Chapter 27 - More Technical Terms?!

Here's the story so far. Since Reo-sama is so tiny...
Rrrrgh! You're gonna make fun of me too now, Ayase Miya?!
Reo, just calm down. This is all a big misunderstanding.
Reo-sama, I'm really sorry, I didn't mean for you to misunderstand me...
Man, she's really bent out of shape... This is bad.
I think this might be a good time to head back to the shop and pick out a bicycle.
Things just got really weird.
Well, it was unavoidable given how small Reo-sama is... as a person.
M- Miya, what're you going to do if she hears you?!
Did you say something, Azumi Risa?
N- Nothing! Say, why don't we head over to Ishigami Cycle now?
Forget it!
Oh dear...
Look, if you don't get a bike, you can't be in the club with us, okay? Is that really what you want?
It doesn't matter... I already know which bike I want anyway.
You mean a tricy-
It's not a tricycle! Look... I want the same as yours, Mai.
Aw, Reo-sama wants her bicycle to match that of her special someone, the same as me. I know exactly how she feels♡
Yeah... But won't Mai-sama's bicycle be too big for Reo-sama?
That's right. I'd love to have one that matches Reo's, but that won't really...
No! I won't ride one that doesn't match Mai's!
Now you're just being difficult, Reo.
No means no!
She's just like some intractable feudal lord.
But Reo-sama just wants hers to match the same way yours and mine do.
Hmmm... Isn't there anything we can do?
Everyone else's bike has a sloping frame, but mine is different.
The top tube is horizontal, so the seat won't go much lower...
More technical terms?! Miya, explain it so the rest of us can understand!
But of course♡
The "top tube" is the frame's uppermost pipe. This is the connecting piece.
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
Mai-sama's crossbike has a "horizontal frame," meaning the frame's top tube is parallel to the ground.
It isn't structurally possible to lower the seat by much.
On our bikes the seat seems easy to lower.
Yes, ours have what is called a "sloping frame." The top tube is angled.
All these technical terms are hard to understand, but I think I get the basic gist of it.
Yes, well, I suppose that's good enough. Although you would understand fully if you studied like the genius that I am♪
Yeah, yeah, I know...
It's just like Miya-chan said. So Reo, you're going to have to get a different kind of-
No, no, no! I want what you have!!
Reo, I think I know what we can do.
What do you have in mind, Satsuki-san?
Mai-kun, your bike is only 650C, not 700C.
Ah, more hard words...
This one's easy, Risa. 650C and 700C are standards.
Yes, wheel standards. With respect to tires, 700C means a 700 millimeter diameter.
Well, tires are narrower these days, so it's actually more like 670 millimeters...
Smaller radius 650C tires are primarily used for events like triathlons.
Th- That's just more words I don't understand...
Yes. Well, the technical details aren't terribly important. The main thing is that a 650C bike is easier for a smaller person to ride than a 700C one.
So this 650C... How small are we talking about?
Well, a city bike is 26 inches, right? It's pretty close to that. 700C is closer to 27 inches.
Also, 650C and 700C are European standards. 26 and 27 inch are American standards.
Oh, so my granny bi- I mean my city bike is 26 inches.
Which means since 650C is a smaller wheel size, the frame is smaller too.
Since sloping frames are really popular right now, even with 700C wheels, the seat can be lowered quite a bit, making it possible for girls or smaller individuals to ride...
But with a bike already designed for the already smaller 650C wheels, it's possible to ride with a more balanced frame.
I see...
Road bikes are usually 700C since they're aimed at larger westerners, but I always wish there would be more 650C out there for the smaller people in the Japanese market.
Yeah... Oh, but then if Mai-sama's bike is 650C, then...
That's right. Since the frame is smaller to begin with, then Reo-kun should be able to ride it as long as we lower the seat.
You're right. Hehehe, isn't that great, Reo?
O- Obviously. Of course I'd be able to ride it...
Mai-kun's bike happens to be a Breechstone QUeRO, by the way.
Qu...Ero? I knew Mai was into ero stuff!
Oh come on... You're going to pin that on me now...?
Well, I should go get a bike like Mai-kun's ready for Reo-kun. You can stop by the shop on your way home.
Yeah, okay... What colors do you have?
Mai-kun's is light blue... but I think we we also have it in navy blue and apricot.
In that case I'll go with apricot.
Apricot will definitely stand out. That way, if Reo's late, everyone will be able to tell.
I'm not gonna be late! Besides, I thought you weren't supposed to ride so hard that you get out of breath!
That's right, Reo-sama. You really have been paying attention.
Hehehe, you're right. After all that's happened, I guess Reo couldn't help but want to pay attention.
N- No I didn't...
But you don't want to be left out, do you?
That's not it at all! It's just common sense, that's all.
Oh? How so?
Ayase Miya knows a lot about bikes, right? Well, I'm the same way.
You're... the same?
What, you got a problem with that?
Not at all... Hehe, well then, why don't you and I have an impassioned discussion about bicycles over cake sometime?
Why are you saying something so out of character? You hate getting "impassioned" and stuff, don't you?
I was worried about things for a minute there, but it looks like everything worked out in the end.
And you guys are always welcome at Ishigami Cycle.
So this marks the establishment of the St. Michael's Bicycle Club.
At long last. Why don't we order some more tea for a toast?
Tea? After all that, we should have champagne...
Yes, indeed.
No, no, no, nooooo!!
Let's just go with juice for now.
In that case, I want barley juice.
Barley juice?
Don't you know? If you say it all pretentious like that, they bring you beer for some reason.
Really... I'll have a barley juice too then.
Forget it! Honestly, Reo... what kind of stuff are you picking up from these late night food dramas?
Barley juice!
*gulk-gulk-gulk* ...Pwaah~
I'm glad you finally went with regular juice, but it's still rude to drink before everyone else, Reo.
I'll just get more then~
Well then, here's to the founding of the St. Michael's Bicycle Club. Cheers!

Breechstone QUeRO refers to the CHeRO model produced by Japanese bicycle manufacturer Bridgestone.
The color "apricot" is significant for Reo due to the stage name "Anzu Hana" used by the voice actress who performs her character (as well as Satsuki's character) in the visual novels. The name means "apricot flower."

To be continued... Next time♪

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