Chapter 1 - You Can Lose Weight Cycling?!

Time to eat~♪ Hehehe, cake, cake, delicious cake♡
Reo, be careful you don't make a mess.
Yeah, I know. Oh, let me have a bite of yours too, next.
Okay, fine.
Hehehe, Reo-sama, would you like to sample mine as well?
That's awfully nice of you, Ayase Miya... Wait, you're not saying that just so I'll share my cake with you, are you?
Not at all. I also ordered one of what you're having for myself.
Aww, that's no fair! I'm gonna get what she's having, then.
Forget it! If you eat that much before dinner, you'll ruin your appetite.
Rrrrrgh, but...
In which case, I'll allow you to have a bite of mine... Here you go, Reo-sama♪
Grrr... So annoying... *chomp* *munch-munch*...
She ate it even while she was complaining about it...
Miya... You're just messing with Reo-sama, aren't you?
Goodness, I would never do such a thing. In any event Risa, are you certain that tea will be enough for you? You are quite fond of sweets after all.
Wh-!? Y- Yeah, I'm fine with this. I already had enough free samples earlier, so...
I- I really had a lot of fun making the rounds at the department store sweet shops today.
Indeed. It was to our great benefit that there were four of us to split up amongst the lines.
Yeah, it sure is nice to have friends with the same interests at times like these.
Geeze, what're you doing laughing through your nose over there? Just say what you're thinking, Miya.
Oh, I think that's just Miya-chan's way of hiding her embarrassment. I'm also grateful you guys could come along to humor Reo's hobby.
No, not at all. We're the ones who should be grateful, Mai-sama.
Well, at any rate... It's an interesting change of pace for the four of us to be meeting up after school.
Yeah, especially for Miya, since she usually doesn't spend time with anyone besides me. I'm glad you invited us.
Heh, in that case, maybe we'll invite you again.
Geeze... Where does that sense of superiority of hers come from?
Hoof... I sure am exhausted from all that walking around, though... *munch* *chew* Mmmm, these are delicious♡
... *gulk*
Oh my... What's the matter, Risa?
N-N- Nothing's the matter! Wait, Miya, isn't that a different cake from the one you were just eating a minute ago?
Indeed, this is only my fifth though... Why do you ask?
N- No reason... Haah~
I'm still only on my second!
And you'd better make that your last one, Reo.
...Haah~ I wish I could even have that many...
(Forgetting about Reo-sama, and Miya with her voracious appetite, even Mai is having cake...)
...Um, you're really looking focused on something there, Risa-chan. Is something on your mind?
No, I was just thinking... Didn't you used to pass on the sweets when everyone would go out for tea?
Oh, yeah, I suppose that is true.
(She always used to say "I'll have to pass, otherwise I'll get fat." But today she's eating too...)
I thought you were on my side, Mai-sama! Hnnnnh~
Risa... You wouldn't happen to be on a diet, would you?
Y- Yeah... I'm trying to lose weight, so I can't have any cake.
...I know of something you can do without having to resort to that.
Of course. In fact, it's something I can help you with... Hehe♡♡
Something you can help me with...? Why do I have a bad feeling about this...
Now, now, the proof is in the pudding, as they say. Won't you at least hear me out?
F- Fine, I'll at least listen.
To be frank, all you have to do is...
*chew-chew* *munch-munch*
Have sex♡
Wh-Wh- What's wrong with you?! What're you thinking, bringing that up in a place like this?!
Oh, but it works so well. Do you know how many calories you can burn with just one round of sex?
Stop it, I don't want to hear about this right now!
...Well I do. Tell me more, Miya-chan. I want to try it out with Reo tonight.
What?! Why'd you turn into a pervert all of a sudden, Mai?!
They say one round of sex burns 150 calories. Even kissing alone can burn considerable calories♡
P- Please stop talking about this...
Hmm-hmm, 150 calories... More kissing equals better results... I see...
Geeze Mai-sama, you don't have to take notes!
And if you include lots of passionate kissing right in the middle of sex, the results are particularly... intense♡
Please, please, please, I'm begging you! Please stop talking!
Hehe, you two make such an adorable couple♡
Honestly, there's only one thing on your mind... *chew-chew* ...Hey, what's Azumi Risa making so much racket over?
Risa-chan's at the age where she has a lot of things on her mind. I know exactly what she's going through.
Hmm... Ahh, now that was some good cake♪
You're not wrong about that.
Hah, hah... Now I'm all bent out of shape... This is all your fault, Miya!
My only intent was to help you with your diet... Hmph.
Which part of that was helping?!
Now, now. You know though, if you really want to lose weight... You should give cycling a try.
Cycling? Do you bicycle, Mai-sama?
Yep. My mom got me one a while back. It feels great to ride, so I've been going out in the mornings and evenings...
Before I knew it, I'd lost five kilograms in just three months♪
Whaaat?! Five kilograms?!
Yeah, so that's why I didn't have to pass on the cake today... Hehe♪
F- Five kilograms... You can lose that much weight by cycling?!

To be continued... Next time♪

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