Chapter 18 - The Trick to Burning Fat

Maaai, how much longer are you guys gonna ride?
Are you hungry already, Reo?
Yeah! All you've done since yesterday is ignore me for your stupid bikes.
I'm sorry. You don't have to get so pouty, though.
Yeah, well... It's gonna take more than a jumbo-sized salisbury steak to make it up to me.
Hmmm... Well, what if I throw in some cake too?
Cake♡ Do you mean it?
Of course. Why don't we go get something to eat right now?
All right!
Well, it looks like the two of us are going to split... Do you mind?
No, not at all.
Thank you for everything, Mai-sama.
Okay then, we'll see you two later.
See ya! Hehe, Cake♪ Cake♪
Mai-sama and Reo-sama seem like really good friends.
I agree. But not as much as you and I♡
Y- You think so...?
Yes, of course. And just seeing the way you blush at the drop of a hat... Ahh, is there no end to your charm?
Geeze... Come on, let's go already! We're finally out on a bike path, I want to ride as much as I can!
Hmmh... Risa, perhaps we should be stopping soon.
What? Already?
It's been nearly an hour since we first began.
Geeze, we've been riding that long...? I don't feel tired at all... In fact, the wind in my face feels invigorating.
Surely that's because you're keeping your level of exertion under control, isn't it?
You're probably right... Well, why don't we stop here and wait for Satsuki-san to catch up?
Oh, Satsuki-saaan!
Hey, so how did you two like it?
It was great, I don't feel tired at all.
You probably did a good job of burning some fat, then.
In just over an hour, we should have burned roughly 500 calories.
About how much is that again...?
That's about two bowls of rice.
Whaaat?! That's unbelievable!
Um, Risa, perhaps you should settle down a bit.
But, but, the diet programs you see on TV make it look so hard to burn even half that much!
Girls really like those programs, huh...
I- I just watch them sometimes, if they're on...
That's odd, considering how fixed to the screen you are when you watch them...
Come on Miya, you don't have to tell her that!!
Risa-kun, if you're really that serious about losing weight, could I give you some advice?
Oh? What's that...?
I know a really good trick to burning fat efficiently.
B- By all means, please tell me!!
Okay then. It's pretty minor, but it couldn't hurt to give it a try.
A trick... Would that be something along the lines of exercising when your stomach is as empty as possible?
Yes, there's also that. Your digestive process is running at full speed right after a meal, so it's best to avoid physical activity during that time.
So you're saying I shouldn't exercise after eating?
Yes, that's right. All it's going to do is mess up your digestion, plus it'll make you feel lousy.
Well, I'm glad we did this before lunch then.
Also, if you can, it's helpful to get some caffeine about 30 minutes before you start exercising.
Caffeine...? I had some tea before we came out here. But why is that a good thing?
One of the effects of caffeine is to raise the concentration of fatty acids in your blood.
When your fatty acid concentrations are higher, they're drawn into your muscle tissue and burned as an efficient source of energy.
Impressive, Satsuki-san. It's amazing what knowledge students acquire in nursing school.
Haah, I'm still having a hard time with all these technical details. But basically you're saying if I have caffeine before I exercise, it'll be more effective, right?
Yep, that's all you really need to remember.
Drinking tea or coffee is surely acceptable, but perhaps caffeine pills would offer the most convenience.
Hmm... Wait, Miya, what's that in your hand...?
Some of the caffeine pills I took before coming out.
Waah, why didn't you tell me then?!
You really do come prepared, don't you, Miya-kun?
She's just doing this to torture me...
Hey... Is that you, Risa-nee?
Huh? Oh, Rikka and Sayuki-san.
Good day to you, Risa-sama, Miya-sama.
Good day. What a coincidence bumping into you here. You two wouldn't be out on a date, would you?
Uh, well uh... We were...
Yes. Rikka-san and I have been on an ever so lovely date♡
Well well, what have we here? Two more darlings have appeared. It's like spring is in full bloom here.
Hnnh, we've got another smooth talker here... What is it about you that attracts these people, Risa-nee?
Come on Rikka, what are you saying?!
Risa-kun, aren't you going to introduce me to your lovely friends?
Of course. This is my junior from St. Michael's, Shirakawa Sayuki-san...
How do you do. I am Shirakawa Sayuki. It's a wonderful pleasure to meet you.
My, what a courteous introduction. Like a daughter of nobility.
And this is my childhood friend...
...Just a casual acquaintance, Shinozaki Rikka-san.
Come on, Miya, that's not nice to say.
And who might this be, Risa-sama?
This is Ishigami Satsuki-san. She's going to St. Michael's Nursing School.
Nice to meet you, Rikka-kun and Sayuki-kun.
N- Nice to meet you too...
The pleasure is all mine, I assure you.
So, do you two happen to be into bicycles?
Pardon? Bicycles?
Hey, wait, do these bikes belong to you guys?!
Yeah, they do... Is something wrong, Rikka?
I just had no idea you were into sports cycling, Risa-nee.
From the way you say that... I take it you're interested in cycling as well, Rikka-san?
Yep, I sure am!
Wow, this is awesome! Imagine bumping into a fellow cyclist here. Hehehe.
Excuse me... Rikka-san?
Risa-nee, we should go riding together sometime!
I beg your pardon?
Hehehe, I have no idea what's going on, but it looks like things just got interesting~

To be continued... Next time♪

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