Chapter 25 - Tsun Mode/Dere Mode

Here's the story so far. Reo-sama is suspected of being unable to ride a bike.
However, proclaiming that bicycling is among her top skills, revealing her truth by her own admission... What will happen to Reo-sama now?
Yes... That about sums it up, Miya.
Wh- What the heck are you two yammering about?!
It's true, isn't it? You really are good at bike riding, Reo?
Then Reo-sama should ride with us too! It'll be fun!
I- I'm not into sports, unlike you.
We shall ride at a leisurely pace, so as not to overtax ourselves.
Hmmm... Oh yeah, and I'll give you some yummy bread. If you'll just join the...
I'm not joining!
I see... I guess bread isn't going to cut it this time.
Don't be so rude, Reo.
She really is stubborn... You try talking to her, Miya.
Mmff, *munch-munch* ...This mont blanc has three different kinds of chestnuts... It's so decadent.
Well aren't you having a nice little tea party for yourself... You really do march to a different beat from the rest of us, don't you?
Oh... I forgot. I've still got some of my pancakes left. Time to finish 'em♡
W- Wait a minute...
Now now, why don't you have some tea yourself and catch your breath for a bit. Okay, Mai-kun?
I imagine it's only a matter of time before Reo-kun calms down too... Hehe.
...You think so?
Hehehe, this is great♡
Reo-sama sure looks happy, but Mai-sama seems totally exhausted.
There has to be something we can do about this...
Oh, so you two actually think that you can do anything about Reo-sama?
Well then, Miya-sama, would you happen to have any ideas?
As a matter of fact, I do... I suspect dealing with Reo-sama will be surprisingly simple.
And what makes you think that, Miya?
Because, she's not all that different from you, Risa.
Huh? How are we alike...?
Ohh, I see where you're going!
Waaah~ What's that supposed to mean, Rikka?!
Miya-sama's saying that you're both "tsundere."
What, this again? Sara-san said exactly the same thing to me, but I'm telling you, I'm not like that! Geeze!
Hehehe, it's not the kind of thing that's apparent to yourself.
So that means right now, Reo-sama is just in her abrasive "tsun mode."
Precisely, so we just need to give her a gentle nudge into her affectionate "dere mode."
Is that what it is? I'm thoroughly impressed. Miya-sama was able to easily recognize something that the rest of us put together couldn't see.
Hehehe, well, I am a genius after all.
Rrgh... She can be so annoying...
Now I'll show you how it's done... Excuse me, Reo-sama?
...What do you want, Ayase Miya?
If you participate in athletics, you'll get to enjoy snacks that are even more tasty.
I'm fine with what I've got now.
Much, much more.
M- Much more...?
Ah, Reo-sama's biting.
I should have expected no less from Miya-sama.
Plus, with a bicycle, you can get to places you ordinarily couldn't go otherwise. So...
So... what?
Perhaps you might stumble upon a specialty cake shop in a distant location♪
A c- cake shop?
Risa-nee, Miya-sama is really good at steering conversations.
Reo-sama is developing a serious look in her eyes.
So, what do you say, Reo? Will you join the bicycle club?
And there happen to be even more sweets shops that are too far from the station to walk... Look how many there are around here.
Th- That many...? What, like this place that sells this fancy lemon cake? It looks so good... *gulp*
I'm planning to go there on my bike to get some after this... Hehehe.
Whaaat?! That's no fair!
I- I just might go too...
You too, Azumi Risa...? Hnnh...
This place has a cafe too, so maybe we should take the bicycle club there for tea sometime.
Wh-Wh-Wh- Ma- Mai, you pervert... I mean, you bully...
So why don't you come bike with us, Reo?
W- Well, I...
Pardon me, Reo-sama. Might you take a look at this for me?
What is this? The jersey designs? Why do I care what... Huh?
It's only a rough drawing, so it may be a bit difficult to tell, but I was imagining something like this.
Th- That's...
Yes. I was thinking of putting your face on the jerseys.
Aw, that's so cute♡
It really is. I love it.
My face, on the jerseys...?
You'd be like the club's mascot, Reo-kun.
H- Hmm...
Well, do you like it?
Don't be stupid, you guys... Why would you put me on the jerseys when I'm not even a member?
But what if you were a member, huh?
H- Hnnh...
Well, Reo?
Gh- Ghh...
I think it'd be more fun if you were with us.
Hnnh... F- Fine, you talked me into it. If you really want me that badly, I'll... I'll join.
Thank you so much, Reo-sama.
Hmph, if Mai says she's going to do it, then I guess I've got no choice... Honestly, Mai.
Hm? What was that, Reo?
N- Nothing! I guess I'll join, but only 'cause I want to go get some cake. It's got nothing to do with anything you said, Mai!
Right, right, of course it doesn't. Hehe.
So it looks like we've got all the members assembled now.
Yes, precisely as I predicted.
Yeah, but I'll bet you're pretty happy your snack buddy Reo-sama joined, aren't you?
It's all thanks to your design, Sayuki-san.
Not at all. It's due to everyone's strong desire to ride alongside Reo-sama.
So it looks like we can finally get this bicycle club up and running. Well done, everybody.
I'm really glad you decided to join us, Reo♡
H- Hmph... I'm getting more pancakes!!

To be continued... Next time♪

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