Chapter 28 - The Bicycle Club's President and Vice President

Oh my, look over there.
It's Risa-san and Miya-san... Come to think of it, I didn't see them in the classroom. They must have come to the central courtyard for lunch.
No, look closer. It isn't just them.
Oh, why, it's Reo-sama and Mai-sama... And Sayuki-san and Rikka-san who were selected for the events committee not long ago.
Incredible~ What a glamorous bunch♪
Nnnh... Everyone's focused on us.
I requested that we assemble during the lunch hour, because I suspect most students will be busy with other affairs after school. But perhaps I should have selected a better location...
No, considering it's us, I think it'd be about the same no matter where we gathered.
Miya-sama, just how many tiers does your lunchbox have?
What, are you trying to get attention or something? 'Cause I'm totally not jealous.
Oh, is that a fact? You seem to be drooling, Reo-sama.
No! Th- This is... it's just sweat!
Reo-sama, if you didn't get enough for lunch, you can have my bread.
Hey, it looks like you're starting to learn some manners after all. Don't mind if I do... *chew-chew*
Mmmg?! Gyaaaah!!
R- Reo-sama?!
Hee, haah, haah... Shi- Shinozaki Rikka, what the heck?!
What, you don't like it? It's just three-alarm curry bread, though... They didn't have my usual favorite ten-alarm kind, so it's a little on the sweet side.
Th- There's something wrong with you!! Mai! Juice!!
All right, all right.
Hahaha... We definitely do stand out, no matter where we are...
Hooh~ An excellent meal.
Miya-sama... finished all that already...? I'm majorly impressed.
It seems we've all finished eating, so I'd like to begin the bicycle club meeting, if I might.
I submitted the club's paperwork the other day, and...
And how'd it go, Sayuki-san?
Everything went without incident.
So that means...
Correct. The Saint Michael's Bicycle Club is now official.
We finally did it!
That's great news. Thanks for everything, Sayuki-san.
Not at all. However, there is one thing we must decide upon without delay.
What's that?
Who our club's president and vice president will be.
Oh yeah, club duties.
And following this, we must hold a budgetary meeting, so I believe the sooner we decide, the better.
But of course. In that case, we should all compete in a bicycle race and—
I vote for Mai-sama.
Excuse me, Risa, but why must you interrupt me?
Come on, Miya, you don't even care about being the club's president, right? You just want to hold a race.
...Yes. Mai-sama is fine with me, then.
I knew it.
I also vote for Mai-sama. Her knowledge of bicycles is the greatest out of anyone here.
I second that. Mai-sama gets my vote too.
Are you sure you want me? I guess I don't mind, if that's what you all really want...
Whatever. It's fine if Mai does it.
Then do you mind if I nominate you for vice president, Reo?
That sounds perfect.
I can rest easy with Mai-sama and Reo-sama at the helm.
I'm in agreement with them.
No way, I don't wanna. It's too much work.
But you appear on the jerseys... And the vice president is something of a figurehead for a club.
Me...? A figurehead?
That's right. You'd be a symbol of the bicycle club, and the bicycle club would be a symbol of you. You'd be at the center of everyone's attention.
Me... a figurehead...
Hehehe, looks like she's starting to get interested... She just needs a litte bit more...
Oh, and now that you mention it, at the budgetary meetings... Hehe.
Wh- What, Ayase Miya?! Don't act all high and mighty, finish your sentence!
There may or may not be otherworldly sweets that appear at the budgetary meetings...
O- Otherworldly sweets?!
My, this is the first I've ever heard of that.
Huh... I wonder if that's for real.
So just what kind of snacks are these?
Squares the texture of sponge cake, with creme as white as snow...
I'm listening.
Suffice it to say, it's some manner of unidentified confection.
Hnnnngh... Fine, I'll do it! I'll be your vice president, Mai.
Good, then it's settled.
Miya... Hey, Miya.
What is it, Risa?
They don't really have stuff like that at the budgetary meetings, do they? Sayuki-san is on the Campus Beautification Committee, and even she'd never heard of that.
Well, I did say they "may or may not" be there.
Ugh, you're terrible...
Oh, we'd better start heading back to class.
The jerseys will be ready tomorrow, so I would like for us to meet again.
Sure, I can't wait. Well, good day, everyone.
Good day, and farewell.
Ahh! Miya, don't you dare try going that way, the classroom's in the opposite direction!!
The jerseys are ready, everyone. Have a look.

Wow, they're so cute♡
Indeed, they came out quite nicely.

My intent was to use the colors of the St. Michael's uniform as the base, with an image of Mai-sama and Reo-sama's silhouette overlaid with windblown flower petals♪
Ahaha, I'm a little embarrassed♡
Not bad, it looks like you could even wear it around the house.
I think that might not be the best idea for girls...

Hey, look. The little drawing of Reo is so cute♡
E- Eheheh♡
It seems like a perfect fit, somehow. I think it'll be popular.
Reo's fans will definitely want one of their own.
Yeah, I'll bet.
...Ah! If we made products with this logo on them, we could start a whole new business...
Hey, Miya, enough with that shameless thinking...
Yes... I may need to have a licensing agreement drawn up after this...
I wanna put them on and go out riding right now.
Well, should we all go somewhere on our next day off?
It will be the St. Michael's Bicycle Club's first official outing.
Yeah... I wonder where we shoudl go...
Rikka's been riding for quite a while on her own. Do you know any good spots?
I usually just go wherever my mood takes me... I don't actually pick out destinations...
Oh... Mai-sama, do you have any recommendations?
Let me see... What about the Arakawa bike trail?
Arakawa... You mean *the* Arakawa?
Yeah. I love the riverbank along there.
The Arakawa riverbank, huh... That sounds nice.
All right then, let's do it!
Well then, it's settled.
I can't believe the day's finally here. I'm finally going out with the bicycle club♪
You look quite pleased, Risa. Last night, you were like a small child the night before a field trip♡
Well, of course I was looking forward to it... Why are we meeting at the school, though?
Who knows... Come on, let's go.
Wait, Miya... Oh, the others are already here.
Good day, Risa-nee.
Good day, Rikka... Oh, where's Sayuki-san?
She's not here yet. Normally she's the first one to show up to things like this...
Hey, Reo, wake up.
But I'm sleepy... Fwaah~
Good day, Mai-sama, Reo-sama.
Good day. It looks like we're just missing Sayuki-san now.
Mai-sama, why are we meeting at the school when we're going to Arakawa today?
Well, last night I got a call from Sayuki-san, and it sounded like she wanted this as a last minute change.
Sayuki-san did...?
*vrrrrm...* *ka-thunk!*
Whoa! Th- That's...
Good day, all.
That's a huge truck. But why...?
That's a bicycle transport truck. The kind used by schools that frequently need to transport bicycles, and professional teams.
Sayuki-san must've been out getting this ready for us... That's just like her.
It's more like...
The rich have things so different... Haah~
This can't possibly be real...

To be continued... Next time♪

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