Chapter 10 - All Kinds of Bicycles

Hmmm... Which one...
That's such a wighty tone, Risa... You wouldn't happen to be trying to entice me, would you?
N- No! It's just, now that I look, there are so many different kinds to choose from...
Haven't you noticed there seem to be more and more people riding bikes like these, even through downtown?
I had. I even see people like from that Yowa-Peta series.
You really like that manga, don't you...
I tried reading that myself. It was certainly...
Certainly what? It had its charms, didn't it?
I kept expecting a character like myself to make an appearance, but none ever did.
Like there'd be someone like that...
But any series that you're fond of would undoubtedly feature a black-haired beauty of a genius as a character, wouldn't it?
Haah~ ...I don't even know where to begin with that. I'd better just change the subject.
Satsuki-san, would you tell me the differences between different kinds of bikes aside from cross bikes?
Of course. I'll try to explain it so even a novice could understand.
First off, what you normally call a "granny bike" is known in the industry as a city bicycle.
Oh, is that what they're called?
This is fine for shopping trips or short excursions. They're linked with everyday life, so they're the most widespread.
Basically, there's one in every home.
But your bottom will get sore if you ride for too long, so they're not meant for traversing long distances.
I see... But in Yowa-Peta the main character starts off by riding a granny bike from Chiba to Akihabara...
That's only a manga. And he's also a superhuman character who surprised everyone by winning the inter-high school championship.
W- Well, that is true...
All right, next up is a mountain bike.
I kind of already know about those. I picture that as a bike that'll tear up the trails on mountains or rough terrain.
That's right. And for that reason, they're equipped with 2-inch tires... that's about 50 millimeters wide. The frame is also of thicker, beefier construction.
And on top of that, there are even some models that use the same disc brakes and suspension as motorcycles.
With one of these, you could go practically anywhere, huh.
You sure could. But they're not meant to ride on paved roads for long stretches of time, which is why...
They're hard to use on regular city streets...?
Well, that's one way of putting it.
Nnnh... This is soooo boooring!
I'll bet this will cheer you up, Reo-sama.
Oh, a cream puff from Kodobukiya... I guess since I've got nothing better to do... *ahm-hahm* *ahlp*...
That ought to keep her busy for a while.
All right then, Satsuki-san... What's this cool, expensive looking one?
That's a road bike.
The tires are awfully narrow, aren't they?
That's right. It's currently standard for road bikes to have a tire width of 23 millimeters.
Th- They're that narrow...?
The light, rigid frame, narrow tires, and drop handlebars are what distinguishes this type of bicycle.
You'd be right if you guessed that these are the fastest on paved streets. They're also good for riding long distance, or for long durations.
Hmmm... This seems like the real deal.
Rrrgh, this is soooo boooring!
Here, Reo-sama. I have an éclair for you this time.
Thanks♪ *ahlp-hahl* *ahm-nham*...
Miya-chan, please don't give in to Reo like that. You'll make her go dumb.
What was that, Mai?! There's nothing to do here, so what else am I supposed to do but eat?!
Maybe you could try and learn about bicycles with the rest of us.
I don't need to, I already know everything.
Really? So we've got a miniature expert, do we?
Don't call me mini!
Good grief, you have no filter between your brain and mouth... Fine then, what's the difference between a road bike and a cross bike?
See? You don't know, do you?
...I- I know theoretically...
Hahaha, well if you know theoretically, then that's good enough. Yep, Reo-kun sure is knowledgeable.
Told ya♪
...Satsuki-san isn't the brightest, is she?
That's harsh criticism, coming from you, Risa.
At any rate, stop bothering everyone, Reo!
Now now, Mai-sama. Allow me to handle this.
Miya, do you still have snacks on you?
No, I've naturally exhausted all of those. However...
What is it, Ayase Miya?
If you're feeling bored, Reo-sama, then how about this?
Is that... manga?
I have Yowa-Peta, Shakarichi... All the different cycling manga.
Miya... I knew you were up late reading something, but this is what it was?
One need simply read these to gain knowledge of the fundamentals. Please, be my guest.
These are... cycling manga?
Reo-sama, you seem to already be well-versed in bicycles, but why not use these to broaden your knowledge even further?
...Hmph, fine, Ayase Miya. If you're going to beg like that, then I guess I can give them a look.
You can use that table we use to conduct business over there.
You got it. All right you guys, no one bother me while I'm reading.
Finally, some peace and quiet. Thank you so much, Miya-chan, Satsuki-san.
I didn't do anything, Mai-kun.
Neither did I. I just happened to have those books with me.
Geeze Miya, when did you pack all those?
I keep a stack of them in the car for just such an occasion. That's my gift, Risa. I'm always thinking one step ahead.
Really... Wait, so you mean to tell me your family's car has been parked next to this bike shop just in case?
Oh, excellent observation.
But wouldn't a fancy car like that stand out...?
Isn't it ordinary?
What part of that is ordinary?
It's really entertaining watching you guys go on like this, but would you mind if I continued?
Oh! Of course. I'm sorry.
Now that we've covered mountain bikes and road bikes, last is cross bikes.
I already explained a little bit about these earlier. Do you remember?
You said that compared to a city bicycle, they have a lighter body, and are intended for long distance riding, right?
Yes, that's correct.
As I recall, you said road bikes are also intended for long distance travel.
Well, a cross bike has a mountain bike's frame, with a road bike's tires. Its design is right in the middle.
So it's like the best of both worlds.
The handlebars are a flat bar that's easier for beginners to manage. They also have tires that are a little wider than a road bike's at about 30 millimeters.
So they're easy to ride, even for beginners. That's why if your goal is to build endurance or lose weight, a cross bike is my recommendation.
I see... A cross bike really does seem like the best choice then.
You're a quick learner, Risa-kun.
Miya, sit back down... All right then, I'm going to try looking based on Satsuki-san's advice.
Oh... Wait just a second. I'm going to pick out a few options that would be a good match for your height.
That would be great.
So this one... and this one, and this one. These should be a good fit.
What do you think? Have you found one you like?
Um... This one! I think I like this one.

To be continued... Next time♪

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