Chapter 3 - How Do You Burn Fat?

So Risa-chan, has our conversation sold you on how much fun a cycling diet can be?
It has... It's like the scales have fallen from my eyes.
Huh? Azumi Risa, how long have you been a fish?
Reo... We really don't need your color commentary right now.
A fish, you say... Ahh, if Risa were a mermaid, I'm certain her cuteness would be unparalleled♡
Hey! Stop trying to derail the conversation, Miya!
(I realize Miya and Reo-sama can eat whatever they want without getting fat, so they wouldn't care about dieting... But can't I at least have a leisurely conversation about it?)
Darn it, it's no fair, you two!!
Ah... Sorry, Mai-sama.
This isn't a school lecture, so you don't need to get so worked up. Just relax and hear what I have to say.
Y- Yeah, okay... Haah~
Azumi Risa... *munch-munch* *chew* ...takes things too seriously~
You know Reo, you could learn a thing or two from Risa-chan. Also, don't talk with your mouth full.
Yeah, I know... You're always jumping on my case, Mai.
Anyway, I think one of the best things about this diet is that cycling is easy to keep at without having to force yourself.
Yeah. Well, in that case, Mai-sama... Hm?
Thank you for waiting.
Wh- What is this...?
All right~ The extra cake is here♡ Mine is the black tea chiffon.
I had the ripe mango tart.
Hold on a second... Miya, you ordered more?
Indeed. It looks delicious, doesn't it? Would you like a bite?
N- No thank you...
Risa-chan, your hands are shaking... Are you all right?
Yeah, I'm fine. It's just that mangos... Nnngh, no! I can't give in to Miya's temptation!
This chiffon is so light and fluffy♪
It is fluffy... It's delicious just to look at... No, I mean it looks as soft as a down pillow, like you could drift off to sleep on it.
I think sleeping on it might be kind of hard though... Ahahah.
What are you going on about, Azumi Risa? I can't imagine pushing myself that far just for a diet...
Reo, stop it. You're going to make her...
It's not like I need lose any weight, though.
Huh? What was that sound?
I- I'm going home! I can't put up with all this temptation anymore!!
Whoa, Azumi Risa's snapped!
Hey... It's your fault she's like this, Reo.
I'm not the only one, Ayase Miya was... Hey, where did she go?
Hey, yeah, where did she go? I wonder if she sensed what was coming and bailed.
That's a sneaky trick~
Well then, if you'll excuse me...
Hey, Reo, you apologize to Risa-chan, and try to keep your mouth under control.
Why do I hafta...
Oh, okay, well then I guess I'll just enjoy this chiffon cake for myself♪
Mai, you bully! Fine... Azumi Risa, please don't go~
...Did I miss anything while I was gone?
Ayase Miya, where did you run off to?
I just went to powder my nose for a bit. But Reo-sama... you seem worn out somehow.
I'll just let you two go at it... Risa-chan, do you know the secret to burning fat?
I would guess it's not giving in, and keeping at it... Right?
That is a part of it, but the most important thing is to maintain your heart rate at a certain level throughout your exercise.
But didn't you just say earlier that you shouldn't be out of breath?
That's right. And for efficient fat burning, there's an optimum heart rate.
The type of athletic activity varies according to heart rate. That's what's known as the "kinetic intensity".
Kinetic intensity?
Kinetic Intensity 90% and above → Redline: Very difficult. Dangerous to maintain for long periods, outside of professional athletes.
Kinetic Intensity from 80-89% → Anaerobic Activity: Fairly difficult. This is for people who want to build muscle and stamina.
Kinetic Intensity from 70-79% → Aerobic Activity: Somewhat difficult. This is for people who want to improve their metabolism.
Kinetic Intensity from 60-69% → Fat Burning: Fairly easy. This is for people who want to burn fat and lose weight.
Kinetic Intensity from 50-59% → Easy: Very easy. This is for people just beginning, or undergoing rehabilitation.
So according to this, maintaining a kinetic intensity around 60 to 70% appears to be the optimum level for fat burning.
And this is something you can figure out on your own?
Of course. They've got heart rate monitors, right? I'll explain more about those later though...
So as long as you've got one of those, you can maintain a constant heart rate.
I see... But isn't that something that would be different for each person?
It does vary a little by age and gender. To find the exercise volume appropriate for you, first you calculate your kinetic intensity.
Hmmm, it seems kind of complicated...
It's not, really. All you have to do is use a formula.
A formula, huh...? So it's like math.
First you need to take the difference between your resting heart rate and your maximum heart rate.
My resting...?
Your resting heart rate is your heart rate taken first thing after you wake up in the morning, while your body is still at rest.
Generally speaking, it's around 60-70 beats per minute for men and 65-75 beats per minute for women.
H- How did you know all that, Miya?
I just now looked it up online♪
Geeze... You can't stand to be shown up by anyone, can you.
In addition, it appears your maximum heart rate is just as it sounds, "Your heart rate's upper limit while undergoing strenuous physical activity."
Hmm, that is true, but for someone who doesn't exercise often, actually achieving that can be pretty risky, so it's probably safer to calculate it. And the formula for that is...
For men it's 209.6 - 0.72 x age, and for women it's 207.2 - 0.65 x age.
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
So, take for example an adult in their third year in the working world, say a certain 25 year-old female annex facility teacher...
Th- That's a very specific example, isn't it... Ah- ahaha...
207.2 - 0.65 x 25 is... 191.95.
Whoa, you figured that out in... Wait a minute, you just used the calculator on your phone, didn't you?
And then you round to the nearest whole number... So it's 192.
So, now that we have those two values figured out, we can calculate the kinetic intensity using the Karvonen Formula here.
(maximum heart rate - resting heart rate) x kinetic intensity(%) + resting heart rate
Now, for the 25 year old teacher (who has a younger live-in girlfriend), we'll assume a resting heart rate of 70, so when we apply the formula...
69% Kinetic Intensity → (192-70) × 0.69 + 70 = 154.2
60% Kinetic Intensity → (192-70) × 0.6  + 70 = 143.2
Therefore, optimum fat burning would occur while maintaining a heart rate between 143 and 154 beats per minute.
Mm-hmm, so she'll keep it above 143, right? Suminoe Ta-
S- So! If I use this formula, I can figure out the ideal heart rate for my diet?
Yep, that's right.
Your heart rate is measured by the pulsing of your heart... So I would gladly measure yours by my own hand, Risa. First thing in the morning, and in the midst of strenuous physical activity late at night♡
Hnn... You don't have to do everything for me, Miya!
...How are you planning to measure her pulse, Miya-chan?
Why naturally, I would place my hand against Risa's chest... Grab hold of her breast, rather... Hehehe♡
Hey, enough already! Stop with the dirty fantasies!!
...Aww, what a pity.
Anyway, Mai-sama, once I get home, I'm going to do some more research on this kinetic intensity stuff.
My, aren't you studious, Risa-chan.
Risa's passions lie with studying, it seems... Haah~
Miya... Is this boring you?
(She did look like she was really absorbed and paying attention to what Mai-sama was saying... But dieting isn't something Miya would be interested in.)
Miya, um... Don't you want to know your own kinetic intensity?
Not particularly.
Miya, don't speak so bluntly. It's rude to Mai-sama.
It's all right, Risa-chan. After all, it's hard for words alone to hold Miya's interest. But now things are going to start getting intersting.
Mai-sama... what is that?
It's a catalog of cycling wear. I actually just got it at a department store a little while ago.
Let me see... Wow, there are so many different kinds.
You wear this sort of thing, Mai-sama?
I sure do.
I see... There sure are some cute ones, but they look pretty expensive... Haah~
Risa, your sigh concerns me... What are you intending to wear when you ride your bicycle?
I was thinking my St. Michael's gym clothes would be okay...
Don't just sit there, say something~!
Hehehe, there's nothing wrong with gym clothes. But if you can, it's better to buy something made for cycling. The latest ones are great at absorbing sweat, and more...
Risa, might I take a look at that catalog?
Uh, sure... Here.
Hey, what's the matter, Miya-chan?
These cycling shorts appear awfully snug, don't they?
Ohh, that. Those are racing shorts. These are to keep your butt from getting sore on long rides.
So gear specifically for cycling is... Huh? These racing shorts look like they're made of really thin material though...
S- So that would mean...
Your... underwear doesn't show through these, doesn't it?
No, not at all. But... that's because you don't wear underwear♪
Wh- Hey Miya, sit back down.
The thing about racing shorts is, you wear them without underwear♡
N-N-N- No underwear?! Out and about riding your bicycle, and yet, no underwear... Risa going au naturel... Haahn♡
Wh-Wh- What're talking about, Miya?!
Mai-sama, I would love to know more... Please, continue♡
Geeze, why is this the part where Miya suddenly gets interested~
Sheesh... Ayase Miya is a pervert too, I guess... *munch-munch* ...*munch*

To be continued... Next time♪

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