Chapter 16 - Let's Try Riding on the Left

Well, we should probably get going.
Y- Yeah, we probably should...
(We drew a lot of attention after Reo-sama banged on the wall.)
We're really sorry for causing such a scene, Satsuki-san... Especially since you come to this place all the time.
It's fine, don't worry about it. You really don't like to let things slide, do you, Risa-kun?
No, I just...
Risa is less finicky and more overbearingly upstanding, I would say.
And Miya is the exact opposite. A real delinquent, I would say.
Fwaaah~ For some reason I'm sleepy now that I've had my tea.
You're always just doing your own thing, aren't you... It's fine, why don't you take a nap. The rest of us are going to go riding again.
You look quite pleased at that, Risa-kun.
Indeed she does... Hehehe.
Geeze, is there something wrong with that?!
Now that you've learned some extra information, why don't we try riding downtown while following the traffic rules?
All right then, we'll watch the shop again, won't we Reo-kun?
Nnh... So sleepy...
Hey, you're not asleep already, are you?
Honestly, Reo... Thanks for watching her for me, Satsuki-san.
But of course, it's my pleasure. Now go on, I'll see you when you get back!
Just ride on the left with the cars... As long as I can remember that, I should be in good shape. Hehehe, this really is a lot of fun.
I'm going to go a little bit faster, but if you have trouble keeping up, just shout.
Risa, are you certain you're all right?
Yeah, I think I've got the hang of it. I should be able to handle going a little faster.
You don't need to go that fast, though...
But we've just been going at beginner's speed up until now, right? Besides...
(I really can't believe you can pick up this much speed on a bike. I'm really having a lot of fun this time out.)
I want to go even faster... Miya, I'm going to ride on ahead.
Wait, Risa...!
I just passed Miya. I guess I am going pretty fast... Hehe.
Excuse me Risa, but I believe you've forgotten the objective here.
After all this time being the one in pursuit, of constantly losing to Miya, finally, when it comes to bikes, I'm the one out in front... Aaah, this is incredible♡
All right, you two, the traffic is about to get a little heavier starting here, so be careful... Wait, it's just you, Miya-chan? Where'd Risa-chan go??
She's quite a bit ahead of us... Look, there she is.
Ah... She really left us behind while we were waiting at that light...
Honestly... She's like some child, utterly obsessed with her new toy.
No kidding. All right, I'm going to go on a little ahead. You can hang back, Miya-chan.
Haah, haah, haah... Whoa, I'm going so fast! Hehehe♪
Excuse me, Risa-chan...
Wait, Mai-sama? When did I get ahead of you?
Quite a while ago. We were stopped at the traffic light.
Oh, really...? Haah, haah... No wonder I couldn't seem to catch up to you.
Hey, Risa-chan, it's nice to floor it sometimes, but if you're trying to lose weight, you're going to want to stay in the "fat burning" zone.
Oh... Yeah, that's right. I'm not supposed to be out of breath, am I.
That's right. It's fun to ride fast, but you want to keep your pulse at a steady rate.
I just got a little carried away... I totally forgot about all that...
Whoa... That was close...
I don't think that cyclist was watching where they were going... Are you all right, Risa-chan?
Yeah, I'm okay. There are a lot of people on foot around here too, aren't there.
Downtown you have to be on the lookout for both cars and pedestrians. There are a lot of traffic lights too, so it's hard to ride at a consistent pace.
R- Risa!
Oh, Miya? Sorry I got so far ahead of you...
I don't care about that, you were almost hit just now! Did you get that person's license plate number? Tell it to me! I won't forgive anyone who would do you harm!
I- I'm fine. Besides, it was a bicycle, so it didn't have a license plate...
I see... Well in that case, perhaps we can obtain the footage from that security camera, and...
Um, there wasn't an accident, so that's probably not possible...
I am Ayase Miya. Nothing is impossible for me.
Really, you don't need to worry about it... Now come on, let's keep going.
I suppose it's fine as long as you're all right...
Gaah... I'm so bored.
You just wake up, and that's the first thing out of your mouth?
Doesn't this place ever get any other customers? How can you stay in business like this?
We do get some other customers, but supposedly my uncle takes care of them...
That's the premise, at least.
The premise?!
What's going on, Mai-sama?
I know I just got done making a big deal out of this, but with all the cars and traffic lights here, keeping a steady heartrate is going to be pretty difficult.
So I gathered about riding downtown. So should we essentially consider this area off limits from this point forward?
Come on, we don't have to do that! I think you're just too scared to ride here.
Hmm, let's see... Do you two have any plans tomorrow?
Not particularly, no. Miya, you don't have work tomorrow, right?
Correct. I enjoy spending leisurely Sunday mornings with Risa, so I take a break from work.
Hey! You don't need to go into that much detail!
Hehe, you two are so cute together. Well in that case, why don't we try riding on the cycling course around the Imperial Palace tomorrow?
What?! There's a cycling course at the Imperial Palace?!

To be continued... Next time♪

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