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Update 1 January 2015: Ralen has begun an English translation of this series under the title Yuricycle.

The third release of St. Michael Girls’ School revealed in Dengeki Hime December 2014 is named Yuririn (ゆりりん), a series of short stories similar to Girls’ School Confessions and Sweet Enchanting Kisses.  On 5 December 2014, it launched alongside the full St. Michael Girls’ School website with a prologue and two episodes. The first featured couple is Mai and Reo.

The current plan for it is to consolidate the stories into a proper visual novel in the future.

Ralen, the translator for the below information, hypothesizes that the title is meant to invoke one of several Japanese terms for cycling. The kanji 輪 “rin” which refers to cycling, as in the term 競輪 keirin, or competitive cycling.

The below information is preserved for archival purposes and is subject to removal as the story develops.

I can’t help but feel that the title “Yuririn” is a pun having to do with bicycles, but I can’t find anything to back that up.

The kanji , pronounced “rin“, is sometimes seen in association with bicycles, although from what I can tell, usually only in the context of 駐輪禁止 (no bicycle parking).

Also, bicycles are sometimes referred to as a “charinko“, and googling the phrase ちゃりん娘 turns up lots of images of girls in spandex cycling outfits, similar to the illustrations for the St. Michael’s Bicycle Club.



The Dengeki Hime page shows a screenshot of Ishigami Satsuki, from A Kiss For The Petals – The Angels’ Spring Romance. She is voiced by Anzu Hana, who also voices Reo. Her gear is branded “ISHIGAMI CYCLE”. This will mark the first official crossover between the main series and the Angels spinoff series. Reo-ppoi Radio featured characters from the Angels series in episodes 57, 58, 74, and 75.

Mi Kara Deta Saba, the producer of all A Kiss For The Petals releases to date, was asked about it in an interview question.

There’s also original web content slated to begin! In this new work, it seems the various heroines from the Sonohana series, like Risa and Miya for instance, have decided to join the bicycle club. And their goal appears to be to lose weight…?

What sort of story will this be, and moreover, what form will it take? These and others are all questions of great interest.
Fans should keep their eyes and ears open for more information on this one.

“What was the motivation behind [Yuririn]*?”
Cycling is lots of fun, and it’s a great way to lose weight. I personally lost over 20kg (44 pounds), and I’m always looking to spread the word about how much fun it is, so with that in mind, I thought… “Oh, what if the girls of St. Michael’s started cycling to lose weight?” And that was basically how the whole thing started (laugh). We’re going to start with written content on the official site around the end of October. After that we’re planning to turn it into a fully-voiced game, so be on the lookout!

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