Chapter 2 - Isn't Cycling Hard?

This episode will be about Risa having her eyes opened to a sex diet♡
Yeah, right!
Anyway... Mai-sama, you say you managed to lose five kilograms in three months by cycling... But is that really true?
Yeah, it's the truth. If you're interested, I'd love to tell you all about it♪
Well, okay... Isn't serious cycling like super hard?
Risa-chan... Did you think it would be like something out of some teen cycling manga?
Yeah, like singing "Hime, hime" as you power up a hill, or tearing open your shirt in the middle of the road...
What?! Risa, bare-chested in the street?
Geeze Miya, don't react to that part!
Haah, haah♡
And then showing off your pecs while you chant "Abs, abs!" as you race... That's what cycling competitions are like, right?!
Waah, how could I ever do something that crazy?!
Haah, haah♡♡
Um, hey, Risa-chan...
And then you have to sprint all the way to Akihabara on a granny bike... There's no way I'd be up for something like that!
That really is straight out of a cycling manga, isn't it.
Yeah, it's from Yowa-Peta...
Don't most people think of Shakarichi when they think of cycling comics?
Shaka-what? What's that? Is that about the Buddha or something?
Waah, why?! How can there be such a big generation gap when we're only one year apart?!
What's this hime-hime and abs-abs stuff? Are they some kind of snacks? Are they any good?
I've just gone ahead and placed an order for these Yowa-Peta and Shakarichi things on Amason.
Ayase Miya, once those snacks get here, you be sure to bring some over to me, okay?
They're not snacks, Reo-sama.
Come on, you've really never heard of Shakarichi...? "Rocket Yuda"?
R- Rocket...? Is that some kind of cycling technique or something?
No, no, it's not a technique...
I'm not particularly following this, but this conversation does seem to be running a bit long. Perhaps I should order more cake.
Geeze Miya, why can't you ever follow along with the rest of us?
I think I'll get some more too.
Reo, don't you dare!!
Darn it Mai, you never let me do anything!
You can have more tea, but that's it.
Ah, well in that case, I'm going to get some more too. My tea's gotten totally cold.
All right then, why don't we all order some more tea?
Hoof... Things have quieted down a little, it looks like.
Yeah. Anyway, back to what we were talking about earlier. You don't have to do any kind of crazy intense stuff if all you want to do is cycle to lose weight.
Really? You don't have to be pouring sweat or pedal like your life depends on it?
Nope. The guy at the store explained it to me, but the kinetic intensity required for athletic performance is different from what's needed for weight loss.
Kin- Kinetic intensity...? Miya, do you know what that is?
W- Well... Although I am quite well versed in matters pertaining to business and global affairs, athletics are not particularly my strong suit...
Oh, I see. But I thought you were a genius who knew everything, Miya.
Rrgh... Though I'm ashamed to admit it... See here, Risa. The moment I get home, I'm going to study this...
Now now, don't get upset. The only reason I know about it is because the salesperson explained it to me when I was buying my bike.
To put it as simply as possible, there are several different types of athletic activity. That's what "kinetic intensity" refers to.
Now... What's the one thing you want from a diet, Risa-chan?
I guess that would be... to lose weight?
Precisely. But more specifically, it's fat that you want to lose. And that unwanted fat gets burned off by exercise.
Yeah, I kind of figured that much.
Risa, you seem to be quite well versed on the subject.
Well excuse me...
*munch-munch* *chomp* So Azumi Risa's got a lot of fat, huh? Well, I don't have any.
That's right. Reo doesn't even have enough fat to make a set of breasts.
Sh- Shut up! Fine then, I'll just stuff myself on cake and get big and bloated! *munch-munch* *chomp*
Anyway, ignoring the little doofus over here...
The point is, you want to lose fat. And the optimum level of activity... The optimum kinetic intensity, is actually pretty enjoyable.
And what level is that, specifically?
Well, I'd say it's comparable to some light jogging, to the point where you can still breathe all right.
It'd be nice if it was really that enjoyable... But isn't cycling a real pain?
I think it's pretty easy. You should see some pretty decent results with just an hour at a time, at an easy enough pace that you're not running out of breath.
I see, then. An easy pace, an hour at a time... That seems like something I could do♡
An easy pace, you say... How unfortunate for me.
Huh? Why's that?
Because it would have been the perfect opportunity for me to take a video of you panting heavily, with your face completely flushed.
Hey, not this again...
Ahh, such a blissful sight, Risa looking all disheveled... Enchanting♡
You go ahead and be enchanted then... But Mai-sama, can you really get results from such light activity?
Riding for one hour at that level of kinetic intensity burns about 500 calories.
Why, that's... More than three rounds of sex worth.
Three rounds' worth?! But more specifically it would be...
500 calories is... Roughly equivalent to the calories in a small bowl of beef and rice.
Really?! That much?
For a female, that's roughly one meal. In other words, you would effectively be negating a whole meal.
That just sounds too good to be true... It seems like you must get exhausted doing that...
Um, Risa-chan, right now I'm cycling in the mornings three times a week.
A- Are you for real?
I've been going out before breakfast to ride along the bike path for about an hour before heading to school... And I haven't been tired at all.
And unlike Reo, I don't nap during class either♪
I- I don't take naps during class... I mean, maybe sometimes, but...
It's hard to believe... It's got all these health benefits, plus you can lose weight doing it... It's like a dream come true.
So, have I piqued your interest, Risa-chan?
Yeah, totally♪

Yowa-Peta is in reference to Yowamushi Pedal, a cycling series that began in 2008.
The references to singing "Hime hime" while riding up a hill and riding a granny bike to Akihabara are in reference to the character Onoda Sakamichi.
The reference to baring his chest to show off his pectoral muscles, and chanting "Abs, abs!" while racing are in reference to the character Izumida Touichirou.
Shakarichi is an intentional corruption of Shakariki, the title of a cycling series from the early 1990s.
Rocket Yuda is an intentional corruption of Rocket Yuta, the nickname given to the character Yuta Hirohiko due to his astonishing speed when approaching the finish line.

To be continued... Next time♪

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