Chapter 4 - Now Kiss Me
I gazed from the school building at the practice field.
My little elf was running around full of energy, as always.
I opened the window and leaned out as far as I could, waving enthusiastically.
I'm not sure whether she just heard my voice, or actually got my message, but she looked back over her shoulder.
Nagisa waved back at me across the great distance.
She looked like she was trying to tell me something, but of course I had no idea what she was saying.
Too bad.
I brought you luuuuunch~!!
I hadn't had much opportunity since the last time, but at long last I'd managed to make her lunch again.
It finally happened this morning!
I cheerfully sprinted out to the practice field, headed straight for Nagisa.
Rina, stop! You'll trip again!
I dove at her as she stood there, waiting with her arms out wide.
I won't trip, silly.
I wouldn't trip. And even if I did, it would've been all right.
Today's lunchbox was a Tupperware container with a lid that wouldn't pop off so easily, even if it was turned sideways.
I'd come to realize how hard it was to walk while carrying a regular multi-tiered lunchbox.
Nagisa gently caught me as I leapt into her with a soft cry.
I want you to hurry up and taste it, okay♡
Aww... Thank you! Just what I was hoping for!
...Did she mean me? Or the lunch?
Well, either way was fine, I guess.
She probably meant both anyway.
Hey, president! I'm going to go eat this food Rina brought me!
The club president shooed us away with her hand.
Walking hand-in-hand, Nagisa and I made our way to the central courtyard.
Not many people here were here on a Saturday... It was perfect♡
We sat down under the shade of a nearby tree and laid out the lunch.
Wow, it looks so good♡
I made it with the help of our newest hired hand♡
Really... Is it okay to go ahead and eat?
Eat all you want♡
I couldn't get enough of that grin of hers.
Using her delicate fingers, Nagisa picked up the food I had just fried this morning.
She parted her pink lips and bit down with her pearly white teeth...
...Rina, did you taste this?
I gingerly put a piece in my mouth.
I was greeted by a gritty, sand-like texture, followed by cavity-inducing sweetness, and eye-watering heat...
It looks like you used sugar instead of salt... I think you used too much pepper, too.
Her voice was so calm.
Nnnnh, I couldn't even look her in the eye!
But, I mean it's still edible... probably.
Nagisa munched away as tears started to well up in my eyes.
You don't have to eat it! You'll get sick if you do!!
It's fine. I'll take anything you make for me.
Actually, I'm the one who's worried.
You're always all smiles... It makes me worry I'm not a very good friend to you.
So that was how Nagisa felt.
After all, I was always in a good mood, so even I knew what a cheerful and sparkling personality I had.
As long as it makes you happy, I don't care if you added too much pepper, or used sugar instead of salt.
What I mean is, I'm happy knowing I'm the only one who gets to eat your creative bombs.
Joy welled up in my chest and spread to my outer extremities.
Aww, I was so hopeless... I was unbelievably happy right now...♡
But I'd appreciate it if next time you could taste test it first...
Being able to eat a tasty lunch while seeing your smiling face would make it all the more delicious.
I will, I'll do it, I'll do anything you say!
Then it's a deal. Now kiss me.
A deal it is... *smooch*♡