Chapter 32 - By Bike, to the Sea

Hooh, haah, haah... The wind from the sea is so strong... Haah, hnnh...
We're almost to the goal. Hang in there, Sayuki-chan!
I'll block the wind for you. Here, get behind me.
Th- Thank you, Rikka-san♡
Oh Rikka, you're always trying to be Prince Charming♡
Haah, haah... The wind is harsh, but it's easier to ride on this road.
She's right. It's nice and smooth, not bumpy at all.
Just like your chest, huh Reo?
Why do you have to pick on me when I'm down?!
Reo-sama, I believe you mean "kick me when I'm down." The road here has a resin coating, so it makes riding very easy.
The view from the top of the river bank really is the best♪ Oh look, the surface of the water is sparkling...♡
It's almost a match for the sparkling in your emotional tear-choked eyes♡
All right, everyone, the last bridge is the Arakawa Kako Bridge!
Once we pass that, we'll finally be at Kasai Rinkai Park.
Hnnnh... We've still got this wind in our faces, though...
Just think of yourself as a climber in this situation, Reo-sama.
Hnnnh... I have no idea how people can like climbing hills!
But the wind in your face like this is really exhilirating.
I know. And the scenery up ahead is something special that only people who are willing to put in the effort can see.
Mai... You sound like a manga character or something. It's embarrassing.
S- So? Is that so wrong?!
Whoa, special scenery, huh? I can't wait~
I- It is difficult... Haah, haah... But I'm quite looking forward to it...
Before we reach our goal, I have one last bit of knowledge... The Arakawa Kako Bridge is approximately 25 meters above the water's surface.
Among regular roads that allow both bicycles and pedestrians, it is the highest spanning bridge in Tokyo.
So what if you include freeway bridges?
Then it is the third highest, surpassed by the Tokyo Gate Bridge and the Rainbow Bridge.
Just behind those two? That's impressive!
We just blew past that impressive bridge♪
Awesome, we're almost to the ocean!!
It just opens wide up right in front of you. You definitely know you've reached the ocean♪
Over there is the Gate Bridge, along with a wind turbine.
That thing is huge.
I hate to interrupt your fun, but we're almost to the end. We're just about to arrive at the ocean♪
Great! We finally made it down to the ocean on our bikes!
Ahh... It's so moving. I can't believe it!!
You did a great job, Sayuki-san. The expression on your face right now looks incredible.
R- Rikka-san♡ Thank you so much, I couldn't have done it without your support♡
Hehehe, that rough wind from the sea feels pretty great right now♪
G- Great?! R-R-R-Risa, what the heck are you saying?!
What, are you playing a stuttering idiot now...?
Hey, Mai! There's a Ferris wheel over there!
Yeah, the Kasai Rinkai Park's Ferris wheel is called the Diamond and Flower Ferris Wheel♪
It's so big~ Its presence is so imposing, even this far away...
I- It's the largest Ferris wheel in Japan. I- It has a height of 117 meters...
Hey... I thought you said that bit of trivia earlier would be the last one.
Also... Across the way on the righthand side is your beloved "Land of Dreams," Risa♪
L- Land of... Ohh, wow♡ You don't even have to tell me, I know just where you mean♡ I wanna go! I wanna go right now! I wanna see a parade♡♡
Hehe, we can go together next time, Risa. And after we've watched a parade, we'll have our own little parade in an official hotel suite room... Hehehe♡
M- Miya, you pervert!!
We're entering the park now. The big open plaza in the middle is our goal, everyone!
Haah, haah, the goal... Almost at the goal... Ice cream... Let's get the lead out, Shirakawa Sayuki!
Ahh, haah, aah... Right, Reo-sama!!
You've done great, Reo. Just a little further♪
Haah, haah... Just a little further! Pota pota!! Pota!!
I don't know if it's these trees, but the wind from the ocean has gotten much more gentle.
Oh, there are lots of dead pine needles on the ground though, so be careful not to slip.
Yes! I will stay vigilant!
Ah... the ground has been paved with bricks since we entered the park. It's really bumpy.
Yes, it is a bit more difficult to ride. I'm concerned that the vibrations might tear a hole in your racing shorts.
Don't worry about stupid stuff! Putting up with this shaking is just part of the home stretch!!
Haah, haah, haah... I- It suddenly opened up.
Yeah... This is the finish line. Great job everyone!!
Great job. You all rode excellently. Reo-kun and Sayuki-kun in particular worked very hard.
I- It was a piece of cake... Hehehe♪
I- I'm... burned out... I'm snow-white... Haah~
Hehehe. The truck is waiting in the parking lot, so I hate to do this to you while you're all tired, but we should put our bikes away now.
Yeah, sure thing.
Now that we've had a quick break, we can go home whenever we're ready... But that would be a real waste, wouldn't it?
No kidding. There's all kinds of events and street performances, and there's even an aquarium.
*ahl-lahl* *ahm*... Yum... That ice cream brought me back from the brink!
Mai, let's ride the Ferris wheel we saw earlier!
Okay, okay, fine. You worked really hard today, so we can do whatever you want.
Well everyone, what do you say we all go do our own thing, and meet back here in two hours?
Hey, Mai! Come on already!
What should we do, Sayuki-san?
I... made it to the ocean, under my own power. It's so moving... It's so amazing!
Well then, do you want to head down to the shoreline? Let's relax with a stroll along the beach, just the two of us.
Rikka-san... Okay♡
Well, maybe I'll make a little sidetrip into Edogawa... What're you planning to do, Risa-kun? Miya-kun?
We're... Well...
It's obvious to me where Risa wants to go... Shall we visit the aquarium?
Miya♡ Yeah, let's go♡ It'll be so much fun~
(Thank goodness for that... If she had said she wanted to ride the Ferris wheel, I don't know what I would have done...)
This is your reward for all your hard work, everyone. Enjoy your dates.

And so...
After enjoying our post-cycling dates at the seaside park...
We returned to St. Michael's in Sayuki-san's truck.
Thank you all for everything today.
Thank you, Sayuki-chan. That truck was a big help.
Please feel free to make use of it in the future. I procured it for the club, after all.
Looking back... This ended up being a pretty upscale club.
Sayuki-san... I'm really glad I got to ride with you today. I had a lot of fun.
As did I. I intend to work hard to be able to ride such long distances with more regularity. I will practice much, much more.
And I'll be there to help you, Sayuki-san.
Thank you, Rikka-san♡
Those two really are close... Hey now, what're you grinning about, Reo?
Hehehe, I just got a text from Eris. "Great job. Come by my job sometime and I'll treat you to a burger as a reward."
Oh, well good for you.
Hooh~ I want to go straight home and take a shower.
Me too, I got really sweaty today. So, should we get going, then?
I need to get back to the dorm too. If you ever need anything, stop by the shop any time.
Sure. And thanks again for all the support you've given us.
Good day, everyone.
Haah, much better... Hehehe, I feel like I exercised so much today.
Mai-sama was right, the Arakawa Bike Path was really straight, with lots of nice scenery.
There were a few pedestrians and joggers, but there were no cars, and no traffic lights... It doesn't get much safer to ride than that. It really was a lot of fun♪
Oh yeah... I wonder if I should get on the scale...
It's been awhile since I weighed myself... I probably lost a little bit of weight... right? *ba-dump* *ba-dump* *ba-dump*...
Y- Yes! Yes!!
I can't believe it, I only just started riding and I've already lost this much... This cycling diet is the best♡
Congratulations, Risa. Now, as your reward... *smooch*♡
Aw, geeze... Miya...♡
There's more where that came from. I have your favorite mango mousse cake in the refrigerator...
Eeee, thank you! Thank you so much, Miya. I love you♡♡

"Land of Dreams" is a veiled reference to the Tokyo Disney Resort, which is adjacent to Kasai Rinkai Park.

Yuricycle Part 1 - The End♪