Chapter 12 - They're Finally Here

Hey Miya, did you see that text from Mai-sama?
Yes, I'm reading it right now.
She said the bikes will be in this Saturday, so we're all meeting up at Ishigami Cycle.
This is a big day for you, isn't it Risa?
Aren't you excited too, Miya?
Yes, very much so... I can't wait to see you in racing shorts...
You must be eager to get your bicycle, aren't you?
Of course I am... Hehehe♡
(That Miya... She's trying to play it off like she doesn't care, but look how big that smile is.)
Even you have your cute side, huh?
Risa in racing shorts... Hehehe♡
Welcome back Risa-kun, Miya-kun. I was just getting your bicycles ready.
Oh boy, it's just as cute as I hoped♡
Yes, not bad at all.
Maaaiii, why'd you drag me along again~?
Come on... Wouldn't it have been lonely staying home by yourself?
...No, not really. I've got Tsume Tsume on my phone.
Tsume Tsume? Oh, that puzzle game where you stack up pudgy little Reo-like characters?
And what's that supposed to mean?
It means what it sounds like. Maybe you and Risa-chan could diet together.
Nah, that sounds like too much work.
Mai-sama, did you come on your bike again today?
Yeah, I wanted to go out riding with you two as soon as I could, hehe.
Aw, that sounds like fun. Oh, but what about Reo-sama?
You can just leave me here to have fun by myself. *chew* *munch-munch*
Reo seems to prefer snacking on the sidelines.
Yes, that seems typical of her.
Oh yeah... I don't know if it's from reading all that manga or what, but she's started murmuring stuff in her sleep sometimes, like "I'm gonna get my cadence up by 30!"
But still not enough to make her want to get on one...?
Well, everyone's got different interests. I do hope that one day even Reo-kun will realize the joys of cycling, though.
Yeah. Well, I'm ready to get out on this thing...
Hold on a second, you can't ride yet, Risa-chan.
Huh? Why not?
Because it has to be fitted first, Risa-kun.
Fitted...? What's that?
Things like the height of the handlebars and seat need to be adjusted to fit you. Like I did with my bike when you rode it before.
Oh... that. So you're adjusting it to my size.
That's right. You're going to be riding this for a long time, so we need to adjust it so you can have the most comfortable posture.
That makes sense. All right, let's go ahead.
Well, first we need to...
If you need to know the length of Risa's inseam, I have it written here in this "Risa Notebook."
Wh- What's with the creepy comments all of the sudden, Miya?!
Well, I had planned to have her actually get on the seat and measure directly... But the fact that you have it written down is impressive.
But of course♪
Ggh... Even I don't know that. When exactly did you measure me?
There's nothing I don't know when it comes to my Risa.
Nnnnh... I don't know whether I should be happy about that or not.
All right, I'll adjust the seat, and then you try getting on, okay?
O- Okay.
Your heels should be able to reach the pedals with your legs fully extended... How is it?
Okay... Oh, that seems all right.
Okay, next we need to set the front to back position of the seat.
You need to set that too?
That's right. If the handlebars are too close or too far away, it puts strain on your body. Getting this part right is critical.
All right, let's go ahead then.
It seems an awful lot is necessary just to buy a bicycle.
Even a small variation can make a huge difference in comfort. This is an essential step.
Is that so... I'll remember that.
Okay, let's see how that is. Try giving it a quick spin, and if it doesn't sit right, we'll adjust it again.
All right. Well, looks like it's Miya's turn next.
By all means. My inseam happens to be longer than Risa's, by the way.
Geeze! It's not like you had to go out of your way to say that.
All right... How does this feel for the seat height?
Just a little higher should be perfect.
Haah... She's obviously taller than me...
(I was kind of absorbed in picking out my own bike earlier... But Miya looks kind of cool straddling that white cross bike♡)
Miya's always been pretty athletic, so I'll bet she gets the hang of riding in no time...
Risa-chan, why are you flushed when you haven't even ridden your bike yet?
Is it all the excitement in the air?
N-N-N- No, it's just Miya...
No, it's nothing...
(Like I could admit I was gawking at Miya...)
Oh, it looks like Miya-chan's done too.
A- Are you ready, Miya?
My goodness... Your face is bright red, Risa.
Y- Yeah, well that's just... Hnnh...
I suspect you were lost in another one of your naughty fantasies, weren't you?
I- I was not! Don't say stuff that'll make people think I have fantasies like that all the time!
All right, all right, I'm sorry... *smooch*♡
Aieeeee! Wh- What do you think you're doing?!
Making your fantasies a reality♡
Knock it off, Mai-sama and Satsuki-san are right here... Nnnh...
It's fine. Look.
Mai, look! A rare character! I got a rare character!!
Oh, did you finally get a Reo?
No, don't be stupid.
Reo-kun, what if you did this one like this?
Wh?! Hey, get your hands off my game!
Wow... Even Reo's never gotten a score that high, Satsuki-san!
You see? They're both distracted by Reo-sama's game.
Ggh... But still...
It got you excited though, didn't it, Risa?
Nnnh... Yeah... Yeah it did, but it was still embarrassing.
Hehehe, you're too adorable♡
G- Geeze... I thought we came here to ride bikes today.
Yes, of course we did my dear, upstanding class representative.
Come on, you're the one doesn't take things seriously enough!!

Tsume Tsume is a reference to Disney Tsum Tsum, a puzzle game where you stack and match the faces of Disney animated characters.
"I'm gonna get my cadence up by 30!" is another Yowamushi Pedal reference. Onoda Sakamichi had to increase his pedaling cadence by 30 RPM to catch up with Imaizumi Shunsuke.

To be continued... Next time♪

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