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On 27 February 2015, St. Michael Girls’ School released the Yuri Clock app (百合時計 Yuri Dokei) announced as an incentive for 5,000 Twitter followers. It is published by Moeapp, which also published the mobile phone versions of Hanahira!

It is a free download on the Play Store for Android versions 4.0 and later internationally and on the Japanese App Store for iOS 6.0 and later. I was able to download the Android version from my USA-based account without issue, but as it is rated “high maturity”, accounts with parental controls may not be able to access it. On 3 March 2015, St. Michael Girls’ School announced that the initial version of the Yuri Clock for iOS was denied publication by Apple for what they judged to be questionable content. It was released in an altered form on 20 March 2015.

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On first launch, the app requests a one-time download of approximately 120 MB of video data. Each hour, one of the couples is featured in the clock hands, in this order:

  • Nanami and Yuuna
  • Kaede and Sara
  • Mai and Reo
  • Shizuku and Eris
  • Takako and Runa
  • Risa and Miya
  • Rikka and Sayuki
  • Rena*
  • Nagisa and Rina
  • Hazuki and Manami
  • Aya and Ai

* Rena’s image features only herself and a blank hour hand.

As in the original specification for the app, when the two hands meet, a brief video plays featuring images of the current couple from current and upcoming visual novels, set to a snippet of Innocent Flower Fortune Telling. Rena’s video features all of the above characters as she has no romantic partner. While the app is in the background, the next scheduled video event is queued to play on next launch.

The app itself provides only very basic functionality and has no configuration or special permissions required. It does not provide a widget, live wallpaper, or other ways to interface with it outside of launching the app directly.

An update was issued on 3 March to correct video playback issues on Android 4.0.3 and 4.0.4, but as of this writing, I am currently unable to view any video on my own Android mobile phone, a OnePlus One running a custom ROM based on CyanogenMod 12 (Android 5.0.2). It remains to be seen if further updates will bring additional features or bugfixes for uncommon devices and Android environments.

Yuri Clock - For Old Times' Sake Edition

On 18 March, A Kiss For The Petals – For Old Times’ Sake received over 300 reviews for both versions. As part of its review campaign, St. Michael Girls’ School has announced an alternate version of the clock themed to that visual novel. The specification above shows Risa and Miya hostile toward one another, as appropriate for this visual novel’s setting.

7 thoughts on “Yuri Clock (Android 4.0, iOS 6)”

  1. It’s a fairly boring app considering all it does is play a brief snippet at specific times of the day. If they added an alarm functionality as well as any other clock-related functions, that would have been better but as is, it’s only good for a glance or two before going into the recycle bin. That said, at least the concept sounds fun and interesting (on paper anyways).

    The “high maturity” rating is a joke considering all the snippets show are scenes of girls kissing (and it seems to be all vanilla too, no deep tongue to tongue). Guess even girls kissing is too much for the Western audiences?? 😛

  2. Can someone help me. I just download it and on the lunch appears a sign that I assume is for the download, I clicked on the left (the right close the app) and a charging spin appears, after no more that 5 seconds another sign appears telling me the app has stopped. Does somebody know how to fix it?
    It happened in both, my cellphone and my tablet.

    1. Make sure your device is connected to the internet and that there’s enough memory on your device. Lack of either can give you an error message.

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