Visual novel: A Kiss For The Petals – Sweet Melting Kisses

Original product announcement page for the visual novel A Kiss For The Petals – Sweet Melting Kisses (その花びらにくちづけを あまくてほしくてとろけるちゅう Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu), translated by Ralen. An updated edition is included as part of the First Series Complete Set. See the original page for image and voice samples.

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A Kiss For The Petals – Sweet Melting Kisses

A lovey-dovey, extremely dirty, romantic comedy full of yuri goodness♪

The seventh release from the doujin game circle Fuguriya is once again, another yuri romantic comedy!
A Kiss For The Petals – Sweet Melting Kisses!

The same talented creators from last time have served up another one!
Illustrations: Peko (Happy Transportation, Softly Falling Snow, Blazing AutumnDrifting on the Waves).
Script: Sano Shin’ichirou (Blazing Autumn, Sweet and Salty Twins, My Sister and Me, The Road by the Sea).

The game system is still all there!
Both Takako and Runa are both fully voiced♪ The sexy dialogue comes out full blast without any bleeps (lol).
Naturally, there’s a CG viewing mode, as well as a sex scene “memories” mode, plus you have the ability to go back and repeat the voices.
There’s also a text skip option, auto mode, and slider for text speed!
Plus, background music, sound effects, and voices can all be adjusted separately, so everything’s at your fingertips♪

“Listen up. As of now, Suminoe Takako belongs to me♪”

A life with that arrogant queen, Runa, as your lover is so sweet and stimulating!
Why not have another day full of lovemaking with sweet melting kisses?♪


Our protagonist, Suminoe Takako, is a homeroom teacher…

Her student, Houraisen Runa, introduces herself, and then kisses Takako?!

“Listen up. As of now, Suminoe Takako belongs to me. If you make a move on her, I won’t forgive you♪”

A life with that arrogant queen, Runa, as your lover is so sweet and stimulating!

Character Introductions

Suminoe Takako

Suminoe Takako
A clumsy school teacher, unlucky in love, who to this day gets pushed around by Runa.

A homeroom teacher at the Saint Michael Girls’ School (or St. Michael’s for short).
Her student, Runa, falls for her at first sight, and after suddenly being kissed, she constantly gets bossed around.
That said, she can’t help but be charmed by Runa’s beautiful looks
and the dignified way she carries herself.

She tries to restrain herself with the reminder,
“Th-That girl is my student!” but…

Voiced by Azuma Yui

Houraisen Runa

Houraisen Runa
A diminutive queen, who’s high-handed and oppressive.

A student who transferred to St. Michael’s.
A high-handed and oppressive domineering type.
She proclaims, “Sensei belongs to me,” without caring what anyone else thinks, and then suddenly kisses her in front of the whole class!
Even Takako’s protests get interpreted in a way that suits her, all while she wears a beautiful, sadistic smile.

Teacher and student? Age gap?
Those obstacles don’t trouble her one bit,
the infallible queen♪

Voiced by: Ueda Yuki

Title A Kiss For The Petals – Sweet Melting Kisses
Genre Yuri Adventure Game
Release Date Download version: Available now
Packaged version: Available now
Price Download version: ¥1700 (plus tax)
Packaged version: ¥1900 (plus tax)
Packaged version sold out. *Market inventory only
Illustrations Peko
Script Sano Shin’ichirou
OS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 (Japanese versions only)
CPU Pentium III 500MHZ or greater
Memory 256MB or greater
Graphics High color, 800×600 resolution or greater
Sound DirectSound-compatible sound card
Voice Fully voiced

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