Chapter 6 - It's So Light!

Well... Here I go!
(I'm starting to pedal now... Huuh?!)
Whoa, this is incredible...
It's so easy to start pedaling. It's really light!!
(So this is a cross bike? It's like it's not even in the same class as a regular bike...)
Hehehe, lookin' good, Risa-chan.
What's wrong, Miya-chan?
It's nothing, it's just... I just noticed how much Risa seems to be enjoying herself...
Hehe, I can tell you want to go for a ride too, Miya-chan.
...Phew~ Mai-sama, thank you so much.
How was your first ride on a cross bike?
I couldn't believe how light it was.
Well, it looks like it's Miya-chan's turn next.
I only rode it for a little bit, but it seems like a great way to exercise, Miya♪
Indeed it does... So this is the bicycle you were riding...
The thought of riding upon something that still has lingering traces of Risa's sweet body heat...
Hehehe, hey, whaddaya think of this, Ayase Miya? A super deluxe ice cream! Looks good, huh?
Reo, did you come over here just to show that off?
Well duh... Just look at it.
God, you're such a little kid sometimes... Never mind her, Miya-chan.
I'm about to straddle the seat that Risa was just seated upon... Hehehe, this is such a sweet moment♡
Hey, Ayase Miya, look over here already! Doesn't this look good?!
Mmm... *ahl, shlrp♡* Ahh, somehow I can taste the sweetness in my mouth already♡
Yaaaah! What do you think you're doing eating my ice cream?!
Rrrrgh! You owe me for that!
I'm sorry, Reo-sama. Geeze Miya, what's gotten into you? Were you that hungry?
It's your own fault for flaunting it like you did, Reo.
It wasn't that! All I wanted to do was wipe that smug look off Ayase Miya's face...
Well, once we get home you can have some ice cream from the freezer. In the meantime you'll just have to deal with it.
Nnnnh... Fine... But I'm having two after my bath.
You'll have one, otherwise you'll ruin your appetite.
No fair! I need at least that many to compensate for the mental anguish I got from Ayase Miya.
Good grief... You really are pathetic...
What did you say?!
Well, your idiotic gluttony is part of what makes you so cute, so I guess I can make an exception just for today.
All right♡
Now then, where did Miya-chan go?
Mmh, mmhmmhmm♡ Risa's warmth... Risa's used bicycle...Mmhmm♡
She's riding around over there, muttering with that stupid grin on her face.
Hehehe♡ Mmhmmhmm♡
She looks like she's having a lot of fun. She's usually so passive, it's weird seeing her look so happy... She must be really getting into it.
Maybe... But for some reason that smile of hers gives me chills...
You're not getting sick, are you, Risa-chan?
What I meant was I think it's something else... I just know she's having some kind of weird fantasies.
Ahhh... I've never felt such a sense of unity with Risa~♪
I'm really worried... What the heck is she saying over there?
...Hooh, that was tremendous fun♡
Well, that's probably enough riding for today.
Thanks again.
Thank you, very much... Hehehe♡
Miya, aren't you having a little too much fun?
You seemed to be in pretty high spirits yourself, Risa-chan.
I guess that's true. It was just so different from the bikes I've ridden up to this point, I was kind of shocked.
It was light, wasn't it?
Yes, very.
It's even more apparent if you try lifting it.
Oh? All right then, let me... Woah!!
It's so light!
Risa, allow me.
Sure. You won't believe it either.
I would imagine I could lift it with just one hand...
Don't! That's Mai-sama's bike, so be more respectful!
(Miya probably could lift it with just one hand like it was nothing though...)
...It really is light. It feels like half the weight of an ordinary bicycle.
That's right. Compared to a regular bike that's about 18-20 kilograms, a cross bike is only about 10-11 kilograms.
That really is almost half... That's amazing.
Even Reo could lift this thing. In fact, let's give it a try!
...I want no part of this.
Even itty-bitty Reo could lift it?
Who're you calling itty-bitty, Azumi Risa?
Ah... I didn't mean... I'm sorry.
Risa has nothing to apologize for. Reo-sama truly is itty-bitty, and cute to boot.
You got that right~♡♡ A cross bike is something even this itty-bitty Reo could lift.
It's shockingly light when you put it that way.
Nnnh... When did I turn into the butt of everyone's jokes?!
A cross bike, something even Reo-sama could lift... I must be sure to write that down.
But of course. That's critical information.
Rah-rah-raaarh!! That's not important to know at all~~!!

To be continued... Next time♪

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