Chapter 8 - First Time in a Bike Shop

This bicycle shop always gives me the best service.
"Ishigami Cycle"... This is nothing like the bike shops I went to when I was little.
That's because this place specializes in sports cycling. And after you buy, they'll take care of your maintenance too, so it's important to choose a go-to shop.
I know I'll be in good hands if you recommend them, Mai-sama.
Haah... Here I was wondering where we were going, and surprise, it's more bicycles. I wanna go home already~
Why are you saying that before you even go in? Come on, just look at Risa-chan and Miya-chan.
Look at this Miya, they've got all these cool looking bikes~
Indeed, they do... I wonder if they might even have one suitable for the likes of me.
Honestly, getting so worked up over a dumb bicyle store... Those two are such little kids.
When it comes to childishness, you've got everyone else at St. Michael's beat, Reo.
Hello there~
Hehehe, we seem to be doing quite a business today.
Oh... Hello, Satsuki-san.
Nice to have you back.
(Wow, there's something really cool about her... Does she work here?)
I brought some friends from school with me today. This is Satsuki-san. She's part of the staff here.
N- Nice to meet you...
...How do you do.
Reo, say hello!
H- How do you do...
My, you're all so charming. So you lovely young ladies are interested in bicycles, are you? Splendid.
Sh- She's like some kind of Prince Charming... But in a totally different way from Kaede-sama or Rikka.
Is she, now? Though I'm the more attractive one, I should say.
Stop that... What're you going to do if she hears you?
C- Come again?
(She's really staring... Did she actually hear what Miya said?!)
Those uniforms of yours... I feel like I've seen them somewhere before, but I can't quite put my finger on it.
Oh yeah, this is the first time I've come here wearing my uniform. We all go to St. Michael's.
Oh, I see. Hahaha, what a funny coincidence.
I'm actually a student of St. Michael's myself.
What?! Aren't you older than us, though?
Well, I attend the St. Michael's nursing school.
So then does that make you our elder, Satsuki-sama?
There's no need to address me as "sama." I went to a different high school anyway. And by the way, you are...?
Oh, I'm Azumi Risa.
Risa-kun, huh? And what about the dark-haired one over there, giving me the evil eye?
Ayase Miya. Azumi Risa's girlfriend.
H- Hey... Come on, Miya!
Now I get it. Risa-kun is important to you, isn't she? But you've got nothing to worry about.
...And why is that?
I have my own lovely little Yuuno, so you don't need to give me those nasty looks. You can lower your guard.
I- Is that so...
(I don't really get all the details, but I'm guessing this Yuuno person is Satsuki-san's girlfriend.)
Understood. However, as you can plainly see, Risa is quite adorable. So much so, that even with a girlfriend of your own, you're at risk of falling for her.
Well, as long as we're on the subject, my Yuuno happens to be quite lovely herself. If you were to lay eyes on her, you might very well find yourself taken.
No, no, Risa is far more...
No, no, no, Yuuno is the one who's...
You two are really into your girlfriends, huh~
Good grief, do you always brag this much in front of others?
Oh, and who's this little one...? Are you in the elementary program at St. Michael's?
D- Don't be stupid! Are you blind or something? I'm wearing the same uniform as these guys!
Oh dear, I'm sorry. You were just so teeny tiny...
Heh, Reo totally looks like a little kid, so this happens all the time. You'd think she'd be used to it by now.
I'll never get used to it.
It's nice we've got someone from St. Michael's on the staff we can come to for advice, though.
I'm thrilled to hear you say that.
I seem to have gotten on someone's bad side, though... Oh, I know. Here, would you like this?
Corn and mayo bread?
I bought it to eat later, but I forgot all about it. You can have it if you'd like.
*gulk*... I guess I'll take it, if you insist... *ahm-hahm*.
I wonder if you'd count this as taking care of a small animal... It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.
Geeze, even Satsuki-san is feeding her now.
Reo-sama may not get along with others very well, but the way to her heart sure seems to be through her stomach... By the way, Miya.
Oh, can I be of service somehow?
You don't have to talk like that all the time... It's so embarrassing!
Reo-sama being mistaken for a child, and Risa becoming embarrassed... Two of life's certainties.
Why do I get the feeling someone's talking bad about me? ...*chew-chew*.
I don't need you saying stuff like that!
Does you being a nursing student mean you commute from here, Satsuki-san?
No, this place is run by my uncle on my father's side, so I don't actually live here.
I actually live in the dorms. And my roommate just so happens to be my lovely Yuuno♥
Perhaps you could show us some bicycles.
Of course, right this way.
Hey, wait a second, Miya...
So Mai-kun, are these three all just starting out?
Yeah... One of them seems like she couldn't care less, but the other two are pretty interested.
I see. It's great to see you bringing more people into the fold.
Miya... These all say they're crossbikes, but there are so many different kinds. And the prices are all over the place too.
I think this one looks rather nice.
Which one? ...Yikes, is that an extra zero?! That's way too fancy for a beginner!
Which one would you prefer then, Risa?
I'm thinking one like the one Mai-sama has would be good. That one was easy to ride... But on the other hand, it was kind of dull... Hmmm...
...We may be here a while.
Which one should I get...
Hehehe, you seem to be having trouble.
Satsuki-san, about how much do you think I should spend?
Let's see... I'd probably recommend one of the 50 or 60,000 yen models.
50 or 60,000 yen... Yeah, that fits in my budget.
Also... As long as the size is a good fit for your body, I think you should pick whichever one you think looks the best.
Huh?! Whichever one looks best...? What do you mean by that?

To be continued... Next time♪

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