Chapter 11 - I've Decided on This One♪

I'm going to go with this one. I like the way it looks.
Which one, which one? ...Hmmm, it really does seem to fit your style, Risa. Hehehe.
...Hey, what's so funny?
It's merely that look you've had in your eyes the entire time you've been deciding. I suspected you would go with this one.
W- Well excuse me for being predictable!
It's true, this does seem like the kind of bike Risa-chan... I mean a young girl would like.
Ohh, you're going with the FREETA, huh? That's a women's bike produced by Gigante, Taiwan's largest manufacturer.
Well... It is pretty cute, plus it seems like you could use it for everyday shopping trips. And I just love the color.
As long as it's one you're happy with. Are you sure you're all right with this shade of pink?
Hehehe, a perfect match for someone as cute as yourself.
Y- You're getting a little too close there, Satsuki-san...
When I picture you riding on this bike, I can't help but imagine you as a little elf.
Wow, it's like she knows exactly what to say to embarrass me...
Oh, but aren't you fond of those things, Risa? Elves and such.
Geeze, stop making fun of me... Besides, Reo-sama is way more elf-like than me.
Hmmm, that's true... Although I'd say she's more like a mischievous pixie than an elf.
Huh, I was expecting Reo to chime in with her usual rebuttal, but it looks like she's absorbed in her manga.
Yeah, she's really devouring that Yowa-Peta series.
...Hey, do you think the snacks this Shinkai character eats are any good?
I shouldn't be surprised... Reo-sama seems to pick up on different things reading that series than an average person would.
Hey Miya, that didn't sound very nice...
Not at all... You're too sensitive, Risa. I meant it purely in the most respectful way.
For some reason I get nervous whenever I'm with you. You have a habit of putting yourself above others.
Who, me?
So have you decided which bike you're going to get yet?
Naturally. I decided ages ago.
What? Really?
Indeed. I knew from the very beginning.
From the beginning? Wait a minute, did you research which one you wanted before we even got here?
Even I wouldn't go to that length. The one I've decided upon is...
Satsuki-san, I would like the same bicycle Risa is getting, please.
Oh-ho, so you want to match your girlfriend, do you? That's wonderful.
Miya... Are you sure you're all right with that?
But of course. I want whatever you're getting.
Oh, Miya...♡
Which color would you like? If you want that to match too, then...
No, pink is far too embarrassing... Wouldn't you agree?
My pride! E- Embarrassing...
Could I get it in white? I think that would really bring out the glossiness of my black hair.
Of course. So, you'll both be getting the same model, one pink, and one white.
R- Right...
Well, that seemed to go pretty smoothly. Congratulations, you guys.
Thank you. And thank both of you, Mai-sama, Satsuki-san, for all your advice.
(Huh... Miya's really eyeying that other bike over there. I wonder if she would have rather had that one...)
Um... Miya?
Would you two mind coming this way so we can finalize the sale?
Come along, Risa, let's go.
O- Okay...
Delivery usually takes about a week. That's just a rough estimate, though...
Let's see... After adding in tax, your total comes to this.
Risa-chan, can you manage that? It seems pretty pricey.
It's fine. It's still within the budget we talked about♪
So you've been saving up, huh? Smart girl.
Honestly... If this is all it is, I'm more than happy to cover it.
You don't need to do that.
No, if you were limiting yourself based on price, then I want you to pick the one you want. It's on me.
It's fine, this really is the one I liked the best. But I noticed you eyeing another bike a little while ago. Are you sure you're all right with this?
It's all right with me. I was just looking at that one wondering if it might have been a better fit for you.
Sheesh... I wish you wouldn't worry so much.
(It seems like Miya wanted me to pick a more expensive bike, even after hearing everything Satsuki-san had to say.)
I appreciate the thought, Miya, but this is something I want to do myself.
(She still looks kind of unhappy though... I wonder why.)
Hey, are you guys done buying your bikes yet?
Yep, we're all finished. What about your manga, Reo?
I finished them. So if you guys are done shopping, can we go home now?
Man, you're so fickle.
Let's goooo already...
Yeah, yeah. You know, maybe seeing the two of them get bikes has sparked some interest in you too...?
...Nope, still don't want one.
Oh, I see.
Well Ayase Miya, Azumi Risa, it was nice seeing you guys.
Hold on a minute, Reo! Miya-chan, Risa-chan, I'll see you two at school... Goodbye!
Goodbye, Mai-sama.
Good day.
I told you to wait, Reo... Why are you staggering around like that?
Can't you tell? I'm dancing. I'm the Peak Spider!
The what?
Reo-sama seemed to enjoy that manga in her own little way, didn't she?
Yes, I believe so... Well, should we be getting back as well?
It's starting to get dark out, so be careful, you two. Thanks for coming in.
And thank you, for teaching us so much.
Hehehe, I can't believe I just bought a bike.
You seem rather excited about it, Risa.
Yeah, I'm really excited. I can't wait for it to arrive.
Considering this is you we're talking about, have you given it a name yet?
I- I... I wouldn't do something like that!
Oh, wouldn't you, now?
No, I wouldn't...
(That's what I say, but actually, I really want to give it a cute-sounding name.)
Miya always sees right through me, though... I'll have to be careful.
What was that?
Oh, nothing. Let's hurry on home... Hehe♪

Gigante FREETA is a reference to the FREEDA model produced by bike manufacturer Giant.
Shinkai Hayato is a character from Yowamushi Pedal who is frequently seen snacking on Power Bars.
Peak Spider is the nickname of Yowamushi Pedal character Makishima Yusuke, so called because of his unusual side to side dancing technique for climbing hills.

To be continued... Next time♪

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