Visual novel: A Kiss For The Petals

Original product announcement page for the visual novel A Kiss For The Petals (その花びらにくちづけを Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo), translated by Ralen. An updated edition is included as part of the First Series Complete Set. See the original page for image and voice samples.

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A lovey-dovey, extremely dirty, romantic comedy full of yuri goodness♪

We bring you the first release from doujin game circle Fuguriya, A Kiss For The Petals!
Our protagonist, Nanami, finds a mutual attraction with Yuuna, the upperclassman she idolizes, and the two become lovers.
The love between these two beautiful girls is very sweet, and very dirty♪
And not one single meddling male character appears (lol).

The talent is incredible, too!
Illustrations: Peko (Drifting on the Waves, Learning from Teacher, The Brewer’s Town, The Road by the Sea).
Script: Sano Shin’ichirou (Sweet and Salty Twins, My Sister and Me, The Road by the Sea).

And the game system has it all!
Not just Nanami and Yuuna, but the entire cast is all girls and fully voiced♪
Naturally, there’s a CG viewing mode, as well as a sex scene “memories” mode, plus you have the ability to go back and repeat the voices.
There’s also a text skip option, auto mode, and slider for text speed!
Plus, background music, sound effects, and voices can all be adjusted separately. We thought of everything♪

“I like you, Nanami… You’re so precious, I can’t take it…”

Won’t you please accept the needy, tearful Yuuna Onee-sama’s sexy plea?♪



I, Oda Nanami, am secretly in love with my upperclassman, Yuuna, the girl who makes my heart flutter♪
She’s smart, and beautiful, and kind…
She’s like a sculpture of my ideal woman. She’s my perfect idol!
But me, on the other hand…
I’m so plain, an upperclassman would be embarrassed to be seen with me…
But wait! Maybe if I was on the same committee as her…

Ahh, I’d die of happiness!!

But, one day… Guess what I saw!!
My upperclassman… in class, after school… pleasuring herself.
As the pure, clean image of my upperclassman crumbled thunderously, I overheard a sweet whisper.

“Nanami-chan… I like you…”

Words so sweet and magical, I could barely believe they were true♪

Character Introductions


Oda Nanami
A lovestruck girl who loves her Onee-sama.

A student at the Saint Michael Girls’ School, or St. Michael’s for short.
She idolizes her upperclassman, Yuuna, and quickly gets close to her over the course of being admitted to her committee!
Her head is always full of romantic fantasies about Yuuna!
When she discovers Yuuna isn’t like she pictured her, her lovestruck personality just makes her fall for her all over again.

A girl in love, troubled by her squishy belly and underdeveloped chest♪

Voiced by: Toiro Fuyuka


Matsubara Yuuna
A needy girl who loves kissing Nanami♪

Chairperson of the Campus Improvement Committee, and Nanami’s upperclassman.
A rich girl with two doctors for parents.
She has brains and beauty, with a gentle disposition.
Athletic and sporting a D-cup, she’s the perfect superwoman.
But… she’s actually pretty needy and tearful.

For all that, she’s an extremely affectionate Onee-sama, who tends to go on the offensive, and is never satisfied unless she gives something her all, both physically and mentally♪

Voiced by: Uchino Pochi

Title A Kiss For The Petals
Genre Yuri
Release Date Download version: Available now
Packaged version: Available now
Price Download version: ¥1700 (plus tax)
Packaged version: Sold out
Illustrations Peko
Script Sano Shin’ichirou
OS Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP/Vista (Japanese versions only)
※For Vista, the download version is fully supported. The packaged version must be run in compatibility mode.
CPU Pentium II 500MHz or greater
Memory 256MB or greater
Disk space 130MB or greater
Graphics High color, 800×600 resolution or greater
Sound DirectSound-compatible sound card
Voice Fully voiced

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