Chapter 20 - Cycling for Dummies

Hey, Miya, if we don't get going, we're going to be late.
Today's activities don't concern us... Is it really a problem if we're a tad late?
Besides, Risa... I'd much rather pick up where we left off last night... Hehe~♡
Aieee♡ C- Come on, Miya, don't blow into my ear so early in the morning... Eee! And keep your hands to yourself!!
It seems you aren't much of a morning person... Well then, let us try again this evening♡
G- Geeze, I can't ever turn my back on you... Anyway, come on, let's go so we can watch Sayuki-san practice.
Honestly, Risa, why are you so interested in other people's affairs?
It concerns us too. If Rikka-san can learn how to ride a bike, then that's something we'll have in common.
And as I already told you, there's no need to actually watch her practice... Why can we not ever go out just the two of us sometimes? We could even make it a bicycle date if you wish♡
But we're already living together, so every day is like we're on a date...
If you're going to be like that I suppose I'll have to be blunt... I crave stimulation outside of our everyday experiences.
What kind of "stimulation"?
For instance... Seeing you dress up in costume...
There you go again... Ahh, now look! It's almost the time we said we'd meet them!
Very well... May we at least hold hands?
H- Hold hands...? But everyone would see us...
And? Fine then, I'll just stay here.
Rrrgh... Fine, geeze! I'll do it! I'll hold your hand!
We're a picture perfect couple♡
Yeah, yeah, like I've never heard that before!
Hehehe, you're blushing, Risa♡
Let's just go already, Miya.
Yes, of course... Hehehe♪
Haah, haah... Sorry we're late.
No worries, it's fine. We just got here ourselves.
Risa-nee and Miya-sama are holding hands... Don't they make such a great couple, Sayuki-san?
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear...
Sayuki-san, can you hear me? You aren't nervous, are you?
N- No... Not in the slightestest... Oh dear, oh dear...
Sayuki-chan, just relax. You'll be fine.
O- Okay... Hah, hah, hooh~
She looks the opposite of relaxed...
Learning to ride a bicycle takes so little time, though...
What, really? You weren't scared when you first started learning how to ride?
Not at all. I was able to ride the moment my training wheels were removed.
Haah~ You really can learn to do anything overnight.
When I was first starting, I had to practice quite a bit.
There, you see?
Even someone with Mai-sama's distinction suffered hardships when learning to ride her bicycle...? Then what hope have I of learning to ride in such short order...?
Don't think of it like that, Sayuki-san.
That's right, you're in good hands here. You'll be able to start riding before you know it.
O- Okay... *whimper*
Now then, the "Cycling for Dummies" class is now in session.
For dummies, huh? Hey, Reo, this sounds like something you should get in on.
Hmmh, nah... I'm snacking over here right now. I'm good.
Oh, I see Reo-sama joined us today.
Hey, Azumi Risa, you think I'm here as some kind of perk for your amusement?
There's nothing perky about you. It'd be a lot more fun if you joined in, though.
I told you, I'm fine. Just leave me alone... *munch-munch* *munch*
Now then, first thing's first, Sayuki-kun. Have you ever been on a bicycle before?
No, never.
Really? Not even once?
To be honest, and this is frankly quite embarrassing, but there was one time when I was little... I was quite young and tried riding one belonging to a friend of mine...
It didn't go so well, I take it.
Indeed. She held on to me from behind, but I began to wobble straight away and fell over... From that day forward, I was too frightened to attempt riding again.
Oh, everyone is like that the first time.
That's right. Some people do that lots of times before they learn how to ride. It is scary falling that much, though. Especially for girls.
No, I do believe I'm just a coward... Hnnh...
Don't say that, Sayuki-san! When I first started I was... I was a little scared too.
...You paused when you said that.
I helped Rikka way back when she was learning to ride a bike...
Way back... Fond memories of Risa and Rikka-san I would know nothing about... Ggh.
Oh, come on, we were just grade schoolers! But even though she was just a kid, Rikka didn't let falling slow her down.
Hmph, so she's been into sports since she was little.
That's right. Actually, she was more like one of those spunky, never-say-die heroines from sports manga.
Waaah, Risa-nee!! Don't tell embarrassing stories from our childhood like that! Not in front of Sayuki-san!
Heh, hehehe...
Oh look, our little bundle of nerves is laughing. Nice job, Rikka-chan.
Well, falling is just something everybody has to go through at least once. But today I've got a much simpler method for teaching you how to ride.
Oh...? Is there really such a method?
As a matter of fact, there is. Just wait right there.
Here we are.
Th- This is...
I thought this would be just the thing for you to start learning on.
That's a pretty small city bicycle. I'll bet even Reo could ride that thing.
Forget Reo-sama... Is that a kid's bike?
That's right. Now, why don't we give it a spin?
Sayuki-kun, don't worry about pedaling, just try straddling it with your feet on the ground.
Okay... Like this?
See how your feet are planted firmly on the ground? So if anything goes wrong, just put your feet down, and you won't fall.
That... seems as though it should work.
Now get off for a second so I can check the seat height.
Hmmm... But someone who's not used to it is probably going to fall over once they try to start pedaling...
That's true. Which is why... Here, we're going to do this.
Huh?! S- Satsuki-san, what're you doing?
I'm removing the pedals.
Wh- What are you doing that for?
Because... Well, let's just save that for next time.
Hmph, I hardly showed up at all this time... *chew-chew* *munch-munch*

To be continued... Next time♪

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