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Remembering How We Met updated to version 2.1; The New Generation! updated to version 1.3

Ren’Py version 6.99.13 was released on 29 October 2017 with significant performance improvements. On 30 October 2017, A Kiss For The Petals – Remembering How We Met and A Kiss For The Petals – The New Generation! were updated to versions 2.1 and 1.3 respectively. Both have also undergone further image data optimization. In the PC builds, Remembering How We Met has been reduced from 228 MB to 222 MB, and The New Generation! from 807 MB to 726 MB.

These new versions are available on, though you will need to log into your MangaGamer account. Remembering How We Met is also available on Steam.

Spanish translation: A Kiss For The Petals – Our Christmas Together

Ralen’s English translation of the light novel A Kiss For The Petals – Our Christmas Together has been translated into Spanish by Makoto Tomoya Ikari under the title El Beso de los Pétalos –
Nuestra Navidad Juntas
. It is available in the same PDF and RTF formats as the light novel translation it is based on.

Download: PDFRTF

Petals’ Garden cannot verify the accuracy of the translation. All inquiries regarding the Spanish version should be directed to the translator, Makoto Tomoya Ikari. Contact information is available in the final page of the translation.

English translations for several A Kiss For The Petals light novels are available on this page.

Petals’ Garden on Tumblr

As part of an effort to expand coverage of A Kiss For The Petals to broader audiences, I have opened a Tumblr website as an extension of this blog at It will contain samples of all news posts on this site as well as snippets of past translations, more frequent fanart posts, and other exclusive content. As a result, it is designated as an adult-oriented website, unlike Petals’ Garden proper.

I am now accepting questions at  Please feel free to ask about A Kiss For The Petals or myself and I will answer to the best of my knowledge. No registration is required. Not all questions are guaranteed to be answered, and the Comment Policy applies here as well — questions asking about future translation release dates and download links will not be answered. Support questions and offers to translate should be directed to the regular contact address.

Site Layout Changes

I have updated Petals’ Garden to use the new Twenty Fourteen theme in the latest version of WordPress. Significant changes to the layout have been made to accommodate this. In particular, I have removed many elements from the older Twenty Ten theme for a cleaner look.  The header images from the older theme have been removed in favor of a showing of featured posts, which for this site are the latest major visual novel announcements.

If you have any feedback, or if any elements are broken in your browser, please comment. Buying Instructions

Update 2 May 2017: This guide may be outdated. However, can be browsed with automated Google translation. Relevant text will be translated with enough clarity to place an order, and the large colored image buttons should be self-evident in their purpose.

Users of Google Chrome can right-click on the page to translate it to their own language, but Firefox users can download an add-on such as S3.Google Translate for the same functionality. The Google Translate website may not work properly due to the age verification cookie required to access the product pages.

The original post follows:


The Marking Lifestyle has posted instructions on buying software from, which currently sells Yurin Yurin and Fuguriya’s visual novels in download form. The guide has been updated on 16 November 2013 for changes to’s ordering process following a policy change on overseas credit cards, which are now accepted as payment. (Note that debit cards are not.) They have been reproduced below for convenience. This is currently the easiest and cheapest way for non-Japanese customers to purchase the visual novels legitimately. Additional fees from your credit card provider for international transactions will apply.

Notice: Although unofficial Mac OS and Linux support for A Kiss For The Petals exist, products bought from Gyutto include copy protection that is only compatible with Windows. Therefore, products bought from Gyutto cannot be used on other platforms. Users of Mac OS and Linux are advised to buy from other services if possible.

Product links for and other services are listed at the Buying Guide.

Continue reading Buying Instructions

Visual Novel Announcement Quick Links

Information pages for major visual novel releases from Yurin Yurin and Fuguriya are now permalinked under the “Product Guide” menu item at the top of the page, starting with Maidens of Michael. In order to conserve space on the front page, effective with the next visual novel announcement, the information page for the previous release will be kept sticky for one week following the latest announcement, after which it will be removed from the top of the front page. Similarly, product release countdowns and banners in the sidebar will be kept there for at least two weeks following release.

State of Localization for Yurin Yurin Products

Shortly after Yurin Yurin opened operations in July 2012, JAST entered negotiations with them to work out a license for English translations of their products. We have since learned that Yurin Yurin, while not actively opposed to the current fan translations, will not acknowledge them and would support them being used as the basis for official English releases. In light of this, we decided to wait until their approach to visual novels has been given time to prove itself in the market to press the localization talks further. (As an aside, Lovers of the Atelier is currently ranked #2 in the Moe Game Award listings for April 2013, while Maidens of Michael is holding at #6.) However, since that reply, they have not provided any further comment on the localization deal. As a last resort, on 3 April 2013, I appealed to them personally in an e-mail addressed to both Fuguriya and Yurin Yurin, which you can read below. However, I did not get any response after two weeks. We have concluded that they are no longer interested in pursuing it at this time. As such, JAST will respect their decision. Additionally, my self-imposed embargo on fan translations of Yurin Yurin’s products has ended effective immediately.

If any other company would like to restart negotiations, they are free to contact me for assistance. I have confirmed that Yurin Yurin are aware of my own desires to have their work translated for the English market, but I have not gotten any kind of response from them directly. Should any of this change, this post will be updated.

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