Chapter 1 - My Little Sister's Bad Habit
(My little sister has a bad habit).
(...Look, she's doing it right now...)
I shouted as I flung open the closet door.
There, bathed in the light of a lamp she had swiped at some point, sat an electric kettle on its base stand.
In that tiny space, holding a plastic bowl in her hand, Aya looked back over her shoulder.
Darn it Aya, you're eating that junk again!
I thought I told you, if you're hungry, just tell the help and they'll make you a midnight snack!
Yeah... I know, but... it's like, there are certain things I just have this weakness for, y'know?
No, I don't know!
What I know is that you're sneaking around so you can eat that poison you love so much!
I know it's not good for me, but I just get such strong cravings...
I didn't want to cry, but tears welled up in the corners of my eyes.
How could Aya put that poison in her body?
It didn't matter how many times I told her, "Stop eating that stuff," she just never listened.
Things had gotten to the point where she was eating it behind my back now.
The best thing would be if she stopped altogether, but if she was going to eat it no matter what, I wished she would at least do it openly, without all this sneaking around.
...I'm sorry, Ai. I just have a problem telling other people to do something just because I'm a little hungry...
Nnnnnh... They're not just "other people," they're our help.
I quickly wiped my eyes with the back of my hand.
What did I have to say to get through to her...?
I only yelled because I cared about her so much.
I hated the fact that the more I told her, the more it seemed to upset her.
Ai, try to understand. I've spent my whole life living like a regular person, so I've never been in a position to have people to do things for me.
I know in my head that things are different now that I'm living with the Kimishima family, but old habits are hard to break...
That doesn't make any sense to me at all...
Well, it is what it is... *slurp*
She slurped her noodle broth right in the middle of talking to me!
Didn't she understand?
Didn't she hear a single thing I'd been saying?!
For the last time, stop eating that!
Well, I already finished eating, though. Now I'm just drinking the broth.
You shouldn't be drinking such unhealthy broth full of salt and saturated fat!!
I took away her bowl, which still had a little bit of broth left.
You leave me no choice!
I held my breath and downed the rest of it in one gulp.
Geeze, that's what you get for drinking it all at once... Are you all right?
The way she peered at me with that look of concern on her face made me happy, and I nodded, "yes."
...I-I'm fine.
Well, good.
Wah, that look was no fair!
She was too cute!
It made me want to kiss her so baaaad!!!
Well, I'm going to go put this bowl away!
And you, get out of the closet!
...Cup noodles... are better than I thought...
Maybe it was wrong of me not to hear her out.
Maybe next time I'll get some of my own without telling Aya...