Chapter 4 - You Wear Racing Shorts Without Underwear

Risa, bottomless... Ahh, Risa, bottomless...♡
Hey, knock it off! Why do you have to keep saying it?!
It's such an important point... Ahh, Risa, bottomless... bottomless...♡
Stop saying it! You're making it sound like I'm bottomless right now!
Huh? Does this place have an all you can eat deal?
All right, let's everyone just try to calm down.
Geeze.. Miya's getting too worked up...
I cannot help but get worked up. Mai-sama, please, tell me more.
Looks like Miya's suddenly taken an interest as well. Isn't that great, Risa-chan♪
It's not great at all! She has impure motives...
Now then, Mai-sama, concerning Risa's lack of underwear...
Stop saying that so loud! What are other people going to think if that's all they hear?!
You're turning red, Risa-chan... *giggle*
Nnnnh... Mai-sama, do you really wear these shorts without underwear?
Yep, you sure do.
Well... Well, what if you wore underwear under them anyway...?
I think you'd end up with a really obvious pantyline.
That's disgraceful, just disgraceful, Risa. Something so shameful is not befitting a lady of St. Michael's.
How can you say that so nonchalantly... Well, what if I wore really thin ones? Even if they showed a little, you probably couldn't tell...
Racing shorts are designed to be worn without underwear. If you tried wearing underwear with them, you'd probably chafe pretty badly.
I read that's caused by your underwear moving separately from your racing shorts, Risa.
What...? Miya, when did you read that?!
I just Googled it.
Geeze, why are you suddenly now on top of things...?
But what Miya-chan says is true, Risa-chan.
Nnnnh... I- I don't know if I can do that...
Haaah... This is boring. Mai, let's leave alrea- Wah!
I can't allow you to leave, Reo-sama! I won't let you take one step from here until Mai-sama has finished telling me about racing shorts.
Wh- What's the big idea, Ayase Miya?! Y- Your idle threats don't scare me...
Then why is your voice trembling, Reo?
Hngh, damn you, Ayase Miya!!
Back on topic, as long as she wears those, Risa's nether regions will remain safe and sound, even if she should ride for an extended period♡
Don't just worry about that one spot!!
But I do worry. Should something happen to my beloved Risa's special area, what would become of our nighttime lovemaking...?
Y- You pervert... Ayase Miya has been possessed by Eros...
Mai-sama, I'm too embarrassed to wear racing shorts...
Mmmm, I really recommend you wear them, though. Cycling to lose weight isn't all that intense, but it's still best if you can ride for a decent length of time.
I agree, Risa. If your goal is to lose weight, racing shorts sans underwear is the way to go♡
I think you may have missed the point, Miya...
In addition to racing shorts, when you're going to be riding your bicycle for a while... long rides, as they call them, there are some people who even apply special cream between their legs.
Stop that! Sit down!
C- Cream for between your legs...? How filthy! But no, to protect Risa's special area... *slrp*
...I just heard you say it was dirty.
You must let me apply that cream, and make you all smooth and slippery♡
Hnnh, I don't like this side of Miya...
She's just like some middle-aged pervert.
Ahahahaha, but if you're only going to be riding 1-2 hours, you don't really need that.
No, no, Risa is a novice at this, so wouldn't it be best for her to apply it every time she goes out? Shlick-shlick♡
Well... I guess if you really want to...
Hey, Miya! Stop doing your hands like that!
Oh... But I promise to be gentle.
G- Geeze! I haven't even said for sure whether I'm going to do this cycling thing or not...
Oh, but earlier you were listening to Mai-sama so enthusiastically, though.
Yeah, that's true... But it sounds, like... really embarrassing...
I seem to recall you saying a diet this good was like a dream come true.
A lot's changed between then and now.
But you should do it, Risa! Strenuous activity may not be your strong suit, but something that involves arithmetic and hard, steady work is a perfect fit for an honors student such as yourself.
B- But...
To not go through with it after all this would be such a wasted effort... And I would be more than willing to apply the cream for you♡
Why are you taking advantage of the situation to slip in embarrassing comments?!
I'm sorry, it just slipped out... Hehehe♡
I really don't get what you guys are talking about, but can you hurry up and decide so we can wrap this up already, Azumi Risa? If you don't, Mai and me won't ever get out of here.
See? Even Reo-sama says so.
(Sheesh... I'll bet the only thing going through her head right now is me with no panties on.)
And besides... Hehehe, Risa's used cycling shorts would be ideal for a new collection... *mumble-mumble*

Hm? It sounded like you were saying something off the wall over there, Miya...
No, no, I didn't say a word. Now then Risa, it's time you made a decision.
But... but...
You really do embarrass easily, don't you Risa-chan.
I just...
It seems she doesn't have the resolve to decide... In which case!
In which case... what?
I shall do it with you, Risa.
Do what with me...?
Why, bicycling of course.
Huh? But Miya, you don't need to lose any weight.
Listening to Mai-sama talk about it inspired me to participate.
Y- You're such a liar...
That's fine, though. Two people can stick with it longer than just one.
And Risa-chan, won't it be more fun doing it with Miya-chan?
Y- Yeah, I guess... The two of us going out on bikes together almost seems like a date...
So you see? Hehehe♡
(Miya's motives are so obvious... But it might be less embarrassing with the two of us.)
Having a partner is better motivation for your diet anyway.
Yeah, it is nicer having someone to do it with, I guess...
In which case... I'll do it with you, Risa♡
O- Okay... If we do it together then... I guess I can give it a shot.
Hehehe, in that case, do you want to give my bike a try, Risa-chan?
Huh...? You really don't mind?
Not at all. Once you give riding a try, I'll bet you fall even more in love with cycling.
O- Okay, then... I'd like that.
All right♪ I'll get in touch with you soon, then.
...Maa~ai, are you done talking yet? I wanna go home~
Uh-oh, it looks like Reo's getting tired. Why don't we call it a day, then?
Whoa, I can't believe how late it is. Thanks for everything today, Mai-sama.
This was quite a fruitful day, Risa♡
Y- Yeah...
See ya! I'm gonna get a snack at the convenience store and head home.
You hold it right there, Reo! I'll see you both later, Risa-chan, Miya-chan.
Of course, Mai-sama, Reo-sama.
Good day to you both... Hehehe, next time, we'll get to see Risa's nervous first time going without panties♡
That's not what's gonna happen!

To be continued... Next time♪

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