Chapter 14 - Riding Begins

Well then, are we ready to head out?
The streets around here are pretty wide and don't have much traffic, so I'd recommend them for beginners.
We're finally going on our first ride, Miya... I'm so excited♪
Indeed. Though we may be lovers, don't expect me to hold back... I will not lose to you, Risa!
...Um, this isn't exactly a race or anything, you know.
And once I've won, I'll accept your freshly shed racing shorts, and... Hmmh♡
I told you, we aren't racing!!
You needn't repeat yourself.
It's really important, so it does need repeating!!
All right, Reo, you stay here with Satsuki-san and watch the shop, okay?
Rrrgh... I'll be fine, I'm not some little kid!!
Oh, really... Are you sure~?
You've got nothing to worry about, Mai-kun. Reo-kun and I are soulmates, after all.
...What's this girl talking about?
That's no way to speak to your elders!
Haah~ My heart is really pounding.
Oh my, that sounds serious. *grope-grope*♡
Ahh♡ Don't try to cop a feel looking all serious like that!
I'm doing no such thing. I was merely assessing your physical state prior to starting our ride.
Hmph, a likely story. You're obviously just trying to get some!
Goodness, your heart really is pounding... Are you all right, Risa?
Wh- What? Your face is too close, okay? ...Geeze, Miya♡
Yeesh... Azumi Risa and Ayase Miya never stop with the mushy stuff, do they.
W- We're not...!
I understand you're having fun being all flirtatious, but maybe it would be best to put that on hold and get started on your ride?
Yeah. Let's go ahead and get started, Risa-chan.
Hnnh... Why did that make me feel like I'm suddenly not up for it anymore?!
All right, I'll take the lead, and you two can follow behind me.
Risa, I'll follow behind you... and then blow past you just before the finish line.
I told you, it's not a race!!
Okay then, let's get going~♪
They're all gone, Reo-kun.
Reo-kun, I think you're actually a little bit jealous of all of them, aren't you?
I- I'm not jealous at all... Why should I be?
Is that so? Because you seemed to be watching really intently when I was talking about all the cycling gear.
That's 'cause... I was just thinking how dumb those helmets and gloves looked...
Oh my, tsundere, aren't we?
Rrrgh... That's enough out of you!
That's that same puzzle game you were playing earlier.
Oh, what about there?
What if you did this one like this?
Wh-?! Hey, I didn't say you could play my game~
Hehehe, but I got a good score, didn't I?
Rrrrh! Then download it yourself and play against me, if you're so good!
Nah, that sounds like too much work.
Grrrrrh~ You and Eris would get along great...
There, there. Here's a sweet bun to calm you down.
*ahm-ahm* *munch* Mmh, got any more of those?
Sure, here you go... Hehehe♪
Ahh... I wonder if Reo is managing to get along with Satsuki-san...
Wow, this is awesome! I barely even have to pedal and I'm sailing right along~♪
You're right... It's actually quite a pleasant feeling.
Oh, we're just about to get onto a main road. This is probably a good place to turn back. Are you two keeping up?
Yep, I'm doing fine.
Absolutely. And I'm growing quite fond of the view of Risa's posterior.
Hehehe... All right, let's go~
You know, Mai-kun told me that you and I sound kind of similar.
Huh? Really?
It's hard for people to judge their own voice... Oh, it looks like they're back.
Oh, Mai♪
Phew... We're back, Reo.
Haah, haah... Here we are again.
Wonderful ride.
How was your first ride? ...Like I even have to ask, just look at that expression.
Yeah, it felt great!
It appears Risa is officially hooked.
But the feeling of the wind in you face... Wasn't it incredible, Miya?
We weren't even going that fast, though.
Huh? Really...?
I don't believe Mai-sama's average cruising speed was all that extreme.
Is that true, Mai-sama?
Yeah, more or less. I was with a couple of beginners today, so I took it slow.
R- Really... It felt like we were going so fast, though...
Hehehe, we'll get your speed up soon enough. What did you think, Miya-chan?
It was leisurely, yet still had the feeling of a serious workout.
I know, right? I think one of the best things about cycling to lose weight is the incredible feeling of the wind against your face.
You've got that right!
They say that if your only goal is to lose weight, your diet is bound to fail...
No kidding... Ahh, who would've thought burning calories could be this fun♡ Doot-do-do~♪
Azumi Risa's singing something to herself...
So that was pretty fun, huh?
If I can lose weight like this, then it doesn't get any better than that... I think I'm pretty psyched up♪

To be continued... Next time♪

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