... You could say I'm at the dead center of middle class.
(What's this sense of... camaraderie I'm getting from Hazuki-san...?)
I'm always worrying if Suoh Manami and I just... aren't too different.
Suoh...? From the Suoh Corporation?
Miya, you've heard of them?
Yes, they're quite renowned.
I see. Lovers from different worlds... But it can be so romantic.
N- Nothing. I'm definitely rooting for you, Hazuki-san!
Th- Thank you... But why?
I'm middle class myself, so I know exactly what you're going through. Isn't that right, Miya?
...Yes, precisely (reading from the script).
Oh, come on! There are limits to how unenthusiastic you can be!
But... I truthfully just don't care.
Argh, geeze! Keep your voice down! Hazuki-san will hear you!
May I leave then?
No, you may not!
(I've got no choice... I'll have to pull out all the stops).
Miya... I'll give you a reward later.
A reward...?
If help out with Hazuki-san's problem, I'll... you know.
Ahem... Well then, Hazuki-san, how would you like to proceed?
Now she's suddenly interested.
Proceed? I'm not sure I'm satisfied with how things are now...
Regarding your differences. Has Suoh-san ever mentioned them to you directly?
Never! Manami-san would... never say something like that.
In which case, things must be allowed to take their natural course.
H- Hang on, Miya!
Risa and myself couldn't be more different when it comes to lineage and intelligence...
You're not that much smarter than me!!
...however, that was no obstacle for the boundless love that we share♡♡
M- Miya... Hazuki-san looks stunned.
No, it's just... You Best Couples really are...
Really are what?
Embarrassing... N- No, I mean nothing! Thanks for the advice!
Oh, are you done already?
Yes. I'm going to follow your example and take my time to think this over.
I see... Good luck.
Thank you. Well, I'll be going now.
Hnnnh... Did that go well? I can't tell.
She seemed to be satisfied, so I would say it went well.
Well, Hazuki-san certainly did seem refreshed.
More importantly, Risa... I haven't forgotten that reward you promised me.
Y- Yeah... Of course...
So then tonight... Heh, hehehe♡
Hey, the next person's about to come in.
There are more? Let's just go home already.
We can't, we have to do this until we're finished.
I see... Well then, for each person I assist, I get a bonus added to my reward.
I- I don't know...
I promise to give it everything I've got. Next, please come in~♪
It looks like I'll have to make it one heck of a "reward"... Haah~