Chapter 7 - Train? Or Bike?

All right, now that we're done with the test rides... C'mere a minute, Reo.
What do you want, Mai? ...If it's about your bike, I'm not riding it, or trying to pick it up.
I don't need you to do either of those. I want the tea and snacks in your bag. I thought we might all enjoy some tea.
Oh, well that's another story. I don't mind getting in on that...
Wait a minute, you were just using me as a pack mule this whole time?!
Yep, that's right♡ And I really appreciate it.
Rrrgh!! What a sneaky trick... I can't believe you!
Settle down, now. I packed your favorite banana cake, too.
W- Well in that case... I forgive you.
Risa-chan, Miya-chan, please help yourselves. There are plenty of snacks too.
Thank you, I don't mind if I do.
I- I'll... just stick with tea...
I thought you might say that, so I also brought some low calorie snacks just for you.
I appreciate you thinking of me, Mai-sama...
Now, go ahead and dig in... Hey, Reo!
*chew-chew* ...What?
You already started eating without waiting for everyone else... You're so hopeless.
Those look good... I might as well. *munch* Mm... Mai-sama, did you make these yourself?
I did. I'm glad you like them.
These are seriously great♪ Sesame seed cookies, huh?
That's right. I made them with leftover egg whites. I didn't use butter or anything, so that keeps the calorie count down.
I see... And the sesame seeds are so fragrant. You have to give me the recipe for these.
Sure, I'll text it to you later.
Those aren't bad, but I prefer this fruit cake. It's got kind of an unusual flavor.
Reo-sama, I do believe that's the rum you're tasting. Hehehe.
O- Oh yeah... The rum. I totally knew that. I just forgot is all.
Oh, is that so? I do hope that it isn't too strong for you, though.
Of course it's not, Ayase Miya. I'm older than the both of you, so it's just right for someone mature like me.
Pfft... Reo, mature...
Shut up, Mai!
I should follow Mai-sama's example and make more low calorie snacks.
...Yes, that's quite enough of that talk.
Wouldn't it be best if you just limit yourself to a cycling diet for the time being?
Why's that?
If you continue to try every little thing that comes to mind, before long you'll be saying you can eat nothing but apples.
I- I don't...
She's right... You take everything so seriously, you're liable to just go from one extreme to the other.
Precisely. You must be careful.
You're saying that when I haven't even done anything yet...
Eating nothing but apples is something I would expect from a Death God.
I don't even know what you're talking about, Miya!
Hehehe, while they're all distracted talking, I'll take all the snacks for myself. *munch-munch* *munch*
Regardless, please take your mind off the special menu. I require a high calorie diet to maintain my high performance.
So what you're really trying to say is you just don't want to eat anything low calorie!
Not at all, I'm saying this purely out of consideration for you, Risa.
All right, all right. Anyway, for right now, shouldn't you just get used to riding first?
That reminds me. I know I rode a little bit today, but as light as that bike is, it seems like you'd be able to cover a lot of distance in no time.
That's true. The difference in posture makes it harder to get tired, so you can ride for longer.
You can pick up quite a bit of speed as well, I would imagine.
Exactly. You can end up going pretty far in just an hour.
About how far can you go?
Hmmm, about 20 kilometers probably.
Um... And how far is that?
To put it into terms that you can more easily understand Risa, expressed as stations along a railway, it would be approximately 20 stations.
Huuh? That's pretty impressive, isn't it?
One loop of the Yamanote Line is just under 34 kilometers, by the way.
You sure know an awful lot for someone who doesn't ride the train.
Hehehe, you sound impressed.
Yeah, I am.
By all means, please feel free to express your amazement with a kiss, if you
Be- Be quiet! I'm not doing that!
Hmm, the Yamanote Line, huh...
Say Reo, do you even know what the Yamanote Line is?
What, do you think I'm an idiot or something? It's a train.
Well, yeah. But anyone who's been listening to the conversation up to now would know that much.
Heh, well I've actually started riding the train lately, so I know all about it! So there!
(Recently...? That is surprising.)
I do not now, nor have I ever ridden the train.
Ghh... You know you could give the car a rest and take the train once in a while, you know. There's no traffic to deal with, so it's not half bad.
I prefer to avoid such crowded places... Oh, do you perhaps wish to engage in some molester roleplay, where I could fondle you aboard the train to my heart's content?
No, no, no, no.
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
No, no, no, no!
Yes, yes, yes, yes... No, no, no, no.
Yes, yes, yes, yes! ...Wait, what?
I knew you did, hehehe. In that case, let us go for a ride together.
Geeze, Miya!
Ahahaha, you two really do make a great couple♡
Nnnnh... It's so embarrassing...
So Ayase Miya can't ride the train, huh... Looks like I've got her beat there, heheh.
A victory that small is nothing to get smug over. Although you're pretty small yourself, as far as people go, so I guess it's not unexpected.
Being able to cover that kind of distance without a train or a car, but with your own two legs is pretty impressive, though... This cycling diet thing seems pretty cool.
Yeah, the sense of accomplishment you get from covering such a great distance under your own power... It's just one of the great things about sport cycling.
Sport cycling... It has kind of a cool ring to it!
Hmm... Risa's eyes have entered into her serious mode.
That's great. So, what do you say we head down to the bicycle shop together?
The bicycle shop...? Well, I guess I'm finally about to make my debut into sport cycling, hehehe.
And now she's gone into fantasy mode... Behind that gleam she's no doubt imagining herself sailing down the road atop a bicycle.
For someone as down-to-earth as Risa-chan, she sure does seem to get lost in her own head a lot.

To be continued... Next time♪

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