Chapter 24 - Let's Make Team Jerseys

I think you should join too, Reo.
N- No thanks, I don't really wanna... A club like that doesn't even make any sense.
Should we try to explain it in simple enough terms that even Reo-sama could understand?
But can you even do that? Explain a club that hasn't even been formed yet?
Of course I can. It's for everyone to ride around together and have fun, right?
You've got it, Risa-nee. A pottering club.
"Pottering..." You sound as though you've just learned a new word and are looking for any excuse you can find to use it.
Th- That's not...
Should we start off riding some place with a dedicated bike path?
Yeah, I think so. Definitely if we're all going to be riding as a group.
Oh yeah... We have quite a few of us, don't we?
I believe it goes without saying that my superb riding ability would draw the most attention from others, does it not?
I think Sayuki-san's riding is the most enchanting, though♡
Oh my, Rikka-san♡ Then by that measure, yours would be the most resplendent...
Did the two of you even hear a word I said?
Now, now. Myself aside, all of us are pretty popular at St. Michael's, so any one of us is bound to cause a big commotion if the other students see us.
They'd probably think it had something to do with the events committee.
Hmm, you're probably right.
As long you stay on track with the club's activities, that should be enough for people to recognize it as a bicycle club.
You're probably right.
In addition to that, there is something else I've been considering... Might I propose it here?
Of course, Sayuki-san.
Since we are going to the effort to form this bicycle club, should we not also create matching uniforms for everyone to wear?
You mean... like jerseys?
Yes, precisely.
Matching jerseys, huh? Yeah, I like it! It makes us seem like a real club.
Indeed. That way, even if we were to ride in crowded areas, we would be easily recognizable from our matching apparel.
So team jerseys, is it? That's a splendid idea, Sayuki-kun.
Thank you very much.
Have you thought of a design for us to use?
No, I haven't thought that far ahead... I think it should be something we all decide on.
Let's see... I'd definitely want it to be cute.
I think it'd be good if they were functional.
What if we were to each mock up a draft of what we have in mind, Rikka-san?
That sounds good to me. I have some things you can borrow to draw with.
Thanks, I'll take some.
I'll take some too.
A jersey... Risa in a jersey... My heart is racing in anticipation♡
It's not just me, Miya. You know we're all going to be wearing them.
Hehehe... Oh yes, something like that would be quite nice...
Geeze... You're not even listening.
Well then, I believe my design will be one that complements Rikka-san.
Nnnh... I'm really not much of an artist...
You've been bad at drawing ever since we were kids, Rikka... Hehehe.
Are you really in a position to be making light of others, Risa?
Eeee! What're you doing trying to sneek a peak from behind?!
That entire thing is colored like a batch of macarons, complete with ribbons and embroidered unicorns... You can't possibly be serious with this, can you?
What? Is something wrong with it?
For anyone other than yourself, wearing this would be punishment; absolute torture.
Y- You're so mean!!
Well then, Rikka-san, would you be willing to wear this?
What is it, let me see... Waaah!!
Come on, Rikka, it's not that bad, is it?
It might be all right for you or Sayuki-san... But it's a little too much for my taste.
Hnnh... You don't have to be that blunt about it...
Sorry, Risa-nee. So hey, what did you draw, Miya-sama?
Here is mine.
I- Isn't this a little... revealing for a uniform?
No kidding. It looks like it'd be really drafty.
Hehehe, but all the exposed skin is its best feature. That way you won't get hot while riding.
But this... looks too embarrassing to wear.
Yeah, I'm with Risa-nee...
Rikka-san, are you certain you want to say that?
Imagine Sayuki-san wearing this uniform... Close your eyes and try to picture every detail...
What?! That's too... Oh man... Waaah~!!
What's gotten into you, Rikka-san?
I- I think I'm getting a nosebleed... Haah, haah, you're dangerous, Miya-sama...
Oh dear, was that unpleasant for you?
N- No... Just the opposite...
You see, Risa? Even Rikka-san couldn't be more pleased.
Hey, stop teasing poor Rikka! A design like this is obvoiusly impractical!
Hmmm... It's wonderful to see such individualism on display. But I think something simpler is in order.
I think you're right~
Hey Reo, now we're all talking about making ourselves matching uniforms. Doesn't that sound like fun?
...Not really. It'll just end up being some weird design anyway.
But even a weird design is all right if it's part of a club activity, right?
Yeah, I'm okay with an unusual design.
Rikka, stay out of this. Mai-sama is trying really hard right now to get Reo-sama to join us.
Yes ma'am.
Won't it be boring if you spend your days off coming to hang out with the rest of us, but then spend the whole time just watching?
Not really, I can just follow along in a taxi.
You can't take a taxi on a bike path.
Geeze, then why bother?
No matter what you say, I'm not letting this go, Reo. Why do you hate cycling so much?
Why are you so crazy about it?
Ahh... A stalemate.
Reo-sama, do you truly dislike bicycling that much?
Hm... Reo, do you hate biking?
No, not really.
Then why... Wait a minute!
Reo... Do you not know how to ride a bike?
Reo-sama has gone silent on us.
In other words...
Reo-sama can't...
Heh, hehehe.
Wh- What?! Don't you all look at me like that! You're wrong, I can totally ride a bike.
You don't have to force yourself, Reo.
Rrrgh, Mai, you idiot! I told you you're wrong!
Oh, so then you can ride a bike?
Yeah, it's not that hard. In fact, bike riding happens to be one of my top skills!
What?! Seriously, Reo?
Uh... I think I might regret that...

To be continued... Next time♪

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