Girls' School Confessions

It's springtime...

This story takes place some time after Nanami, the protagonist of A Kiss For The Petals, has graduated to her second year.

In her first year, Nanami was flummoxed by the high-class ladies of Saint Michael's School for Girls, but now that she's in her second year, it seems she's made friends with whom she can talk openly.

The members of Nanami's group of friends consist of Misaki, Aoi, and Rin, and of course Nanami, for a total of four people. Somehow it seems that all of them have sweethearts... but for some reason they're all reluctant to talk about them. Indeed, Nanami does try to keep her relationship with Yuuna a secret...

But... the others' secret loves positively taste of honey♪ A young girl's heart is naturally curious, after all. And in fact, every one of them wants to passionately tell the others of their loves... Yes.

This story is those love-curious girls' totally classified, downright dirty... girls' school confessions♪

Writing by Hakatakko Yokujou
Translated by Ralen on 2012/08/06
2006/09/05 Chapter 1 - Mouth-watering Candy
2006/09/10 Chapter 2 - Who is Yuu-kun?
2006/09/17 Chapter 3 - Rumors About Misaki?
2006/09/23 Chapter 4 - Onii-sama is the Greatest in the World!
2006/09/29 Chapter 5 - Misaki Strikes Back
2006/10/04 Chapter 6 - It's Not Normal?!
2006/10/31 Chapter 7 - Sentimental Autumn
2006/11/12 Chapter 8 - I Like Where This is Going
2007/05/13 Chapter 9 - (Bleep) or (Bleep)
2007/05/25 Chapter 10 - I Do That Every Night...
2007/06/30 Chapter 11 - Farewell, Dearest Misaki
2007/07/11 Chapter 12 - At the Age Where She Wants Attention
2007/07/25 Chapter 13 - It's as Sweet as Bargain Brand Cola

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Character Introductions

Otsuki Aoi

"Uh, uh, ahhhh..."

The group's mascot. He is someone Aoi has been tutoring...

Generally a submissive crybaby, around him she always takes the initiative!

But when she hears about others' experiences, "H- How could you do something like that...?!" is frequently her shocked reaction!

Shitara Misaki

"So that's what our friendship means to you..."

The group's leader.

Pushy, and a bit egotistical.

That's generally the kind of girl she is, but when she talks about him, her eyes light up with a dreamy look.

He truly is her perfect man...

Asou Rin

"Let's talk like friends... Heh-heh-heh."

A humorless, stealthy girl.

A straight-A honors student, she's a sharp girl who knows a thing or two.

Although she wears a serious expression, she actually has a great love for dirty jokes, and loves hearing others' dirty talk♪

Her lovers seem to be childhood friends of the same age who attend another school...

Oda Nanami

"Yuuna-senpai is suuuper dreamy♪"

The protagonist of A Kiss For The Petals, a yuri girl whose lover is an upperclassman girl♪

The most sensible one of the group, the fact that the one she's going out with is Yuuna is still a secret, even now.

As a side note, Nanami's figure doesn't seem to have changed any (laugh).

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