Chapter 6 - Hazuki of All People Should Know...
*The following contains spoilers for the main game, so it is highly recommended that you play it before reading.
I decided to say something that had been on my mind for a while.
Do you think it was all just a sham?
What, specifically, I neglected to mention.
I figured Hazuki should be able to tell what I meant.
Actually, I expected Hazuki of all people should know.
What was a sham?
...You disappoint me...
Wait, what? Did I say something wrong?
I'm just disappointed to find out we can't tell what the other is thinking...
Whoa, first you ask me something out of nowhere, then you hit me with that... You're awful.
But it's that cruelty that you love about me.
Yeah, maybe...♡
You masochist.
...She was genuinely giddy.
She really was a mystery to me.
Huh?! Don't tell me you hate masochist girls! Are you going to dump me because of that?
I don't hate you, and I'm not dumping you. Geeze, you're such a pain...
Do you not like girls who are a pain...?
How many times do I have to say it?
Right, sorry...
Whenever I tried to engage her, her negativity could be set off by the strangest things, so I always had to be on my guard.
So, back to our conversation, what was a sham? You mean your facade?
Wait, so she did know?
Hahaha, don't make that face. I mean, you're cute when you pout too, but...♡
...I'm doing nothing of the sort.
Yeah you are, see?
Hey, don't poke my cheek!
Eeee♡ Manami's angry~
You know, talking with you can be really exhausting sometimes...
But not as exhausting as playing a wolf in sheep's clothing, right?
That facade is the secret to my success. It's not the sort of thing you tire of.
That may be, but I think somewhere deep down you're tired of it all.
That's why you wanted to be with me, so you wouldn't need to fake who you were.
Wh— You think pretty highly of yourself.
But the fact of the matter is, you're more at ease when I'm around.
You know, you really annoy me sometimes.
Hehehe, I'm sorry.
I'll make it up to you with a kiss♡ *smooch*♡
...Well, I guess you're good for something, at least.
It's a tremendous honor to receive your praise.
...You really do piss me off. I'm gonna remember this later.