Chapter 31 - Special Places

While cycling along the Arakawa River, Mai-sama became shocked and dismayed, so we're taking a brief rest next to this Horikiri Station.
To find out why Mai-sama was in such shock, please reference the previous chapter of Yuricycle♡
Waah... I can't believe it, how can there be such a big generation gap... I won't die! *sniff-sniff*
Um, that's from a different drama...
M- Mai-sama, after this, I promise to get Kinpatsu-sensei on Blu-ray and watch it!
A- And I'll watch it with Sayuki-san, so please don't...
It's fine, it's fine! Mai's only ever pissed off, so it's okay seeing her depressed once in awhile... *mmg* *gulk-gulk* *gulp*
H- Hold on, Reo! What do you think you're doing with that juice, you idiot?!
But we're taking a break. I got it at that vending machine next to the station over there...
But if you drink something with that much sugar, you're not going to be able to burn fat... Wh— And you're drinking two of them!
*gulk-gulk* Pwah~ But, but, I was super thirsty!
Haah... Please just drink water like the rest of us. Honestly...
Please let it slide this time, Mai-sama. After all, Reo-sama has been working extra hard.
Well, maybe...
So, there's no problem with me drinking sugary juice, right?
But three is too many! Although, it's not like Reo has that much fat to burn off in the first place, so maybe it's all right.
And just what's that supposed to mean?
Oh, and what if I were to answer I mean that flat-as-a-board chest of yours?
Nnnnnngh... Mai, you jerk!! Now I have to drink my pain away! *gulk-gulk-gulk...*
You know, when we were climbing the hill, my heart rate was going up the whole time... Does that mean I'm not burning fat anymore?
It's true that if you maintain a heart rate that high, the activity becomes anaerobic rather than aerobic...
...but if you rest your legs like we're doing now, your heart rate will go right back down again, see? So if you maintain aerobic activity after that, you'll be fine.
I see... That's a relief♪
Haah~ We've traveled quite a distance.
Yeah, but aside from that hill, it's all been pretty light exercise. And with all these breaks we're taking, I'm not feeling stressed at all.
It is our first time out, but do you think we're taking too many breaks? We do have Sayuki-chan and Reo with us, after all...
This is an adequate number of breaks for novices. Although I suspect I could continue nonstop.
There you go again, Miya... Honestly.
Ah, but I bet if Yuuna-san was here, she'd be able to keep going without any breaks, wearing a smile the whole time.
Probably... If we had Yuuna-sama as a member, it'd probably go just like that.
Is Yuuna-sama really that athletic? I'd like to ride with her next time.
Oh my, but I'm afraid you would require an additional one billion years of training before you would be ready to take on Yuuna-sama.
I think Rikka will realize just how incredible Yuuna-sama is soon enough.
Well, we've rested long enough. Shall we get going again?
We'll be entering Sumida ward next. We're already past the halfway point, but we'll still take several more breaks.
We appreciate your consideration, Mai-sama.
That juice gave me a second wind! I'm ready to blast on ahead now!
Haah, haah... Pota, pota... pota...
Good grief, Reo's worn out already... We're in Sumida ward now. It looks like things are more working class around here.
Oh! They're playing soccer over there too. That looks like so much fun♪
Hehehe, oh, Rikka-san...
Oh, there's another bridge. Miya, which one is that?
The Yotsugibashi Bridge. And just beyond it are the Shin-Yotsugibashi and Kinegawabashi Bridges.
Ah! Hey, Mai! The road's gravel up ahead!
Oh, yeah, for some reason, this area isn't paved. I'm not sure why.
Aww, so do we have to stop here? Phbbbt!
Unfortunately, we're just a little over halfway, Reo. Everyone, let's take it slow here to keep from falling.
Whoa... It's really bumpy and hard to ride...
Narrow road bike tires make it even more difficult.
I have a greater appreciation for paved roads now...
Wait, it's gravel again?!
Don't worry, this is the last unpaved part.
If you lift your butt a little and shift your weight, it helps absorb the vibrations.
Hup... Oh, you're right, this is much easier.
Oh! There's another flower bed over there♪
It's so lovely. And so close to the city as well... It's like discovering a new world♪
Hehe, I'm really glad you're enjoying yourself, Sayuki-san.
Ohhh, Rikka-san♡
Mmmm, they're so adorable♪
Oh! Look how close the Sky Tree is♪ But you can only see the top part over the river bank.
Hehe, would you like to ride our bicycles to the Sky Tree next time, Risa?
That's a pretty bridge on the freeway on the left.
That's the Katsushika Harp Bridge. Underneath it, you can see the Kamihirai Floodgate for the Nakagawa River, which runs parallel to the Arakawa River starting here.
That's quite a large floodgate...
Heh, the Iwabuchi Floodgate from earlier has three gates, each ten meters wide, but the Kamihirai Floodgate has four gates, each thirty meters wide.
120 meters?! That's amazing... Wait, how do you know so much about this, Miya?
All right, let's take a short break next to the Hirai Ohashi Bridge up ahead.
We've just about passed through Sumida ward, and will be entering Edogawa ward.
We just passed under the Komatsugawa Bridge, and the one up ahead is the Arakawa Ohashi Bridge.
There's another floodgate. A pretty tall one, too.
This is the Arakawa Lock Gate. The two gates match the water level of the Kyunakagawa River to allow passage.
I feel like I've heard of something like that before... Oh, like the Suez Canal?
The Panama Canal. The construction is the same. They say it takes approximately 20 minutes to adjust the water level.
That's right, the lock gate is pretty impressive. But what's more impressive is if you climb it. The view from six floors up is particularly incredible.
We've gotta go up there!
See? Nice scenery, huh♪ Over there you can see the Funabori-bashi Bridge we just passed under.
Yeah♪ Wow... The view is so nice up here.
Yes... The people look like insects.
...I think Miya just wanted a chance to say that.
The people really do look tiny, though. We're pretty high up.
What a lovely view... I'm so glad I came with you, Rikka-san.
Me too, Sayuki-san...♡
What kind of mood are these two setting...? Risa, shall we join in as well?
M-M-M- Miya?! Stop, keep your lips away from— Ahhh, what're you doing?!
What? I'm merely going to quiz you. Now, the left and right sides of a river are referred to as the "left bank" and "right bank." But which side is the left bank, and which is the right bank?
W- Well... Hmmm...
The right and left banks are the right and left sides as you're looking downstream, towards the mouth of the river, right?
Exactly right, Mai-sama.
Oh, I see... I'm really impressed you two knew that bit of trivia.
Oh, it was nothing. I just happened to— ...Wait, where's Reo? Did she run off to buy juice again?!
If you're looking for Reo-sama, she's doing something sneakily over there.
Hmmm... Let's see, this might work...
Hey, Reo. What're you doing taking pictures with your phone up here?
I'm sending it to Eris. 'Cause you know what she said to me? "Can you even ride a bike, Reo?" Can you believe the nerve of that girl?
Well, I can see where she's coming from.
B- But Reo-sama, you've been doing a really great job.
That's right. I think you've done much better than I have.
Hmph, well obviously!
But if you're going to send her a picture, wouldn't it make more sense to send it from the finish line?
No, if I don't take them all along the way, she'll say I just drove on ahead and was only there for the end!
You've put that much thought into it...?
So it's more believable if I take them on the road like this.
That's surprisingly rational thinking for Reo... Something's up.
Reo... 'Fess up.
It's nothing.
Uh-uh, if you don't tell me then I'm gonna tickle you... koochie-koo.
Wai- Aah♡ Cut it out, Mai! I'm tired enough already... Waaah!
Will you tell me, or not...? Which is it?!
I'll tell you, I'll tell you! Riding the whole way sounded like such a pain, so at first I really was thinking of taking a car to the finish, at least until yesterday.
But you can't get a taxi to pick you up on the bike path, and I was going to have to ride alongside the rest of you, so it wasn't an option.
Haah, what's the matter with you...?
But Mai-sama, Reo-sama did end up riding with us in the end, right?
Azumi Risa...?
And Reo-sama, haven't you had fun riding on a bike trail for the first time? I know I have.
It's been really exciting for me too, riding my first time.
Indeed... Certainly, the places you can go on a bicycle have a certain special feeling to them.
Bicycling is the reason we're able to have such a wonderful experience... That's how I see it.
You guys...
That's all true. Well, Reo? Have you had fun along the way so far? Or are you just tired?
Well... Yeah, I mean I haven't been totally bored.
Tsundere to the last, Reo-sama.
That's just Reo's thing. Well, let's start wrapping up this break.
Just up ahead past the lock gate is Koto ward.
Oh, there are tennis courts on the other side of that fence♪
Rikka, you can play tennis too?
I've never played it before, but it looks nice and challenging.
Then you must allow me to be your opponent, Rikka-san.
Hehehe. Oh, Sayuki-chan, you're so cute♪
Now, over there is the Kasai-bashi Bridge. Just two more bridges, and we'll be done.
Haah, haah... There's still two more of those things?!
Oh, there's another bridge.
On the left bank is Seishin-cho, and on the right bank is Sunamachi. The bridge connecting them is called the Kiyosuna Ohashi Bridge, using the first character from each town's name.
A lot of bridges seem to be named like that. Wait, what's that?!
Wow... Another flower bed. How lovely...♡
Well then, why don't we take a little break and get a closer look?
Yeah, definitely♪
After we go up that hill and over the river bank, we'll cross the Kiyosuna Ohashi Bridge.
And now, the long-awaited climax! The finish line is in sight, Sayuki-chan and Reo!
Haah, hooh, haah... Almost there... Pota, pota...
The Kiyosuna Ohashi Bridge will take us up to that pedestrian bridge. There are pedestrians here too, so we'll need to dismount and walk.
There's another car barricade here... Humph.
Wow, the river looks so wide from up on the bridge.
We're almost at the ocean now. The width of the river here is about 800 meters. The Nakagawa River is also running parallel.
Geeze, why's this bridge so long... I'm having trouble just crossing it... Haah, hah...
Hang in there, Reo-sama. Oh, the color of the road is different on the other side of the bridge.
You're right. It's red the whole rest of the way to the ocean.
This is called a "shared road." There are lots of people out walking here, so pedestrians have the right of way. Be sure to watch out.
We're back in Edogawa ward on this side of the bridge. Now, it's just a little further to Kasai Rinkai Park, so let's put some spirit into it!!
M- My spirit ran out a while ago... Pota, pota... Potaaa!!

"I won't die" is a reference to a famous line of dialogue in the 90s television drama, "The 101st Proposal."

To be continued... Next time♪

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