Visual novel: A Kiss For The Petals – Joined in Love with You

Original product announcement page for the visual novel A Kiss For The Petals – Joined in Love with You (その花びらにくちづけを あなたと恋人つなぎ Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Anata to Koibito Tsunagi), translated by Ralen. An updated edition is included as part of the First Series Complete Set. See the original page for image and voice samples.

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A Kiss For The Petals – Joined in Love with You

A lovey-dovey, extremely dirty, romantic comedy full of yuri goodness♪

The third release from the doujin game circle Fuguriya is yet another yuri romantic comedy!
A Kiss For The Petals – Joined in Love with You!
When our protagonist, Mai, is confessed to by the transfer student, Reo, she’s shocked at first, but realizes she shares her feelings.
From then on, they spend their days joined at the hip in sickening sweetness, and the tsundere Reo can’t stop blushing!

The same talented creators from last time and the time before that have served up another one!
Illustrations: Peko (Drifting on the Waves, Learning from Teacher, The Brewer’s Town, The Road by the Sea).
Script: Sano Shin’ichirou (Sweet and Salty Twins, My Sister and Me, The Road by the Sea).

The game system is still all there!
Reo and Mai are both fully voiced♪ Their sweet sighs and sexy dialogue comes through without any bleeps!
Naturally, there’s a CG viewing mode, as well as a sex scene “memories” mode, plus you have the ability to go back and repeat the voices.
There’s also a text skip option, auto mode, and slider for text speed!
Plus, background music, sound effects, and voices can all be adjusted separately, bringing comfort to your gaming life.

“It’s the opposite! I like you! I like you, Mai! I love you!”

Won’t you give a very sweet, and veeery dirty lifestyle
with your tsundere lover Reo, who can never say what she means, a try?



Today, I, Sawaguchi Mai, was watching over my new classmate, Kawamura Reo, again.
Reo’s so tiny, and her hair is so fluffy…

She’s totally cute, but she’s the most stubborn person I’ve ever seen.
I’ve been trying to figure out a way to make her fit in with the class, but we’re both so strong-willed, we just end up fighting every day.

That Reo, she couldn’t do anything without me there to help!

But whenever I try to take care of her, she always loses her temper, like I’m being a pain.
I wondered if she hated me…

I was getting depressed thinking about it, when Reo said to me, with tears in her eyes…

“It’s the opposite! I like you! I like you, Mai! I love you!”

I didn’t know how to respond to her confession…
Huh? Could it be that I love her too?!

Character Introductions

Sawaguchi Mai

Sawaguchi Mai
A self-certified “commoner” who’s good at taking care of people.

A junior who’s been attending St. Michael’s since kindergarten.
Although she’s been brought up at St. Michael’s from the beginning, both her parents are regular working class.
She’s not actually a class representative, but since she has such a sisterly caretaker personality, lots of people rely on her.

Her natural instinct is to “help Reo get along with everyone,”
so she doesn’t recognize it as love…

Voiced by: Izumi Ayaka

Kawamura Reo

Kawamura Reo
A tiny tsundere girl with a mean stubborn streak.

A transfer student who started at St. Michael’s during her junior year.
She’s what you might call a sheltered rich girl.
She’s still bossy and stubborn, though.

She’s short, with the body of a child, but thanks to her long, fluffy hair and perfect features, her cuteness makes her super popular.

She’s actually fallen head over heels for Mai,
but because of her tsundere nature, she can’t admit it.

Voiced by: Anzu Hana

Title A Kiss For The Petals – Joined in Love with You
Genre Yuri Adventure Game
Release Date Download version: Available now
Packaged version: Sold out
Price Download version: ¥1700 (plus tax)
Illustrations Peko
Script Sano Shin’ichirou
OS Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP/Vista (Japanese versions only)
CPU Pentium II 500MHz or greater
Memory 256MB or greater
Disk space 200MB or greater
Graphics High color, 800×600 resolution or greater
Sound DirectSound-compatible sound card
Voice Fully voiced

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