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This is a collection of recommended fan-made works for A Kiss For The Petals, sorted by medium.


For more fanart, search the pixiv tag “その花びらにくちづけを” and the deviantART tag “sono hanabira”. The following artists have published multiple A Kiss For The Petals fanart online:


coldenic, a Chilean fan, publishes fanart mostly of Mai and Reo. These include illustrations and a series of brief doujinshi, "cute love", with some chapters also in Spanish. coldenic also translates some 4-koma strips included as bonuses in light novels and drama CDs into English and Spanish.

Kanduki Kamibukuro (環月紙袋)[edit]

Kanduki Kamibukuro (Twitter: @kanduki_lily) organizes A Kiss For The Petals fan events at the Girls' Love Festival conventions in Japan.

Kirisato Itsuki (吉里 斎。)[edit]

Kirisato Itsuki has published a large number of artworks on pixiv since March 2010. A majority of the images are of Mai and Reo, and some of them are based on the cosplay photographs below.


Despite her name, miya publishes untitled fanart of most of the other characters as well. Most of the entries on pixiv are 2-page entries which hide additional pieces.

Natsuki (なつき)[edit]

Natsuki's painted art style is used in this set of Risa and Miya illustrations.


nonbi (Twitter: @_nonbi_) is an American fan who publishes artwork on pixiv and deviantART. Their published work is based on A Kiss For The Petals - Snow White's Knight.

Okayu (おかゆ( ´艸`))[edit]

Okayu's fanart currently focuses on Risa and Miya, some of which plays on their resemblance to Madoka and Homura of Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Bouquet of Sonohana 2014[edit]

Bouquet of Sonohana 2014 is a collection of fanart published by Kanduki Kamibukuro for Comiket 86 in August 2014. 24 artists were featured. The book is currently available online on BOOTH.

Fan Fiction[edit]

For more fan fiction, search the Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo and Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo Crossovers sections.

Five Senses[edit]

Five Senses by gozieson tells a brief story that begins with Mai waking up in her bedroom next to Reo. Although this is not the first fan fiction based on A Kiss For The Petals, it is the first to tell a story solely with its characters. The structure of the fan fiction largely attempts to emulate the style of narrative of the visual novels, save for a flashback passage. Note that this fan fiction is intended for mature audiences. gozieson maintains a blog at

Bittersweet Chocolate Kiss[edit]

Bittersweet Chocolate Kiss is a Valentine’s Day fanfiction published by Blargel on 14 February 2012. The idea of Reo giving Mai chocolate on Valentine’s Day has been summarily explored in the past in the form of a four-panel comic at the end of the light novel A Kiss For The Petals - Our Valentine’s Together, but this story takes slight liberties with the characters to tell a more substantial story. Unlike Five Senses, this story does not include adult material.


A Christmas for the Petals[edit]

This brief doujinshi by Amanda Landim (Twitter: @amandalandim94) and Yuri Landim (deviantART: yurilandim) concerns Mai and Reo visiting Santa Claus at a mall, so that Reo can deliver a letter to him.

Valentine’s Edition[edit]

This five-page story by Amanda Landim and Yuri Landim involves Reo attempting to cook Valentine’s Day chocolate for Mai at her request.

Summer Edition[edit]

The third doujinshi by Amanda and Yuri Landim features Mai and Reo visiting a swimming pool. In this 15-page story, Reo is made to learn to swim rather than potentially bother guests with her armada of pool floats.

Miya's Secret Addiction[edit]

Amanda and Yuri Landim's fourth doujinshi features Risa and Miya. This seven-page story concerns a visit to Miya’s home, after an apparent grave misunderstanding at Risa’s house the day before.

Reo's Birthday[edit]

Amanda and Yuri Landim released their fifth doujinshi to coincide with Reo's birthday on 22 March. The titular celebration is complicated by Eris, who adds herself to Mai and Reo's itinerary after a mistake on her part.

Table Turner / Pillow Talker[edit]

This is a series of comedic 4-koma manga strips by Thai fan Yuriwhale. In the artist’s words, there is no speech in these strips, so anyone should be able to understand them. Yuriwhale plans to create stories for all couples.

Table Turner features the couples of St. Michael's Academy for Girls. At present, there are stories for all seven current couples, with plans to continue with a second series after the conclusion of Pillow Talker, which features the couples of St. Michael's General Hospital. A print compilation of Table Turner is available with additional exclusive pages.

Table Turner[edit]

Pillow Talker[edit]


St. Michael's Music Academy + Side Story[edit]

To celebrate ten years of the SonoHana franchise, the doujin circle Marking (Website: will release their first collection on 25 November 2016. This collection contains the first two doujin albums released: "St. Michael’s Music Academy" on 21 August 2011 and "St. Michael's Music Academy ~Side Story~" on 8 April 2012. The collection also features a bonus disc with new tracks and demos never heard before until its release.

The first of its kind for this series, "St. Michael’s Music Academy" takes the relatively sparse soundtrack of the visual novels and gives it new life with a variety of electronic music styles. The follow-up to the first album, "Side Story", features 15 tracks with a wider variety of music styles than its predecessor.

The third disc features remastering of songs previously released as singles such as "甘い花園 ~Light|Dark Petals~" and "Darling, We Gonna", and also features "Time in the Garden" for the first time outside of Japan. The last two bonus tracks include "tranquilo" mixes of "Our Special Spot" and "Class is Dismissed". The rest of the disc includes demo songs/versions that were never released to the public and instrumentals of the vocal songs.

Piano Rendition of A Kiss For The Petals Themes[edit]

屋上のぴあのたん (piano_tan on Nicovideo; Twitter: @piano_tan) plays the songs “Moment…”, “Please Give Me Courage”, “Sweet Garden”, and "Innocent Flower Fortune Telling".


Mai & Reo Cosplay[edit]

Mochigome Arare (餅米あられ) and Mochigome Kurumi (餅米くるみ) are practicing cosplayers whose Mai and Reo cosplay were posted on Fuguriya’s website on 3 February 2010. They accompanied Fuguriya at Comiket 78 to promote sales of the OVA. As of November 2011, they continue to occasionally post Mai and Reo photos on their blog amongst their cosplay of various other franchises.


3D Models of Rikka and Sayuki[edit]

Terachi (てらち; Website (Japanese); Twitter: @terachinkock) has created 3D renders of Shinozaki Rikka and Shirakawa Sayuki in 3ds Max. The 2:08 video uploaded on Niconico showcases the models in multiple angles and compositions, with a small amount of animation. Although these are not the first 3D re-creations of A Kiss For The Petals characters—there exist MikuMikuDance models of Mai and Reo—these models feature an unprecedented level of detail, as evidenced by the number of polygons for each — 180,000 and 200,000 respectively for Rikka and Sayuki. As a bonus, the end of the video portrays Rikka and Sayuki imitating a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure-inspired pose done by Anzu Hana and Manazuru Kou in Reo-ppoi Radio episode 67.

BlazBlue Radio-style Reo-ppoi Radio[edit]

BlazBlue Radio (Bururaji for short) is an illustrated web radio series promoting the BlazBlue video game series. The show is conducted by several voice actors from that series shown with hand-drawn super-deformed versions of their characters. This video by paru (Twitter: @paru_tan), uploaded on Niconico on 8 January 2012, emulates these videos using a brief portion of the opening segment of Reo-ppoi Radio episode 10, which was the first to feature Izumi Ayaka, the voice of Sawaguchi Mai.


Many fan videos of this series make heavy use of graphics from the visual novels. This video by [email protected] (Twitter: @dejiwari) is a rare fully hand-drawn music video, and thus it uses none of the original artwork. The video is set to the song “Sumatra Guards” (スマトラ警備隊 Sumatra Keibitai) by Sōtaisei Riron (相対性理論). Originally uploaded to Niconico on 24 June 2011.

Kaede and Sara’s Childhood[edit]

This is a montage of illustrations by Amanda and Yuri Landim that depict a scene from A Kiss For The Petals - My Dear Prince in which Sara recalls a series of bullying incidents from her childhood in which Kaede came to her aid. The video embedded above is a re-creation of the original video I made using the original audio files from My Dear Prince. The original videos and images are available separately.

Let’s go out on a date![edit]

Amanda and Yuri Landim’s second fan video illustrates a hypothetical date between Mai and Reo in A Kiss For The Petals - The Joy of Loving You. After Mai helps to improve Reo’s test scores, Reo asks to go on a date as a reward, which causes Mai to vividly imagine a number of typical date scenarios. The video embedded above is a re-creation of the original video I made using the original audio files from The Joy of Loving You. The original videos and images are available separately.

Nanami: “Trembling heart! All-burning heat! Stiff pink nipples!”[edit]

This MAD from fantastic, uploaded to Niconico on 28 October 2012, is set to the opening theme song of Love, Elections, & Chocolate (恋と選挙とチョコレート Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate). The title of the video is taken from one of Nanami’s lines in A Kiss For The Petals - Whisper with a Kiss.

Sonohana Panic![edit]

This MAD by soragon (ソラゴン; Twitter: @honnwarisoragon) is a re-creation of the opening sequence to the PlayStation 2 visual novel based on Strawberry Panic!, a well-known yuri series from which A Kiss For The Petals takes some influence. It was uploaded as a "Christmas present" on Niconico on 18 December 2011 and reuploaded by me on YouTube shortly after. A side-by-side comparison of the two openings was also uploaded. Note that the final image in the video may not be safe for work.

私の恋人がこんなに変態なわけがない Watashi no Koibito ga Konna ni Hentai na Wake ga Nai[edit]

This MAD by fantastic sets images of Mai and Reo to the theme music from Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai. It contains a clip of the OVA mixed with audio from the visual novel it’s based on at 1:29. It was originally uploaded to Niconico on 10 February 2010.