Prologue - A Morning Ritual

*chirp, chirp-chirp*
Nn, nnnh... What time is it...? Fwaaah~
I woke up before my alarm went off... Looks like I'm turning into an early riser myself~
Hrmf... mrf... Ma~ai?
...Oops, I don't want to wake up Reo. I need to be quiet.
...Is it morning already?
No, not yet. You go back to bed a little longer.
Sure thing... You got it... ......Zzzz~
Why is this the only time she listens to me... Well, I'm already up, so I might as well go out again today.
All right Reo, I'm heading out.
H- Hnn? Where're you going, Mai?
Just out for a stroll.
Fwaaaah~ In that case, bring me back a souvenir.
A souvenir...? She must be talking in her sleep. Hehehe♡
Ahh, the weather's great this morning. It's perfect for cycling.
Well then, off we go♪
Mmmm, that breeze. There's just something about riding through town before anyone else is out on the street.
(Riding through town on my bike seems to have become a morning ritual for me.)
I wish I could share this feeling with Reo... But there's no way that girl is turning into an early riser.
Come to think of it, can Reo even ride a bike? I'll bet she could if it had training wheels♡
Hehehe... Oh, the produce stand's already open. Good morning.
Oh, Mai-chan. You're looking well this morning. Off to the usual place?
I see. Well, take care. Stay safe.
Hooh, hooh... I could use something to drink... Ah, there's a vending machine♪
Let's see... Would I rather have tea, or water today?
*beep* ...*ka-thunk*
Mmm... *gulk-gulk-gulk*
Pwah~ That really hit the spot♡ All right, let's go for one last spin~♪
Good morning. Out again today, I see.
Good morning!
(Man, how many people is that? I've become pretty popular out on my morning runs. This is kind of nice♪)
Hooh, hooh, haah... Not much further... If I can just get past here...
Hooh~ I made it to the Arakawa River! Ahh, the breeze feels great here.
If I can get my speed up here... I can make it up that hill in one shot!
Man, this feels great♪
Mrf... Nnn...
Hrmf, Ma~ai... Aren't you back with my souvenir yet? Zzzzz~

To be continued... Next time♪