The New Generation! Voice Roles and Theme Song

From 13-28 February, St. Michael Girls’ School held an audition for the roles of Hazuki and Manami in A Kiss For The Petals – The New Generation!  On 24 April, the selected actresses were revealed: Hazuki will be played by Tanaka Riri (田中理々, Twitter: @tanakalili), and Manami by Shiina Amane (椎那天, Twitter: @shiina_amane). Rather than traditional voice samples in-character, the voice samples provided in the above link are recorded messages from the two actresses.

Unusually, this casting for the lead roles was done after the release date of 26 June was announced, and rather late in the visual novel’s development. Additionally, the audition was open to all applicants and all ages, but the roles were ultimately awarded to established performers. No information has been provided to clarify these extraordinary circumstances.

In addition to these roles as the primary characters, Riri and Amane perform the visual novel’s opening theme, “New Generation”. This song was produced by Anzu Hana and is the first visual novel theme to not be performed by her. According to her tweets  following the announcement, she was offered this role after unsuccessfully auditioning for a lead role herself. On 1 May, the theme song was uploaded to YouTube.

For more information, see this post.