Visual novel: A Kiss For The Petals Revolution! – Rinagisa

Fuguriya has announced a visual novel titled A Kiss For The Petals Revolution! – Rinagisa (その花びらにくちづけを れぼりゅーしょん! りなぎさ Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo Revolution! Rinagisa), a direct sequel to A Kiss For The Petals – The New Generation, for release on 25 December 2015 in online markets and 31 December 2015 during Comiket 89.

This visual novel features Rina and Nagisa and is the first of three visual novels to follow The New Generation. This is the first visual novel release in the main A Kiss For The Petals series released by Fuguriya since Lily Platinum in 2010, excluding Anata ni Chikau Ai in 2014, which was released as a supplementary storyline to a larger product. The reasons for this title’s release through Fuguriya and not St. Michael Girls’ School are currently unclear.

The writer for The New Generation, Madoka Madoka, announced a hiatus this August for personal reasons. She will be replaced by previous writers JUN and Hiyoshi Hiyori, who wrote the stories in the main “red label” series.

Ralen has translated the announcement page. Most of the images in the announcement post are not safe for work. See Petals’ Garden on Tumblr or the original announcement for images. The original announcement also includes voice samples.

A lovey-dovey, extremely dirty romantic comedy full of yuri goodness♪

The doujin game circle Fuguriya’s 12th foray is once again a yuri romantic comedy!
A Kiss For The Petals – Revolution! – Rinagisa!

A sequel to the commercial game, A Kiss For The Petals – The New Generation!

By some strange circumstance, Nagisa has incurred the wrath of her lover, Rina. She does everything she can to try and apologize, but Rina simply won’t hear it.

“If I could just explain… I’m sure she’d understand.”

We hope you’re looking forward to this sexy, romantic comedy featuring the partnership of the sage Nagisa, and the pushy princess(?) Rina as their lives interweave and they kiss and make up♪


Nagisa gets caught having a little too much fun with Rikka, her senior on the track and field team whom she idolizes. Seeing them like this, Rina goes into a jealous rage! She storms out of the room with Manami and Ai.

Nagisa tries everything she can to apologize, but Rina won’t hear it.

Nagisa is in such shock over the event that she ends up becoming a complete wreck, much to the concern of Hazuki and Aya…

Character Introductions

Rinagisa - Misawa Nagisa

Misawa Nagisa
Character Voice: Mikazuchi Ichika

A bright, tanned girl who’s into sports. In a relationship with her childhood friend, Rina.

She respects and admires Rikka, her upperclassman on the track and field team at the main campus, but…

Rinagisa - Takahata RinaTakahata Rina
Character Voice: Ayase Tomari

Nagisa’s childhood friend and lover, she’s a pushy princess who always gets what she wants.

She, along with Manami and the others, enthusiastically came up with the idea to “establish Best Couples at the annex campus!” but…

Product Specifications
Title A Kiss For The Petals – Revolution! – Rinagisa
Genre Yuri Adventure Game
Release Date Download version: December 25th, 2015 (Friday)
Packaged version: December 31st (Thursday)
Price Download version: ¥1700 (plus tax)
Packaged version: ¥1900 (plus tax)
Artwork Aida Takanobu
Writing JUN, Hiyoshi Hiyori
OS Windows Vista/7/8/10 Japanese versions only
CPU PentiumIII 500MHz or greater
Memory 256MB or greater
Graphics High color, 800×600 resolution or greater
Sound: DirectSound-compatible sound card
Voice Fully voiced


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