A lovey-dovey, extremely dirty, romantic comedy full of yuri goodness♪

 Best Couple Sayuki and Rikka from the St. Michael's main campus are heading to the annex as guidance counselors.
 The Best Couples of the annex campus are excited to seize this opportunity to "make things official."
 However... when Sayuki and Rikka arrive for real, Hazuki, Aya, and Nagisa fall head over heels...
 And Manami, Rina, and Ai get into a huff, calling the Best Couples "good for nothing."
 Things are looking shaky for the annex's Best Couples! What will become of Hazuki and her friends?

Translated by Ralen.

A super sweet love story about Nagisa and Rina, a best couple from the annex campus.♪

Rinagisa - Synopsis:
 Nagisa gets a little too excited over Rikka, her senior on the track and field team whom she idolizes.
 Seeing her like this, Rina goes into a jealous rage! She storms out of the room with Manami and Ai.
 Nagisa tries everything she can to apologize, but Rina won't hear it.
 And then... Rina is spotted at the main campus in an extremely compromising position...
 Nagisa is in such shock over the event that she ends up becoming a complete wreck, much to the concern of Hazuki and Aya...

Game details here! ~Fuguriya~

Misawa Nagisa

Idol of the track and field team

She's been going out with Rina ever since becoming involved with her
in "The New Generation!" but she's usually just getting bossed around.

Takahata Rina

Class princess

A transcendant beauty with radiant white skin and golden hair.
She and Nagisa have been friends since they were little.