Chapter 2 - My Bad Habit
(Now I've gotten into a bad habit.)
(No... I'm actually not sure whether this is the sort of thing you would call a habit or not...)
Oh! The water's boiling, Ai!
Aya's smile was so cheerful.
It was enough to make me smile too.
Okay now, we're gonna pour in the boiling water, so be careful not to burn yourself~
And what we were pouring scalding hot water from the electric kettle into... was cup noodles.
I was always the one nagging Aya about this stuff being poison for you, so it wasn't something I was comfortable doing out in the open.
...and that was how I got caught secretly eating cup noodles myself.
...Hey, doesn't this come with an oil packet or something?
Ugh, this is the problem with you bourgeois.
Only the expensive ones come with a separate oil packet for you to add right before you eat. The stuff I always eat, I get cheap for less than 100 yen. They're real bargain basement cup noodles!
...And they're good?
You think something is good just because it's expensive?
Anyone can find something expensive and good!
But don't you underestimate a commoner's bargain-sense to find something cheap and good!
What the heck was that?
I wanted to have it too, if I could...
You got it? When it comes to stuff to fill your belly, the max you can put down is about 100 yen, plus sales tax!
Sales tax...? I think I've heard them mention that on the news... right?
What? On the news?
Huh? Aya, what are you making that face for?
Oh, I see, so you don't think I've ever heard of sales tax, is that it?!
Sales tax is something they add on when you check out, like a tip or something, right?
But since tips have vague amounts, and they're not customary in Japanese society, they standardized them at a fixed rate as sales tax.
I at least know that much!
H-Huh? Is that not right...?
...No, that's like, way wrong...
Awww... But sales tax is just one of those things you pay without realizing it, right?
Because you give the clerk at the store the amount they tell you to pay, and exchange goods for money. That's the model the Japanese shopping system is based on, right?
Haven't you noticed lately that the amount they tell you to pay is more than what's written on the price tag?
The price tag? Aya, do you look at the price of every single thing you buy when you go shopping?
I mean, if you're buying something you want, why would you even care about the price?
You're buying it because you want it, right? So what does the price have to do with it?
...It has everything to do with it...
Aya was looking exhausted.
Huh? But why?
Was I not making sense?
Well, let's just save this discussion for another time. It's almost been three minutes, so let's open them up.
We peeled back the lid, and a mouthwatering aroma poured out.
Mmmm, it smells so good♡
I love this series♡
Aya, can I have a little more of that seafood one?
Sure, here you go. Hey, lemme have a bite of that tomato and chili♡
I haven't given commoner's food enough credit.
I think you're probably right about it being poison, though...
It's fine if it's a slow-acting poison; I'll taint myself with it too. Anything is fine as long as it's with you.
I love you, Aya.
And then, the two of us...
...exchanged numerous kisses with a hint of spice.