Chapter 22 - What's "Celeste"?

Thank you so much, Satsuki-san. I never could have imagined it would be possible for me to learn to ride a bicycle in just one day.
Well, that's because of all your hard work, Sayuki-kun.
Do you... really think so?
Miya-kun already said this earlier, but riding a bicycle is all about muscle memory. You should try riding again several more times while it's still fresh in your mind.
I will! I intend to practice a considerable amount at home as well.
But Sayuki-san, you don't have your own bike, do you?
Oh... That is true...
We don't mind lending you one of ours...
I wouldn't think of it! Were a novice such as myself to ride one of your bicycles, it might become damaged!
I think you're overblowing things a little...
This is the perfect opportunity to purchase a bicycle for my personal use.
In that case, we should head back to Ishigami Cycle.
What? We have to go somewhere else now?
Don't be such a crybaby, Reo. Come on everybody, let's go.
Now then... Welcome to Ishigami Cycle.
Sayuki-san, which bike do you want?
I was listening to Mai-sama on our way here... I believe I would also like a "cross bike."
Okay. The cross bikes are... yeah, there seem to be some over here.
Haah... There seem to be so many, I don't know how I shall ever choose...
I know what you mean... Oh, here's the one Risa-nee and Miya-sama ride.
Yeah, that's the one.
You both share the same model?
Yeah, they're just different colors. Are you interested in this one too, Sayuki-san?
Are you, Sayuki-san?
No, I don't believe so... Matching bicycles, you say... Hmmh~
Hm? What's so funny, Miya?
It would appear that Sayuki-san's interests lie elsewhere.
The same bicycle... One like Rikka-san's for myself...
*yawn~* ...Are we shopping for bicycles again?
Yep. Do you see anything you like?
I'm gonna go sit over there and read manga again.
Oh... And there she goes. That girl is seriously stubborn.
But she did come straight back here.
That's true... She's always tagging along wherever we go.
U- Um...
What is it, Sayuki-san?
Do they not have the bicycle that you ride here?
Mine? Mine isn't a cross bike. Um... I think she said it was a road bike...
That's right. But unfortunately, they don't make Rikka-kun's model any more.
Oh yeah. That's a pretty old one from over 10 years ago...
Haah~ So I see...
Sayuki-san, do you want to ride a road bike?
No, I just... You see...
You may not be able to get one just like Rikka-chan's, but I'll bet we can find one that's pretty similar.
But isn't a road bike pretty advanced for a beginner? And the drop handlebars might be a little out of her league.
O- Oh... Really...?
Honestly, what are you going on about? Rikka-san isn't terribly bright, is she?
Wh?! Miya-sama, what was that for?
Sayuki-san has no desire for a road bike.
Then what is it?
Sayuki-san merely wants a bicycle that matches yours. Just as Risa's and mine do♡
Ohh, is that what it is?
What?! Is that true, Sayuki-san?
Y- Yes... The truth is... I do.
So she was jealous that Risa-chan and Miya-chan have matching bikes, huh? Hehehe, that's so cute♡
Geeze, was that all? You should've said so sooner.
Yes, but... It was too embarrassing for me to say out loud...
In that case, I'll buy myself a cross bike using my allowance.
Y- You mustn't! Your bicycle is a cherished heirloom handed down to you by your father!
Well, obviously I'm gonna ride that one too.
It's common for cyclists to have a number of bikes for different uses, Sayuki-kun.
B- But...
I feel like it'd probably be better to have a cross bike for casual riding anyway...
So let's get us some matching bikes, okay Sayuki-san?
You... truly don't mind, Rikka-san?
Not at all! I'm more than happy to, Sayuki-san♡
O- Okay... Ahh, that makes me happy...
Sayuki-san always gets starry-eyed when Rikka-chan takes her hands.
She just has that natural prince-like charm... That's Rikka in a nutshell.
All right, let's hurry up and pick us out some bikes.
Certainly, Rikka-san♡
Satsuki-sama, I have decided on this bicycle here.
Thank you for your business~♪
Oh, a Bianqi RONA 4, huh? That's an Italian one, right?
That's right. This model is consistent with the smaller frame sizes suited for female riders. Now, for the color...
I'm getting celeste, and Sayuki-san wants white.
C... Celeste?
It's a color particular to Bianqi, meaning "blue skies" in Italian.
Oh, so it's Italian...
I can add a little to that... It's said that in the year 1895, Bianqi's founder presented Queen Margherita with a bicycle.
Partly for that reason, the color celeste was supposedly inspired by the color of the queen's eyes.
Aw, that's such a romantic story♪
Each year after that, Bianqi is said to have looked at the Milanese sky and selected a complementary shade of celeste.
Awww, that's even sweeter♪ Okay, I like it. It sounds perfect for you two.
...But that would be stepping on the toes of my white bicycle.
Oh... Forgive me, Miya-sama.
It's not that big a deal, is it? I mean, the model is different.
I was merely joking.
I think Sayuki-san and us are gonna get along great.
Yes, I'm quite thrilled.
Keep practicing, and once you've gotten the hang of it, we can all go out for a ride on one of our days off.
I shall continue to devote myself to my training.
Well then, if you two would come this way.
Sure. Let's go, Sayuki-san.
Of course♪
Hehehe, they both look so happy.
Oh, Reo. You came back. Rikka-san and Sayuki-san are getting matching bikes, you know.
Yeah, I can see that... Geeze, is everyone gonna get matching bikes? *grumble-grumble*
Hm? Are you interested too?
No, I'm not! Once we're done here, we're going home, Mai.
Fine, fine. Well, sorry to take off early, you guys. Give my regards to Rikka-chan and Sayuki-san.
Sure. Goodbye Mai-sama, Reo-sama.
Good day.
...See ya.
Aw, Reo-sama left. Is she really just not interested in bikes?
Who's to say for sure... Hehehe♪

Bianqi RONA 4 refers to the ROMA 4 model produced by Italian bicycle manufacturer Bianchi.

To be continued... Next time♪

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