Chapter 26 - Since Reo-sama is So ****...

Hehehe, with this many members, we should be able to apply with the school as an official club.
How does... "The Bicycle Club" sound for a club name?
I'm not sure... If Reo's going to be on the jerseys then maybe we should call it "The Reo-ish Bicycle Club."
I don't get it.
If Reo-sama will be our representative, then that should work fine...
Shouldn't we just call it "The St. Michael's Bicycle Club"?
I approve of that. It most accurately reflects our intent.
I think that's probably better than trying to to be intentionally eccentric.
In that case, since club applications are submitted through the Campus Beautification Committee, I shall personally submit it to the school.
Thanks, Sayuki-san. We really appreciate it.
Not at all, since I was the one to suggest the idea, it's only natural. I will fill out the necessary forms.
You have to be pretty specific about the club's activities in order to get approval from the teachers... Won't that be a lot of work?
There's no need to worry. I intend to take care of all the bothersome requirements.
I knew we could count on you, Sayuki-san.
She wasn't selected for the Campus Beautification Committee for nothing.
...Yes, I suppose.
Wow, even you're acknowledging Sayuki-san's excellence?
It isn't that, I merely... didn't want to bother with the effort of filling out a club application.
Yeah, yeah, I forgot that's what you're usually like. You've just gotten so sociable lately, it's easy not to remember.
Aren't you impressed by Sayuki-san too, Reo?
I- I guess... I mean, she works hard at least.
Hehehe, it's hard for Reo to say what she means.
Wow, Sayuki-san really is amazing. Don't you think so too, Risa-nee?
Huh? Yeah, of course.
I know, right?! Sayuki-san really is an absolute genius... She's amazing♡
It sounds like you're really just praising yourself, Rikka.
That's so embarrassing, Rikka-san♡
Not at all, it's the truth. I really respect that aspect of you, Sayuki-san.
Thank you very much.
Hmph... Naturally you respect all aspects of me, don't you, Risa?
What on Earth prompted that remark?
After all, I am superior to all others. Is that not what people aspire to?
Haah... You're definitely impressive, Miya, but I really wish you'd stop with the condescending tone.
I think Miya-sama is pretty incredible too. But Sayuki-san is...
Sayuki-san is what, Rikka-san?
Eeee!! Your girlfriend is scary, Risa-nee~
There you go again, running straight to Risa. Risa is mine, and mine alone...
All right, that's enough! We're here to talk about the bicycle club today, you guys.
Ah... I'm sorry, Mai-sama.
...My apologies.
Don't worry about it. My own girlfriend blows all of yours out of the water, anyway... Even if she is a pushy little brat sometimes♡
You had to keep going with that sentence, didn't you.
Sayuki-san, regarding the application paperwork, if there's anything you need to know from the rest of us, this is a good time to ask.
Of course. As long as I properly list the club's members and its intent, I suspect we should be fine... As for the members, though...
What is it, Sayuki-san?
Um... Is it all right to list the six of us here as members?
Aw, are you concerned about me, Sayuki-kun? That's so sweet of you.
I have my part-time job plus my school practicals to keep me busy, so it's not like I'll be able to be here all the time. I'm fine just serving a supporting role for the St. Michael's Bicycle Club.
I understand. In which case, I shall record Satsuki-san's position as that of a coach.
Like an outside coach for one of those sporting clubs?
Yes, precisely.
The teachers should have no reason to worry if we tell them we're getting support from an older student at the St. Michael's Nursing School.
Hmmm, I wonder if I'm deserving of that much trust...
Of course you are. Your advice is the whole reason I was able to pick out the bike that was right for me. We need you.
Hahaha, it's really embarrassing hearing someone say that with such certainty...
We've already settled on making jerseys, so once the application goes through, we should be able to start club activities.
Oh, Rikka-san... I think you may be jumping the gun a bit.
You think so? Aren't you excited too, though?
Yes... My chest is pounding.
Riding all by myself not that long ago almost feels like a dream. Now I get to ride with everyone... I mean, I get to ride with Reo.
It just makes me so happy. What about you, Reo?
As long as I'm with you...
N- Never mind!
Aw, geeze! You pick right now to be all tsundere again?!
Wha-?! I didn't mean to!
Ahhh, I can just imagine Reo, complaining about how tired she is after just a few minutes, while pedaling for all she's worth...
Just picturing such a moving scene makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time.
Don't you laugh at me!!
Whoops, the Reo in my head just had her bicycle turned into a tricycle.
Pfft... It certainly suits you, Reo-sama♡
It's so cute, you can't help but smile.
That's just your own stupid fantasy! Like I would ever ride a tricycle...
I know, even you would have... Wait, you actually don't have a bicycle, do you?
If you're up for some shopping, we can head to Ishigami Cycle.
What she said. You want to buy a bike, Reo?
...Yeah, sure.
I wonder what kind would suit you. With a helmet on, I'll bet you'd look just like a grade schooler out in the countryside commuting to school.
Rrrrgh! Why do you keep making fun of me, Mai?!
What is it, Rikka-san?
Reo is actually pretty tiny... Are there even any crossbikes she could ride?
Pff, pfft...
Sh- Shinozaki Rikka! What did you just say about me?!
But since you're so tiny...
Are you calling my chest small?! How dare you! You're practically flat as a board yourself!
Th- That's not what I meant...
Grrrrrr... I won't forgive you!
Waaah... Help me, Risa-nee...
Hehehe, you guys really are a lot of fun.
Hey, Reo! Knock it off!!
I'll never, ever forgive you!!
It looks like Reo-sama won't be getting her bicycle in this chapter.

To be continued... Next time♪

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