What is “A Kiss For The Petals”?

On 10 October 2013, Yurin Yurin published an “About” page giving an overview of the entire A Kiss For The Petals franchise, as well as information on St. Michael’s Academy for Girls. These pages have been translated by Ralen.


What is “A Kiss For The Petals”?

A lovey-dovey, extremely dirty, romantic comedy full of yuri goodness♪

It’s a yuri series distributed by Fuguriya, a circle specializing in yuri.

Harems of female protagonists, sex toys simulating male genitals, dick-girl transformations, gender bending, and entanglements with males, to say nothing of grotesque depictions of bodily fluids or depressing plot developments, are all completely absent.  Its distinguishing characteristic is its portrayal of sexy, romantic relationships between girls.  Its appeal isn’t just cute girls having sex, but in the fun, lighthearted depiction of couples going out on dates and stealing kisses in school.

October 2006 saw the distribution of the first release, titled A Kiss For The Petals, and since that time the total number of released yuri-only products has grown to:

  • 10 games
  • 12 drama CDs
  • 3 radio DVDs
  • 3 music/VA CDs
  • 15 short stories

Here is the Fuguriya website.

There’s also Reo-ppoi Radio, a wildly popular web radio series hosted by Anzu Hana, the voice behind fan-favorite character Kawamura Reo!

Here is the Reo-ppoi Radio website.


In November 2012, yuri brand Yurin Yurin released a commercial product.

This commercial debut, Maidens of Michael, featuring the all-star cast from the self-published releases, received the December 2012 prize from Moe Game Award, and has been favorably received.




Lovers of the Atelier, which went on sale in March 2013, once again features the couple of Azumi Risa and Ayase Miya who originally appeared in Maidens of Michael!

Now you can get your fill of this hot-and-cold turned lovey-dovey couple!!



The two releases above, as well as all the self-published works, are set at Saint Michael’s Academy for Girls. (Note: A translation of this page follows.)



The Angels’ Longing, which went on sale in May 2013, begins a brand new love story set at an affiliated nursing school!

Yuri writer Madoka Madoka, inheriting a series that up until now has been light-hearted and comical, takes the story into deeper, more serious territory!



Here is Madoka Madoka-san’s website.



Coming in November 2013 is the brand new, second full price title featuring the complete all-star cast plus the introduction of some new faces!!

Expect a lovey-dovey, extremely dirty, romantic comedy full of yuri goodness with Snow White’s Knight

The world of A Kiss For The Petals is growing with ever more momentum!!



Then of course there’s this!


Once again set at Saint Michael’s Academy for Girls, this is a story with a unique perspective on the world.

This title is for general audiences, so it can be purchased by individuals under 18 years of age.

Android and iOS versions are currently on sale to rave reviews!



The original animated video, A Kiss For The Petals – Joined in Love with You, is a high quality, sexy-romantic animated version of the third game in the series, Joined in Love with You!

Now you can enjoy Mai and Reo in motion.

Here is chuchu’s website.


The following is the translation of the information page on St. Michael’s Academy for Girls. However, there appears to be a contradiction regarding the era in which the school was founded according to Fuguriya and Yurin Yurin. A Kiss For The Petals – Sweet Enchanting Kisses states the St. Michael’s was founded in the Meiji period, while later releases from Fuguriya, such as A Kiss For The Petals – Dyed with an Angel’s Petals, state that it was founded in the Taishō period. Tweets by Fuguriya on 4 January 2016 clarified that the Meiji period is the intended time period.

Saint Michael’s Academy for Girls

The school is formally known as St. Michael’s Academy for Girls, or St. Michael’s for short.

A large-scale private educational institution, it was originally founded in the early Meiji period for the upbringing of young ladies of nobility.

With an escalator program comprised of kindergarten, elementary, middle school, and high school departments, it’s what you might call a prep school for girls.

*Mid-program admissions are accepted, but examinations are required.

The school teaches Catholic humanitarianism at its core, and it’s common to find the sisters mingled among the regular teachers, having taken up the mantle of teachers themselves.

Following the tradition of “Good wives, good mothers,” there is a particular emphasis on lessons and practical training in the so-called “domestic sciences.”

*Of course there are the fundamentals like cooking and sewing, but training is also offered in things like making soap out of leftover oil, or cutting children’s hair (what’s known as the “Mama cut.”)

However, it’s not as though there are no male instructors.  There just aren’t any young male instructors at present.

In addition to the high school department, there’s a home economics junior college, a theology department, and a nursing school, with the nursing school cooperating with the adjacent Saint Michael’s General Hospital in hands-on learning.

Areas of the campus include:

  • Tree-lined path
  • Rear garden gazebo
  • Ancillary branch’s central courtyard
  • Central courtyard
  • Classroom
  • Atelier
  • Nursing school classroom
  • Nursing school practical room

12 thoughts on “What is “A Kiss For The Petals”?”

  1. This describes the Sono Hanabira series pretty well aside from leaving out the personalities of the girls (i’m looking at you Yuuna and Mai) this is very accurate

      1. Ahh i assumed to prevent spoilers for new people starting the series the information of the characters wasn’t released my mistake

  2. Hi, I am writing an article about why I love Sono Hanabira series on my blog, and I would like to refer to this article as a reference to describe the series.

    May I have your permission to link directly to this article?
    Thank you.

  3. Minor spoilers ahead.

    I would have to say I whole heartedly disagree with the many fans that told me of how innocent and lighthearted this series is in all it’s games. Probably just because they’re utterly insane when it comes to their obsession with Yuri.

    The first game DOES contain bodily fluids though. Pissing on someone is ALWAYS nasty. Unless you have fetish for it. But that does change the nasty factor. So it’s pretty pointless to say it’s devoid of nasty depictions of bodily fluids.

    Not to mention the title is very misleading. Dirty? Yes. lighthearted? Not really. Not when you have themes like female on female rape. Or pissing on your lover for fun.

    I would also say that it’s pointless to mention that there are just not any male instructors at present. It’s a freakin YURI taking place at an all girls school where everyone minus 2 or 3 girls are probably lesbians. If they can’t even get the balls to voice the little brother of Mai but voice EVERY female, including characters just as minor or even less minor, but not to voice any male family members, then there will NEVER be any male instructors at an ALL GIRLS school. It wasn’t until like the 11th or 12th game that the brother was at least drawn IIRC. But I digress. It’s an all girls school in a Yuri for a reason. Whatever that reason is, doesn’t matter as much as it dictating that you’ll never really see any male instructors.

    1. The piss thing from the first game kinda irked me too, but it was my fifth game and it was probably the only game, to the best of my memory, that has it (unless you count all the peak shots then I have no argument).

      On the topic of light-heartedness, I guess it was in terms that it doesn’t have darker/depressing dramas like cheating or overcoming gender barrier. Piss thing and girl-rape-girl (which is considered forceful only once or twice in the second game) aside, can you give some other examples that you consider ‘dark’?
      I admit I got myself into this series because of the naughty bits, but as of right now, I am a fan of this series not because of the naughty scenes.
      Heck, I’m gonna even come out here and say I skipped the erotic scenes (or skim through at most) after my third or fourth game.

      As for the male instructor comment, I’m not really sure what’s your point, but I guess the article just threw it in there to answer fan FAQs?
      I dunno.
      I don’t really care about it either way.

      1. I would say that as far as dark goes it’s not dark. But that’s not really my point. Not being innocent doesn’t equate to dark. Dirty acts and even two attempted rapes of forcefulness do not really equate to any kind of innocence if you aske me.

        For me the only game that had okay to good story would be the third, fourth (for being a better version of the 2nd one to me) Sixth (Assuming it’s the second Mai and Reo game) the 11th (For the character dynamic shown early on with Miya and Risa being practically polar opposites at first to me minus the academic skill difference) and the 13th game. The 13th game from what I remember kind of delved off into two actual conflicts that made more sense. For one there was the whole scandal with Rikka and Risa and Miya’s big misunderstading and having to fix that. And IIRC Sayuki had issues with her grandfather trying to marry her off. Big conflict right there as far as a realistic plot goes. So for me the 13th game struck me as the most thought out and best of them. But I wouldn’t consider this series to be a moving series for me. As far as my intellectual interest goes, I’m more moved by things like Madoka Magica and even Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z if I watch it as a whole seeing Goku go from the kid he was to the man he became. Or watching things like Cowboy Bebop. Or playing games that have the intense qualities of the Batman Arkham series.

        It wouldn’t have been so bad for me if Yuuna didn’t drink the piss that time IIRC. It’s like Sugars Delight where they pay no mind to the fact that they put Yeasty cake mix on their vagina’s when they could have EASILY gotten a yeast infection from that. I would have also found it a more compelling story if Kaede was constantly shunning Sara in the game until close to the end, in order to not stand out, until finally, when Sara finally pours herself out to her in an attempt to win her princes affections, Kaede admits her own feelings and desire to change. I can see that as being a far more compelling and moving plot than anything seen in most of the series minus maybe the 13th game. This doesn’t include the nurses games since my friend, who asked me to marathon the games with him, were not in his possession.

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