Risa, her weight in extremely (beep) condition due to all those delicious snacks and tea, has resolved to go on a diet!
However... cutting sweets out of your diet is extremely hard, so seeing how much Risa is suffering, Mai recommends a cycling diet.
Hearing how Mai already successfully lost five kilograms, Risa is extremely interested!

Translated by Ralen.

Chapter 29 - We're All Going Together
Chapter 30 - Let's Ride on the Arakawa Bike Trail
Chapter 31 - Special Places
Chapter 32 - By Bike, to the Sea

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Azumi Risa

"You can lose that much weight by cycling?!"

Extremely interested in sport cycling as a means of losing weight.

Ayase Miya

"They say one round of sex burns 150 calories."

Risa's girlfriend. For someone with such an exceptional appetite, she never seems to gain any weight, no matter how much she eats.

Sawaguchi Mai

"The thing about racing shorts is, you wear them without underwear♪"

Just recently she lost 5kg in 3 months cycling on a hybrid bicycle. She's decided to offer Risa, enthusiastic to lose weight, various advice.

Kawamura Reo

"It's not like I need lose any weight, though."

Mai's girlfriend. A hyper-tsundere with an aversion to strangers, although she may have found a kindred spirit in Miya as someone to share snack info with.

Shinozaki Rikka

"Risa-nee, we should go riding together sometime!"

A freshman at St. Michael's. Risa's childhood friend. With her step-father's old road bike in hand, she proclaims she wants to go riding with Risa and her friends.

Shirakawa Sayuki

"I merely wish to participate with you, just as you're doing, Rikka-san."

A freshman at St. Michael's. Rikka's girlfriend. For some reason she's been viewing Rikka-san's eagerness to ride with Risa and her friends with an inscrutable expression...

Ishigami Satsuki

"So you lovely young ladies are interested in bicycles, are you? Splendid♪"

A nursing student who works part-time at the bicycle shop "Ishigami Cycle." As someone in the cycling industry, she has extensive knowledge on sports cycling, and is a very helpful young woman.