Chapter 29 - We're All Going Together

I never imagined we'd all be driving to Arakawa...
Me neither. I was really surprised when that truck pulled up in front of the shop.
Please forgive me for not contacting you in advance.
It's no big deal. Things were pretty slow today, and besides, I'm glad I get to be here for the St. Michael's Bicycle Club's maiden voyage.
Haah, being driven around is so relaxing.
Hey, Reo, we are riding our bikes after this... You realize that, right?
I've never been on a bike trail before.
It's really great, since you don't have to watch out for cars while you ride.
Wow, that sounds like fun.
By the way you guys, did you bring anything to drink?
Oh, shoot. I didn't bring anything.
Not to worry, I packed plenty in the truck for everyone.
Thanks, Sayuki-chan. I totally forgot about that since I usually just get something from a vending machine along the way.
You're really taking care of us from top to bottom, aren't you?
Not at all. I merely procured this vehicle to lend my support to the group.
Your support? Does that mean you're not riding with us, Sayuki-san?
Yes... Although I'm ashamed to admit it, I'm still not terribly skilled at riding... I was imagining I would wait until I had gotten the hang of it a bit more before attempting to ride with you all.
Huh...? No way, you've gotta come with us, Sayuki-san!
Please come with us, Sayuki-san.
But Risa-sama...
You're a member of the St. Michael's Bicycle Club, aren't you?
That's right, Sayuki-san. You must join us.
You too, Miya-sama?
Without you, no doubt that lazy Prince Charming over there will start begging for attention! "Risa-nee, I'm tired♡"
You don't have to be so nasty about it, Miya-sama...
Sayuki-san, you're already a part of the group. I'm sure everyone would like to ride with you.
Besides, if you're worried about keeping up, don't. We're just taking a leisurely ride today...
Hm? Hey, Mai, what's that look for?, we've got a total newb like Reo with us. So there's nothing to worry about♡
Don't call me a newb! Although... I guess it won't be all bad having someone there who's even worse than me.
So yeah, come with us, Shirakawa Sayuki.
Come on, Sayuki-san♡
Okay... Thank you so much, everybody!
Sure, all of us riding together will definitely be a lot of fun.
Ahh, I'm really getting excited now, I'm a little nervous... My heart's racing.
Take care not to get so worked up that you lose yourself riding again.
I'll be fine, geeze. I know how to control myself.
Oh really? But weren't you so eager last night that you could barely sleep?
Well... Um...
It's not good to be sleep-deprived. If you start to feel ill while we're riding, be sure to say something right away. That's the reason I'm here.
R- Right...
Also, riding your bike will dehydrate you... This may sound obvious, but don't push yourself, and be sure to take frequent water breaks.
Yes, that's very important.
Sayuki-kun, what have you got in those bottles?
I filled them with water today.
What, no juice?!
Of course not, you idiot.
I like sports drinks, though...
That's all right too... But for people trying to lose weight like Risa-kun, I recommend just water or tea.
Why's that?
As we've been saying all along, the key to losing weight is burning fat.
So sports drinks are no good because of the sugar?
That's right. Drinking all that sugar and protein at once puts a stop to the fat burning process.
Whaaaat?! I don't want that!!
Which is why water or unsweetened tea is the best.
I usually drink one or the other.
That sounds so dull...
Once you're done, you can enjoy juice or ice cream or whatever. You just have to tough it out while you're riding.
Hmph, I'm holding you to that. I'm gonna treat myself with soft serve.
I believe there's a shop near our destination that serves up excellent soft serve, Reo-sama.
Hnnnh, stop it! Not after we were just talking about trying to lose weight!!
Ready yourselves, everyone, we shall be arriving shortly.
Does everyone have good pressure in their tires?
Yeah, mine are fine.
We must be quite a sight with all of us in matching jerseys.
Miya-chan, are you sure you'll be all right not tying that long hair back?
Yes, I don't believe there are any CGs of me with windblown hair, so I should be fine.
There you go again with that...
I think me and Mai's bikes are the coolest.
Hehehe, it looks like Reo's finally taken a liking to her own bike.
Ahh... I'm finally going out on a bike trail for the first time...
Hehehe, thankfully we have such fine weather.
Yeah, the fall air feels really great.
Well... It looks like everybody's set.
Then let's go. I hope you don't mind if I take the lead. If you start having trouble, just holler.
Oh yeah... You bet I will!
Reo has to work twice as hard as everyone else.
Whaaat~? You're so mean!!

To be continued... Next time♪

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